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  • Relation field between table VBRK/VBRP and BSEG Updated:11-30

    Can any body guide on the common fields between VBRK/ VBRP and BSEG, except field "assignment".Hi, If you know the accounting document number, Goto SE16. enter BSEG table and enter. Enter the accounting document number in selection screen. E.g 9

  • How to link invoice line items VBRP to BSEG lines Updated:11-30

    Dear all, We're trying to link VBRP records to BSEG records. Only link we've found is the VBELN and nothing abouth line items. VBRP has line items indexed with POSNR like 10,20,30 ... etc. BSEG has lines indexed with BUZEI 001,002,003 ...etc. So we c

  • How to Join VBRK, VBRP and BSEG Updated:11-30

    Dear Guys I have Billing No from VBRP/VBRK and want to join these tables with BSEG to pick Accounting Doc No. How to Join these tables. ThanksHi, What you can do is to use FM AC_DOCUMENT_RECORD. Please check my example below: MOVE: 'VBRK'          TO

  • Exit_saplv60b_008 / transfer additional field from vbrp to bseg (SD-FI) Updated:11-30

    Hi together, I´ve populated an additional field 'ZXXX'for trx. va01 and adjusted the copying control in order to transfer this information into the billing document (e.g. trx, vf03). So far so good. But now I want to transfer this information to tabl

  • Join bseg to ekko and proj Updated:11-30

    have to link between 3modules.. MM,FI and PS. FROM MM : EKKO and EKPO FI : BKPF and BSEG PS : PROJ and PRPS. am able to get the data from MM but am not able to link from ekko to bkpf and to proj or from proj to bkpf or to ekko or ekpo. once i get the

  • BSEG to VBRP AND VBRK Updated:11-30

    Hello, I need to link sales orders in VBRP and VBRK to their respective GL line entries in BSEG.  Dos anyone have a SQL query that accomplishes this?  I'm not sure what the relationships are between BSEG and these sales tables. Any help would be grea

  • BSEG Table join Updated:11-30

    Hi, Please help me to join BSEG and VBRK table in the SAP query(SQ02). Because there is an error as "Table BSEG cannot be used in a join". Regards, SanjayaHiya, BSEG is too massive, so SAP doesn't allow using it in queries. You may create some A

  • Error while activating the BSEG table Updated:10-11

    hi guys ,             today i joined SAP SCN . I have this error First i appended a structure of 5 fields in BSEG table .Then i tried to delete this append structure. But while deletiing it took nearly 20-25 minutes to process and timed out.So the st

  • How to get EKBE-BUDAT (GR Date) using data of BSEG Updated:10-11

    hI , My requirement is to get the GR date from EBKE which is in the field BUDAT. my report already has BSEG data , using that i want to get the EKBE-BUDAT. One of the Function person suggested this: Select LFBNR            LFPOS            LFGJA    F

  • Query on inner join Updated:11-30

    Hello experts, i 'd like to join the tables BKPF and BSEG using the joins concept. let me know the statement for this so that i get the output as desired. USING selection screen concept as well. BKPF-BELNR, BKPF-BUKRS BKPF-GJAHR ( FISCAL YEAR) BSEG-W

  • BSEG in a query Updated:11-30

    HI , I wanto to join BSEG and BKPF. And I cant use BSEG because is a Pool table. how can I solve it? any idea? Is urgent ..thanks! thanks a lot!Hi, You can't join BSEG as it is a Cluster Table.In the place of BSEG you can use: If you wants Account Re

  • Help with a join Updated:11-30

    I have the following code and it is giving me a syntax error.  I originally had it as a single join (I didn't have coep in it) and it worked.  This tells me that the issue is with the second join (coep).  I have no idea what it could be.   SELECT a~b

  • How can i join pool table to a cluster tables ? Updated:11-30

    Hi Experts, is it possible to join bseg to bkpf table if possible then please do help me with the required query for the same purpose. Thanks Aditya Rajput.Hi Aditya, There is nice blog on create joins for BSEG and BKPF. Refer to the link below Query

  • How to 'inner join' internal table or cluster table ?? Updated:11-30

    Hi, when i inner join table BSEG it said is a cluster table can't be inner joined . i wonder how i can "inner join" bseg with a internal table such as data: begin of i_bseg_trans,         bukrs like bseg-bukrs,         gjahr like bseg-gjahr,    

  • VBRP/BSIS Relation Updated:11-30

    Hi Everyone, I have a requirement where I need to tie a BSIS Sales Revenue item back to the corresponding VBRP item.. In my system, usually one BSIS item is teid to one VBRP item.. But in certain situations one BSIS Sales Revenue item may be tied to

  • Report program Performance problem Updated:10-11

    Hi All,    one object is taking 30hr for executing.some one develped this in 1998 but this time it is a big Performance problem.please some one helep what to do i am giving that code. *--DOCUMENTATION-- Programe written by :  31.03.1998 . Purpose : t

  • List of invoices past due per sales order Updated:10-11

    Hello community, I am working on a report which is supposed to give me the following data: Invoices which are past due (invoice #), corresponding sales order # and the consulting manager (CEM) for that sales order. The CEMs are maintained in table VA

  • Export Screen to Flat Text file Updated:10-11

    Hello, I'm very new in SAP and need to modify a little program. I would like to export the current screen in a flat text file. The file must be stored on the SAP server ( /usr/sap/data/bel) so not on my local harddrive. I searched and found found fun

  • Print smartform from background Updated:10-11

    Dear Experts, I have requirement to create delivery then create bill automatically so i open background job from program (A) and submit the creating program for bill (B) via this job what happened is the delivery creating is ok, the delivery printing

  • Alv Report for invoice details Updated:10-11

    Dear All,              I need to develop one alv report for following details. i developed coding for this requirment but i am getting some error.kindley help me to how to move data from different internal table to final internal table. I used LOOP A