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  • MBAM 2.5 Reports Fail with "Invalid object name 'v_GS_MBAM_POLICY'." Updated:11-30

    Utilizing the SSRS Reports for MBAM 2.5 Integrated into Configuration Manager 2012 R2 Cu3, when I run the reports it states that the view 'v_GS_MBAM_POLICY'  does not exist. The complexing thing though is that there are computers that are reporting t

  • Error: the 'MBAM Policy' view does not exist. Updated:10-11

    MBAM 2.0 SP1 with SCCM 2012 integration: I am receiving this error when the reports are run from the reporting services point and from inside of the SCCM console. The view that the reports are testing for does exist in the SCCM database. I do not und