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  • Bug report: Mail sends messages with empty bodies Updated:10-11

    Over the last year, I have experienced a particularly irritating bug in at least a dozen times. I finally have a good idea as to what causes it. The problem involves long email messages (often with attachments) that end up being sent with bl

  • Distribution: different translated e-mail bodies Updated:11-30

    Hi, I have one report that prints for example 4 pages with each a different language indication: page 1 - EN page 2 - NL page 3 - FR page 4 - IT Now I need to mail each page to a different emailaddress. Therefor I'm using distribution. In the distrib

  • After loading lion email bodies disappear in old mail folders Updated:11-30

    Older exchange based mail folders show only headers but no content in mail...Ernie, thanks for the links. I'm not sure which mail version I was using, it was under 10.3.(the latest version) I compared the mail files on my laptop to the mail files on

  • Why is Watchdog firebox message showing in certain e-mail bodies? Updated:11-30

    Some of my e-mail messages from legitimate senders are being blocked by Watchdog firebox. Is there a setting in ios 7.0.4 to turn that off?How are you seeing that mail is being blocked by this Watchdog Firebox? Are you receiving some type of message

  • Search Mail message bodies? Updated:11-30

    Can I search the message body in Mail like I can in Gmail?  I can't seem to find a way to do it and I thought Mountain Lion OSX would allow this.When you type something in the search field, you should get a choice of what kind of search you want Mail

  • Problem with mail displaying message bodies Updated:11-30

    I'm having problems with Mail displaying the body of an email. It will show the headers and that's all. I've turned on the raw format and can see everything so I know it's getting the emails ok. I'm running my own mail server using IMAP. I also use t

  • BODS 3.1 : How to trigger an email alert for the jobs on BODS server ? Updated:10-11

    Hi All. I have this request. BODS 3.1 : How to trigger an email alert for the jobs on BODS server ? We have jobs scheduled on BODS running smoothly and absolutely fine. But to check, i am logging into the admin console and check for the jobs status.

  • Sometimes my email headers get crossed with bodies of other emails (next in the list), so how do I stop this from happening? Updated:10-11

    We use Thunderbird with the email header list (Inbox, etc) in an upper pane, and the body of the highlighted email in a separate lower viewer pane. We compact files whenever asked by the software. In a long list of emails, I click on one header (at t

  • Issue with spamassassin, now mail not working Updated:10-11

    Hi ! I installed spamtrainer almost two months ago. Been feeding the [email protected] for several weeks now , 700 emails each day at least . There was very little improvement if none at all. Tried to add "@local_domains_maps = (1)" to amav

  • Mutt/Offlineimap Sent mail is showing up in Gmail Inbox Updated:10-11

    Hi, I am just starting my journey with mutt and quite like the interface thus far but I am having trouble with sent emails showing up in my Gmail inbox.  It is a little annoying to always have my sent emails appear as unread in my inbox.  In my searc

  • BODS 3.1 :SMTP configuration to send email for success or failure of job Updated:10-11

    Hi. This is further to this post : Thanks to all for the help. I did not find a complete set of information as things to do (for a person who is new to BODS). Hence sharing the workflow

  • Quoting/threading phenomena in -- due to problems in incoming messages? Updated:10-11

    Folks: Mail 5.1 on MacOS 10.7.x I began using when I installed 10.7, shortly after the initial release. No problems with respect to unformatted email or replying to short, trivial length formatted message.  For complex, on-going discussions 

  • How to email data in a table using BODI Updated:10-11

    Dear Pals, I have a table with 1000 records, I want to send this data through mail as an attachment(EXCEL)  every day at 9:00 AM . Can we do it using BODI? Please do post if there is any way? many many thanks in advance. Regards, Suneel DirasanchuAss

  • Cannot read email message body in Mail Updated:10-11

    Hello Pholks, I'm running iBook G4 w/ OS 10.4.8. Upon starting my computer and Mail this morning, I have the following very strange problem - similar to one other who has posted today: I can see messages in my Inbox. I can see sender, subject, date s

  • Entourage 2008 with IMAP mail account - cannot work offiline Updated:10-11

    Hi, i've recently configured an IMAP account (not mobile me) in entourage 2008. I've configured the accounts to download full bodies from all folders. However if i start entourage offline then i cannot see my IMAP folders and can only access my inbox

  • Apple mail showing wrong body in gmail (imap) messages Updated:10-11

    I asked about this the other day and thought I had solved my own problem by rebuilding Mail. But it is persisting and becoming more than annoying. Does anyone know why this is happening suddenly and how to fix it? I have recently repaired permissions

  • Forwarding mail from my .Mac accout to Yahoo Updated:11-30

    Hi there, Is there any reason why I can't forward my .mac mail to my yahoo account..? I've changed preferences in .mac redirecting it to my yahoo account but nothing happens..? Confusing but I'm trying to get replies from my website to go through my

  • Sending E-mail from Oracle Updated:11-30

    Hi, I written the below email procedure.I am facing an issues now. I am receving the mail but it does not have any content. CREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE IIBWP.SEND_MAIL is l_mailhost VARCHAR2(64) := ''; l_from VARCHAR2(64) := '[email p

  • Sending  mail data in tabular format using UTL_SMTP. Updated:11-30

    I am using UTL_SMTP package for sending the mails after the job is running . Now there is requirement to send the same mail in Tabular Format . Is it possible to do the same . I am sending the mails using the secure server of my company.sunnymoon wro

  • Mail with empty body Updated:11-30

    I have been accessing my email accounting using mail. It was working fine until about a week ago when the bodies of the emails were not showing up. I can access the whole email fine using webmail. I also have another account also using mail which has