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  • Problems with software the update with Nokia 6233 Updated:10-11

    Problems with software the update with Nokia 6233 Hello, I have so far some-paints tries my software to update. Each time the update procedure begins, sometime stands then on the telephone "test mode". On the computer wars I the reference in the

  • Phone not working after firmware update for nokia ... Updated:10-11

    I tried updating my nokia 5800 today when the new firmware was released. i have already updated my other phone including another 5800. But when I updated the firmware of another 5800 (my 5800 through nokia software updater from pc/laptop), after the


    Hello I'm having trouble to update the Nokia N86 At first things are correctly but then fails to update I use the Nokia OVI and error code 12 017 I hope to help me as soon as possible Look at the attachments Attachments: 1.PNG ‏17 KB 3.PNG ‏18 KB 2.P

  • Nokia 500 - GPRS problem after updating to Nokia B... Updated:10-11

    Last month after the announcement of update of Nokia Belle to Nokia 500, I have updated the firmware.  And it was successfull and it works fine. But while try to browse the internet in mobile using WAP or Mobile data, I could not do so.  There is a p

  • Window 8.1 update fro nokia lumia 620 Updated:10-11

    Good day, Please I tried updating my nokia lumia 620 to window 8.1 but the device had been stucked in the gear display for the past 5 hours, I have tried the soft/hard reset and battery removal to no avail. what next please warm regardsDid you try th

  • Updates for Nokia X6, 5530 XM and 5800 XM Updated:10-11

    Hello Nokia, Nokia please give us more information about the announced updates you've promised us on the 29th of June. We don't get any information about the updates, except the notice on 29 August. Come on Nokia, release the update soon and don't ig

  • What we want in next UPDATE in Nokia N8 ( Nokia pl... Updated:10-11

    These are the maing things I am waiting by the next update for nokia n8! please don't release new update without completing these requests below! we have paid big money to buy this device and i am not satisfied for nothing, I am regreting of what i h

  • Problem I can not Update new Nokia X6 8Gb firmware... Updated:10-11

    Problem I can not Update new Nokia X6 firmware Version V.21.0.005,  can someone tell me where can I get new Nokia Software Update for X6 8Gb,  I tried to update new firmware, but this is new version is not Aviable  where I can get new version in my p

  • Is there an update for Nokia 701 which supports SN... Updated:10-11

    Hi, I am new in Nokia development. I have a Nokia 701 (SW version 111.020.0307 - Symbian Belle). I want to develop a NFC application which sends NDEF messages (through SNEP protocol) to an Android phone (Ice cream). From what I could see till now, th

  • How to update my nokia 5300 Updated:10-11

    kindly help to update my nokia 5300Hi there Salaw, Have you checked if there are any firmware updates available for your device via Nokia Suite? you can download the latest version of Nokia Suite from here: other 3 ans

  • Any more update for Nokia N8 after belle refresh??... Updated:10-11

    Hello guys...great work on your part for providing new updates for nokia n8.... Its really great on your my phone is fantastic... Just wanted to know if Nokia is planning to release new updates for the N8, after Belle Refresh?? If new upda

  • Belle update for nokia e6 product code 0588692? Updated:11-30

    i really want the belle update but nokia suite is telling me there are no updates yet ? when will there be and how do we know if we will get one or not ? my product code isnt on the list of available updates yet.the servers might be busy. try in a fe

  • Update on Nokia Belle Refresh (111.040.1511). Updated:11-30

    Hello my mobile these days has been replaced. On it still is the version 111.030.0609. I want to update on Nokia Belle Refresh (111.040.1511). But there is no link to do that. Can anyone help me? Thanks in advance. NobbyFire up software update app on

  • Update on Nokia Belle for Israel Updated:11-30

    Hi all, I quickly wanted to share with you the following statement that I got from our local team about the Nokia Belle availability for Israel: The roll-out of Nokia Belle for existing Nokia Symbian^3 phones started globally on February 7, 2012. Tes

  • Updating with nokia suite Updated:11-30

    hi there, my wife and i both have the same model phone ( nokia n8-00 ) i have nokia suite on my computer and my phone syncs with it and i updated to nokia belle no problems. my question is, is it possible to connect my wifes n8-00 to the same nokia s

  • All quiet on the N8 PR1.1 update front - Nokia fai... Updated:11-30

    Whilst the vast majority of N8s around the world have received this update there seem to be a large number which are "stuck in the system". In a separate thread ( /t5/Software-Updates/Official-Nokia-N8-PR1-1-Softw​are-Release-Schedule/td-p/92340

  • After updating with Nokia Software Updater my E66 ... Updated:11-30

    After updating with Nokia Software Updater my E66 asks for Lock code. Please any body help meIf you are only interested in maps.. download the installer from here ...Click on 'Download' under Instructions and then again 'Download' ..Read other 8 answ

  • Unable to Update to Nokia Belle - E7-00 Updated:11-30

    hii.. I m not able to update my nokia e7 with nokia belle.. Moderator's Note: The subject was amended as we have created a new thread for this topic and moved it to the more appropriate board.Did you try the Nokia Software Recovery Tool already? Ther

  • Is there anymore updates for Nokia 5800 XM?? Updated:11-30

    Hi, I would like to know if there is anymore firmware updates for Nokia 5800 XM after V52.0.007? Can anyone provide me with the news? I am a huge fan of Nokia and their Symbian platform.. But I am getting more and more disappointed with them. I canno

  • Issues with updating my NOKIA 5800 XM Updated:11-30

    Hi all, I don't know, whether this topic has been already covered, but I haven't found anything suitable for me. Here's the problem. I have a NOKIA 5800 XM and I want to update its' firmware to v30.0.011. However the standard procedure to update it u