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vdbench output visualization

  • How to stop vdbench from external applications? What are the impacts? Updated:11-30

    I am using vdbench to test following scenario: 1) Start vdbench - do read/write (I use poweshell start-process to start vdbench which returns me the process object ) 2) Poll for particualr system event(my test condtion). When the event happens stop r

  • Large OLTP data set to get through the cache in our new ZS3-2 storage. Updated:10-11

    We recently purchased a ZS3-2 and are currently attempting to do performance testing.  We are using various tools to simulate load within our Oracle VM 3.3.1 cluster of qty5 Dell m620 servers-- swingbench, vdbench, and dd.  The OVM repositories are c

  • Dedupratio in multihost environment - unable to remove slave Updated:11-30

    Using six virtual machine, each with four disk, dedupratio=2: hd=N1,system=,user=root,shell=ssh,jvms=4 hd=N2,system=,user=root,shell=ssh,jvms=4 hd=N3,system=,user=root,shell=ssh,jvms=4 hd=N4,system=,user=ro

  • Slave termination error Updated:11-30

    Hi Henk, I apologize for the lack of adequate information. The following is the message on the logfile. Jun 25, 2014  interval        i/o   MB/sec   bytes   read     resp     read    write     resp     resp queue  cpu%  cpu%                          

  • Looking for a cli audio visualizer from moc or alsa output. Updated:11-30

    i'm looking for a simple cli-based audio visualiser that takes output from alsa or moc. it should be light on resources (projectm looks silly and dated), even a graphic equaliser using terminal colours would do fine.2ManyDogs wrote: dgz wrote:even a

  • [Solved] Ncmpcpp Visualizer Failed To Load (Blank) Updated:10-11

    I've install ncmpcpp and mpd and I've followed each guide to enable visualization. Unfortunately I don't know what have cause it to failed to load. Everytime I hit '9' to reveal it, it just showing blank terminal..for your information all of my songs

  • How to send TTL output AND acquire AI voltage data using USB-6211 Updated:10-11

    Hello, I am relatively new to Labview, so please bear with me.  I have a research application involving 2 pressure transducers and a high-speed camera.  I wish to acquire analog voltage data from the 2 pressure transducers.  However, at the start of

  • Vdbench fail with hearbeat error on centos 6.5 running deadline i/o schedular at 360 second run stop Updated:10-11

    We have been seeing the heart beat error for a while, we are running a SSD on a 3.5 Ghz i7-4770k CPU with 16 gig of memory using a LSI 9300 HBA running at 6 gig. The OS is Centos6.5 (have also seen this issue with Redhat 6.5 and Adaptec HBAs). We are

  • Playing Visualizations on Secondary Monitor Updated:10-11

    Hey guys, Do you know of any way to have the iTunes visualizations output on ONLY the secondary monitor. I would like to have a party and be able to change songs without the visuals cutting out on my LCD TV. Any help would be appreciated. -BrianJust

  • First PKGBUILD: fsv2 (3D File System Visualizer, gtk2 port) Updated:10-11

    The purpose of this thread is to see whether the PKGBUILD is correct/adequate and whether there is interest in this package. I have managed to create a working PKGBUILD for fsv2 based on the one for the original fsv and the wiki prototype. The guidel

  • On running a stand alone client there is no output Updated:10-11

    Hello, I am using j2sdk1.4 and j2sdkee RI 1.3. I have tried to develop the EJB code which is provided in Head First EJB in the first chapter. Everything happened accordingly till deployment. When I tried to run the client I received an exception. For

  • Sndpeek. real-time audio visualization Updated:10-11

    Homepage: Screens: http://soundlab.cs.pri

  • Visualizer to different screen Updated:10-11

    Hi I would like to send the output of the iTunes Visualizer to a screen other than the one that iTunes is open on. Eg. I have a projector or TV connected to my PB (appears as seperate display) and want to be able to show visualizer full screen on the

  • Application to visualize program flow Updated:10-11

    I'm looking for an easier way to "visualize" what is going on in the source code of a large project, in regards to function calls, method calls, and classes. For example, a source directory of a project will have a bunch of files, like this: ani

  • VdBench "thread=" parameter in SNIA hband workload Updated:11-30

    Hi, Could anyone help me understand how VdBench interprets configuration file parameters within hband RunDefinition (from SNIA specifications for Energy Efficient Storages)? More precisely, I can't understand how VdBench creates IO threads for slaves

  • Level Meter Plug In -VS- Output 1/2 meter...Inconsistencies... Updated:11-30

    I'm mixing an 18 minute long recording for vinyl release. The vinyl pressing company has a minimum dbl on recordings they master and press. If the level is under, they charge hundreds of dollars more to re master and increase the volume via massive c

  • Join multiple output tables of BAPI into new table Updated:11-30

    Hi, In my model (VC 7.0), I have a BAPI which outputs two different tables. Tables have many multiple records. Each table has several fields and a common field also. I want to combine these tables into one table form. I used the following methods and

  • Conversion of serial output (IEEE 754) to single Updated:11-30

    Hi, I'm trying to read out the actual values of a MKS PR4000B pressure sensor. I managed to get a connection and read/write data to the device (using serial read/write), but I'm having trouble to convert the read output to a single. The manual tells

  • Intercepting OS's Sound Output Updated:11-30

    I am developing a desktop 'widget' system in java, and one of the widgets I plan to develop is a simple sound visualization display, similar to those found in many media players except that it would display any sound the OS outputs. However, I am str

  • VDBench 504 Access Denied and Invalid Parameter Updated:11-30

    I am trying to run VDBench 504 on a Win7 install to apply the Jedec219 workload. My command string is: vdbench -f jedec219.txt -o output.csv The Jedec219 file looks like this: data_errors=10 sd=sd1,lun=\\.\e:,align=4k,threads=50 wd=wd1,sd=sd1,rdpct=4