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  • Error while activating the BSEG table Updated:10-11

    hi guys ,             today i joined SAP SCN . I have this error First i appended a structure of 5 fields in BSEG table .Then i tried to delete this append structure. But while deletiing it took nearly 20-25 minutes to process and timed out.So the st

  • How to get EKBE-BUDAT (GR Date) using data of BSEG Updated:10-11

    hI , My requirement is to get the GR date from EBKE which is in the field BUDAT. my report already has BSEG data , using that i want to get the EKBE-BUDAT. One of the Function person suggested this: Select LFBNR            LFPOS            LFGJA    F

  • Report program Performance problem Updated:10-11

    Hi All,    one object is taking 30hr for executing.some one develped this in 1998 but this time it is a big Performance problem.please some one helep what to do i am giving that code. *--DOCUMENTATION-- Programe written by :  31.03.1998 . Purpose : t

  • List of invoices past due per sales order Updated:10-11

    Hello community, I am working on a report which is supposed to give me the following data: Invoices which are past due (invoice #), corresponding sales order # and the consulting manager (CEM) for that sales order. The CEMs are maintained in table VA

  • Export Screen to Flat Text file Updated:10-11

    Hello, I'm very new in SAP and need to modify a little program. I would like to export the current screen in a flat text file. The file must be stored on the SAP server ( /usr/sap/data/bel) so not on my local harddrive. I searched and found found fun

  • Print smartform from background Updated:10-11

    Dear Experts, I have requirement to create delivery then create bill automatically so i open background job from program (A) and submit the creating program for bill (B) via this job what happened is the delivery creating is ok, the delivery printing

  • Alv Report for invoice details Updated:10-11

    Dear All,              I need to develop one alv report for following details. i developed coding for this requirment but i am getting some error.kindley help me to how to move data from different internal table to final internal table. I used LOOP A