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  • Add zfield to va01 and updating the data base Updated:11-30

    Hi friends, I have requirement to add Zfields to vbak and updating the Zfield value to VBAK. But my problem is when am trying to save or changing the Zfield into data base it is not saving the zfield value and it is not detecting the change value of

  • Add zfield on headerlevel Updated:11-30

    Dear Abap Experts, the requirement is to add a zfield (zdate) on headerlevel into the tabstrip 'Additional Data' at T-code ME21N (Create Purchase Order). Privously it was easier to implement such requirements through USER EXIT MM06E005. But with the

  • How to add zfields in standard IDOC Updated:11-30

    Hi Expert, How i will add the zfield in standard IDOC Regards Swaraj Edited by: swaraj123 on May 25, 2010 5:36 PMCreate an extension idoc. there are several threads, blogs/wikis out on sdn. Please search. Regards, KiranRead other 3 answers

  • Add zfields to report created by fki0 Updated:10-11

    Hello Experts,                 i wants to add new fields to report created by fki0 and also i want to create a single report for all vendor ageing.Hi Sagar, As i know it is not possible in this report.If you need a single report for vendor ageing you

  • XK01 - Screen exit to add zfields Updated:11-30

    I am looking for a screen exit on XK01 (vendor master create) to add some custom fields to the vendor master.  I found two enchancements (RFKRRANZ and SAPMF02K) but they don't include screen exits. Any ideas? Regards, DavisHi   Execute any of the bel

  • How to Add Zfields in MM01 transaction for QM view Updated:11-30

    Hi, Can anybody suggest me how to add fields in the MM01 transaction in the QM view Tab. Please provide me detailed instruction, so that it will be helpfull. With Regards, S.Saravanan.hi, You have to first replace a field with your new one and then a

  • Add custom fields in shipment Updated:11-30

    Hi, I need to add a new field in shipment.But I could not find any screen exit or badi for this purpose. Is it possible to add zfields in shipment? If possible please suggest me how to do it. thanks, PoornimaVT01 Extension - Add custom fieldsRead oth

  • Add Z field in the List of Suppliers Updated:11-30

    Hi guys, I need to create a Z (center) field in the list of suppliers (BUS2206) and update the query. I've done an append on the table with my new field by SPRO. And also made ​​a enhancement in webdynpro to create the field on the screen. Now I need

  • Need help:JPanel not being displayed in the JFrame Updated:10-11

    Hello, I have a class called which extends JFrame and another class called which extends JPanel. In the ConstructRoom class I use the following theContainer.add(new DimensionsPanel());, so I can display my JPan

  • Help adding Zfiels in FB50 and FB01 Updated:11-30

    Hi, I'm trying to add two Zfields (I've added to BSEG) in transactions FB50 and FB01. I've looked for information but I've only found in order to add standard fields. And I don't know what is the procedure to add Zfields. Thanks in advance.Hi, It is

  • Custom fields to the sales area tab of customer master data Updated:11-30

    Hi Guys,        i have one requirement, where i need to add Zfields to the Sales tab in sales area data of customer master. Can somebody give me steps how to do it? do we need to do screen programming or just appending KNVV so that functional consult

  • Custom Subscreen Not showing on MM03 Updated:11-30

    Hi, I know it has discussed earlier but my question is as follows: I have created the custom subscreen (created a new screen under SAPLZMGD1 Function Group, added the fields from a Ztable),activaated etc. I  then change the screen sequence in IMG (21

  • To Add Two ZFields to sales order Item (Column) of VA01 Updated:11-30

    Hi friends, My requirement is to Add Two Zfields at column level of Sales order Item of VA01. i found 8459 Screen Exit , but it will display in Additional Tab B . And aslo I need to get the zfield values for every line item . Example: ITEM  | MATERIA

  • Creation of sales order with reference - Zfields in Add data B are not cop Updated:10-11

    Hi all,           Please help me in the issue . I am creating sales order with reference to returns order . All item fields are getting copied but the Zfields which are added in addtional data b of sales order are not getting copied. Can anyone pleas

  • How to add F4 pop-up to a zfield (appended in the structure) in the search. Updated:10-11

    Hi Friends, I have a doubt and need your help to get it resolved. I have a search view, and i have appended a field Product_hierarchy to it. now the field is displayed in the UI . I have added the component usage of the product category search help i

  • How to add new fields in report painter without library Updated:10-11

    Hi,. I have to add new fields in report painter(std one) which is not in any library and so I am not able to add the fields in characteristics. Though I have added zfields in CCR1S but I am not able to add these fileds in characteristics in report pa

  • Cannot Add new fields to standard QM datasource Updated:10-11

    Hi I got this erro when I try to add new fields from LBWE. Field ZZRFKIMG cannot be selected because of unit field VRKME -> see long text Message no. MCEX032 Diagnosis Field ZZRFKIMG cannot be transferred, since its unit field VRKME is either not in

  • Problem in add new fields in xk01 Updated:10-11

    i want to add new customer field in xk01,xk02,xk03, i have append new structure in lfa1. i am using badi  VENDOR_ADD_DATA & VENDOR_ADD_DATA_CS . when i saved new additional fields using xk02 ,no  additional fields values is coming in lfa1 structure .

  • Requirement to add new field in Location Tab of Service order Updated:11-30

    We have a requirement in which it is needed to add anew field in Location Tab of Equipment and Service order. For Equipment part , we have added the field via Enhancement ITOB0001 and activating the field via "Set View Profile for Technical Objects&q

  • Add a new tab in an existing  Tab Page Group Updated:11-30

    Hi All, I have already added a tab in the existing Tab Page Group, the tab is appearing on the screen along with the rest of the standard tabs but i am unable to get the field group under the customized tab page. For that we have created a Zstructure