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  • Add zfields to report created by fki0 Updated:10-11

    Hello Experts,                 i wants to add new fields to report created by fki0 and also i want to create a single report for all vendor ageing.Hi Sagar, As i know it is not possible in this report.If you need a single report for vendor ageing you

  • Need help:JPanel not being displayed in the JFrame Updated:10-11

    Hello, I have a class called which extends JFrame and another class called which extends JPanel. In the ConstructRoom class I use the following theContainer.add(new DimensionsPanel());, so I can display my JPan

  • Creation of sales order with reference - Zfields in Add data B are not cop Updated:10-11

    Hi all,           Please help me in the issue . I am creating sales order with reference to returns order . All item fields are getting copied but the Zfields which are added in addtional data b of sales order are not getting copied. Can anyone pleas

  • How to add F4 pop-up to a zfield (appended in the structure) in the search. Updated:10-11

    Hi Friends, I have a doubt and need your help to get it resolved. I have a search view, and i have appended a field Product_hierarchy to it. now the field is displayed in the UI . I have added the component usage of the product category search help i

  • How to add new fields in report painter without library Updated:10-11

    Hi,. I have to add new fields in report painter(std one) which is not in any library and so I am not able to add the fields in characteristics. Though I have added zfields in CCR1S but I am not able to add these fileds in characteristics in report pa

  • Cannot Add new fields to standard QM datasource Updated:10-11

    Hi I got this erro when I try to add new fields from LBWE. Field ZZRFKIMG cannot be selected because of unit field VRKME -> see long text Message no. MCEX032 Diagnosis Field ZZRFKIMG cannot be transferred, since its unit field VRKME is either not in

  • Problem in add new fields in xk01 Updated:10-11

    i want to add new customer field in xk01,xk02,xk03, i have append new structure in lfa1. i am using badi  VENDOR_ADD_DATA & VENDOR_ADD_DATA_CS . when i saved new additional fields using xk02 ,no  additional fields values is coming in lfa1 structure .