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  • How to Print Multiple line items(only the one's that are selected in va22) Updated:10-11

    Hello All , My smartform should print the multiple selected line items that i as a user should be able to see as the output . In my case i dont have any program that calls the transaction va22 directly from the transaction VA22 i give the ISSUE OUTPU

  • Changing VA22 using 'BAPI_CUSTOMERQUOTATION_CHANGE' Updated:10-11

    Hi all, I have to change the VA22 transaction using afore said BAPI, a quotation is created with a line item using VA21 transaction,so now i have to reject this line item.this line item can be rejected by adding the reason code as 23,thats all the li

  • Update terminated error while saving in VA22 Updated:10-11

    Hi, I am trying to change the quotation in va22 transaction. What I am doin is  I am selecting all the items in incompletion log and filling to make the document complete.All the items have ben update with out error but there is field your reference

  • Attachments Icon in Standard Transaction like VA22 Updated:10-11

    Hi Folks, In standard T-code VA22, there is a provision for including attachments. This Icon is available at the Top Left Corner of the screen. This Icon is generally not available for all the users. You have to add a Parameter ID: SD_SWU_ACTIVE   X 

  • Update was terminated error while trying to attach output type to VA22 Updated:10-11

    Hi We are getting the below message while trying to attach output type to quotation in VA22 transaction Can you tell us what exactly the problem is? It doesn't happen with other output types... Update was terminated System ID....   PEQ Client....... 

  • Read characteristic of preventive ( va22 ) in an external report Updated:10-11

    Hi i have a problem to read characteristics in va22. i don't know how i have to do to read them.. i know how read the characteristic of order (in iw32) but no of preventive (va22). I have to do this in a custom report. Usually to read the order i use

  • Header text manipulation (VA22) Updated:11-30

    Hi, Is there any way we can manipulate header texts in sales documents in runtime, i.e can I fill the header texts through userexits while users use va21 or va22 ? Complete scenario: We have not configured text determination because the there are no

  • Is there a way to save in VA02 and VA22 and not quit the screen? Updated:11-30

    Hello friends When I use transaction code VA02 and VA22 and make changes and then click on save button, it saves the changes and then quit the screen. However, is there place where I can change this setting so that when I click on SAVE, it saves and

  • How to configure header note in quotation through va22. Updated:11-30

    how to configure header note in quotation through va22. i want a manually enter the data through va22.. please give me idea step by step process how to solve <h4>We have not configured text determination because the there are no fixed rules mentione

  • Pop up in va22 and vf02 Updated:11-30

    Hi all experts, When ever i enter a document number in va22 or vf02 and navigate as Sales document--> Issue to output i get a pop up for selecting the output type(Please see the picture 1 below). after selecting any of the given output and on clickin

  • Workflow for VA22 transaction Updated:11-30

    Hi , I have a scenarieo like in VA22 transaction,for 1 quotation,when the condition type for 1 item will change,and we will save it,the workflow should trigger.Please suggest me from where should i start.Hi Priya, You have to find for which event is

  • Adding attachment in VA22 / Quotation Updated:11-30

    Hello, I activated SD_SWU_ACTIVE and eventhough the service object seems available, I can't create/add an attachment in VA22. The "Create Attachment", etc. are greyed out making it impossible to ad an attachment. I read note "1466810 - Obje

  • User exit - change header status of quotation - VA22 Updated:11-30

    Hi, I want to limit the user who can change the header status of quotation by using VA22. Can anyone help me to identify the user exit to do this. Thanks in advanced, ThangHi Thang , Following User Exits may help you : V60F0001            SD Billing

  • Quotation VA21 - VA22 - Cannot change items or quantities Updated:11-30

    Dear Gurus, I have created a quotation in VA21 and selected a Sold to Party as well as a Material, and saved the quotation. When I then went to VA22 to change both the quantities in the material and add another material to confirm the quotation, the

  • Change in Quotation (VA22) should trigger re-approval in Status Profile. Updated:11-30

    Dear All, Through Status Profiles we had configured approvals in Quotation. Now, Our requirement is to re-trigger for approval when ever any changes are made in the Quotation(VA22) once approved. Is there any Standard configuration, through which I c

  • Drill down into va22 Updated:11-30

    It's a drill down into va22, I've done it the standard way, but it fails: set parameter id 'AUN' field t_tab-vbeln. call transaction 'VA22' and skip first screen. The set parameter executes okay, and if you F1, F9 on the quotation field in va22 it sa

  • Va21 and va22 need to display messages based on item condition Updated:11-30

    pls provide me the exit name or enhancement spot name where i can display the messages in tcode va21 and va22 with respect to line items. there are komp-kzwi6 one field is there in this structure with respect to this field condition i need to populat

  • Addition of new fields in VA21 and VA22 Transaction Updated:11-30

    Hi All I want to add a new field (custom) in VA21 and Va22. This field would then need to calculate values at run time. Has any one achieved this before? The field to be added is a multiplier. Its a kind of discount field. Which screen exits and user

  • To udate data from transaction VA22 to vk11 Updated:11-30

    Hi all My exact requirement is as First i have created sales Quotation from VA21. Now I Have change the Price From VA22 Than at same time it should update the pricing procedure in VK11 without doing anything else. Some people says that this is not po

  • To Control print option in VA22 or VA23 Updated:11-30

    Dear Experts,   Could you kindly let me tell me how to control and stop print option in VA22 or VA23 initial screen and issue output. Is there any user exit then can u porovide me or any other detail would be of great help. Regards, Sivathis was done