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  • Help my recover my lenovo s650 to official rom Updated:11-30

    plz help me i have lenovo s650 i formated it and lost my imei and i installed a rooted rom "vibeui_v2.0_1439_7.3.1_st_s650_baralajbi " . i need to unroot my device and return back to official rom with my imei because every time i make factory re

  • Where is the official ROM for S650 and instructions Updated:11-30

    Hi, 1. Where can I find the official stock rom for the S650 and instructions on flashing, in case something goes wrong and I need to reflash the phone.There doesn't seem to be anything on the Lenovo website other than the source code. I saw the this

  • Strange problem with Lenovo S650 Updated:10-11

    I have an interesting problem with Lenovo S650. If it stay in 2G/3G mode - it connect and work in 3G network well. But if I put "only 3G" mode, it don't connect to the 3G network. I changed SIM-cards, modems, firmware, mobile operators -  Nothin

  • Request for proper Lenovo S650 ROW KK 4.4.2 open source code Updated:11-30

    Hi. I have downloaded KK osc for Lenovo S650 from here, but it's incomplete and missing important config and make files. For example, Lenovo S660 have full osc. Why can't Lenovo release full osc for S650 like for S660? I hope Lenovo will hear me and

  • Problems with the bluetooth in Lenovo S650 Updated:11-30

    Hi All, I'me facing a problem in sending files with my new Lenovo S650 by bluetooth. I can't send any file with my mobile to a Laptop. I already have my mobile and Laptop connected with each other... I can send from the Laptop to the mobile but in re

  • (problem, emergency) Lenovo S650 Stuck at boot animation/image after system reset. Updated:11-30

    Hello as the title says I made a full system erase/reset from the recovery mode (power + volume up + volume down) and now the phone stuck at the boot animation/image. Please somebody help me I am in hurry and this is an emergency! model: Lenovo S650f

  • Lenovo s650 heat up and signal lost issue Updated:11-30

    hi  there!!! i hav bought lenovo s650 few days back and had issues with it from day 1 it came with jelly bean 4.2 and it had issue of wifi connectivity and phone getting heatup while playing any game for about 5 to 10 mins also battery was getting dr

  • Lenovo S650 4.4 ROW_ S650_ROW_s215_140714 IS A BAD BETA Updated:11-30

    Full of bugs. Did someone help you today? Press the star on the left to thank them with a Kudo! If you find a post helpful and it answers your question, please mark it as ''ACCEPT AS SOLUTION"!  Unsolicited PM's will not be answered! ....Please post

  • Lenovo s650 [Custom ROM] S650_ROW_S112_131128_mod_by_javum Updated:11-30

    Custom Rom thanks to our russian friends,when you installed the custom ROM you also changed the Stock Recovery whit a Custom Recovery (TWRP).That's why OTA doesn't wor

  • Lenovo S650 FORMAT with FlashTool (probably bricked) Updated:11-30

    Hey forks. I did the "FORMAT" with FlashTool while I was trying to root my S650 and now it completely dead. It can't turn on, event into recovery mode, nothing. The only thing is that while I take the battery off and connect phone via usb cable

  • Lenovo s650 won't boot, USB doesn't work Updated:11-30

    I bought this phone and installed a root app. I may delete some system files with root app. Since that, the phone won't boot. I tried Smart Phone Flash Tool but the Firmware won't be updated as USB doesn't work. What can I do at this point? Please he

  • Lenovo S650 ota package failed Updated:11-30

    I have downloaded the updates normally on the phone but when I am going to update now then after 30% the update becomes failed and some options appear on screen like language selection I select the English then the options like reboot wipe user data

  • Lenovo S650 update failure Updated:11-30

    Hi, can someone please explain or has a solution to this problem. I can't seem to update from S650_ROW_S215_140714 to S650_ROW_S305_140820.Ok,you're rooted...If you removed/uninstalled any system pre-installed apps and/or installed a custom recovery

  • Lenovo S650 - default (factory) desktop view Updated:11-30

    Hello everybody. Happy New Year! My calendar and power panels disappeared today. It still works fine. I tried to return default view of "calendar+power panels on 1 desktop" but can put only one of it, smartphone reports that row is full. So, do

  • VIBE UI 2.0 Lenovo S650 Updated:11-30

    Hello guys! I am struggling with this after updating to VIBE UI 2.0. Is there a way to eliminate the annoying background for the icons of some applications? Or is it ROM related? (even changing theme they stay there). Thanks in advance!....after doin

  • Lenovo S650 update 2015 _S650_ROW_S308_150121 (402MB) Updated:11-30

    Kindly decode this update and throw some light on it. 1. The pros and cons? 2. UI changes? What actually does it change? 3. Is it a stable update? 4. Most importanly is it Android L? 5. Is it recommended?Hi sobin16 Unfortunately Lenovo hasn't release

  • No internet at all in lenovo s650 Updated:11-30

    Hi, I have s650 and today suddenly I received a message " there are some problems with internet connection, please check current WLAN network or connect to other WLAN network" I tried restarting my phone, my internet router, resetting to factory

  • Lenovo s650 contacts Updated:11-30

    Hi, I have a problem with my contacts. When i receive a call it only shows the number ,not the name, and it says something in chinese and - UNKNOWN CITY .  I have about the same problem when i receive sms , it doesnt show the name, but only the numbe

  • Lenove S650 sound issue Updated:11-30

    My phone's (Lenovo s650) volume would suddenly go off without me doing anything. When I check on the volume it's not on mute but no sound is coming out from the phone. However, when I restart it, everything would go back to normal. But this happens e

  • S650 automatic touch problem Updated:11-30

    hi i guess its only me having this problem in my s650. I bought  my lenovo s650 a month back. I was enjoying the phone.But fron two dyas, all of a sudden, phone screen automatically touches itself mainly at a single point. When i was chatting or dial