• Getting UNCAUGHT_EXCEPTION CX_WD_CONTEXT at using alv sort function Updated:11-30

    Dear colleagues, I developed a simple application which displays records in an ALV and at lead-selection shows detailed data in a form. Everthing is working fine except one is clicking on the sort functionality at the top of the ALV short dump is thr


    Hi all, my Dynpro works fine in Q-environment but after transportation into P-environment it didn't work. In Q i see the developed screen but in P it throws an error before. I tried to analyse if m own code had a problem, but all my breakpoints on my

  • ECATT abends during recording when lead selection is set to 0 on web dynpro Updated:10-11

    We have a web dynpro application that works ok when running by itself.   When we tried to record ECATT testing on it, it abended after we click on a selection from a list of values.    The error on the browser indicated an error on the "lead select&q

  • Open Service Connection to Enterprise Portal system from Solution Manager Updated:11-30

    Hi All, We are getting below error, when we tried to Enable/Open Service Connection ( DSWP -> Solution Landscape ->Service Connection) to Enterprise Portal system. Here we selected the row Connection -> R/3 support  and Connection tab -> open/

  • Causing Runtime error Updated:11-30

    Hi, I am getting the Following runtime error, can u please tell me the cause for this. What happened?                                                                                | The exception 'CX_WD_CONTEXT' was raised, but it was not caught any

  • SE16 on WDA Updated:11-30

    I am trying to create a SE16 Application on WDA. Now everything looks fine .But after entering Table name I am getting following error message. Note The following error text was processed in the system DEV : Could not find attribute LOW The error occ

  • OVS  dump (Subnode/attribute INPUT already exists) Updated:11-30

    Hi gurus, I have created WD application with multiple views where user can navigate between views. Every view has its own funcionality and user after working in one view can go to main menu, and choose another view... Each view has it's own OVS. The

  • CX_WD_CONTEXT: Subnode MAIN_VIEW.HEADER_DATA does not exist Updated:11-30

    Hi Web Dynpro Experts, I have srm portal system which is freshly built, the problem is when i browse to purchasing --> reports then the page cannot be displayed due to this error: Note The following error text was processed in the system SR2 : Subnod

  • Early watch alert Dump:UNCAUGHT_EXCEPTION+ CX_DSVAS_API_CONTEXT_INSTANCE Updated:10-11

    Hello All, I am facing issue while generating the early watch alert : In DSWP its showing ,DATA is available ;SAP earlywatch alert Session number :<> After processing button :  Start service processing Job schduling and getting failed Job Log: Job l

  • Error while executing query on portal-SAPMSSY1 method : UNCAUGHT_EXCEPTION Updated:10-11

    Hello all, I have created a quey and executed it on portal and everything just works fine. The query has few input varaibles at the start like fiscal year and some other inputs. I saved the query in my Portal favorites and then when I try to excute i

  • Runtime Errors UNCAUGHT_EXCEPTION and Exception CX_RSR_COB_PRO_NOT_FOUND Updated:10-11

    Hi , When i tried to load data into my standard cube the following short dump error occure. The data was updated to PSA but while updating to further data target (my standard cube) the following error occured: Runtime Errors         UNCAUGHT_EXCEPTIO

  • Runtime Error : UNCAUGHT_EXCEPTION Updated:10-11

    Hi Solman Experts, While downloading softwares through Maintenace Optimizer ( Solution Manager ),I am getting below error.. First Error : Function module /SDF/AL_MAP_TRANSID_LOGH does not exist. The Maintenance Optimizer can automatically determine w

  • ABAP/4 processor: UNCAUGHT_EXCEPTION while activation Updated:10-11

    Hi All, I am getting this error "ABAP/4 processor: UNCAUGHT_EXCEPTION" while the activation of DSO. I am attaching the dump Runtime Errors         UNCAUGHT_EXCEPTION Exception              CX_SDB_ORA_PROGRAM_ERROR Date and Time          19.12.20

  • UNCAUGHT_EXCEPTION while executing Infospoke Updated:10-11

    Hi All, I have created Openhub destination in BI 7.0 on sales cube. I tried extract file to application server with the default path DIR_HOME which system automaticaly gives. It was success. But I want to give different path in the application server

  • UNCAUGHT_EXCEPTION when a user is executing a variable selection in WT Updated:10-11

    Hi Experts, There is strange problem to one User, when ever she uses the Varibale selection for 0FUNCT_LOC in Portal, the systems throws the below UNCAUGHT_EXCEPTION, in the Webtemplate screen. When i Checked that is displayed in  *Root Cause*,  it i

  • Getting dump Uncaught_Exception while giving filter values Updated:10-11

    Hi Friends, We have recently upgraded the system from BW 3.5 to BI 7.0, and SP17 we have applied. Now the problem is we are not able give the filter values while executing queries. It's giving the dump UNCAUGHT_EXCEPTION. Error analysis: An exception

  • Error in ABAP Mapping (type SAP-ABAP, kernel error ID UNCAUGHT_EXCEPTION) Updated:10-11

    Hi ,   Scenario:  Manually Purchase Order is created, automatically Sales Order should be created in the Target System through PI,                    I have used Message Mapping which is working fine for single Customer and Vendor,                   

  • CX_WD_CONTEXT runtime error. Updated:10-11

    Hello Experts: I am getting the following runtime error: "The exception 'CX_WD_CONTEXT' was raised, but it was not caught anywhere along the call hierarchy. Since exceptions represent error situations and this error was not adequately responded to, t

  • While trying to load data Runtime Err UNCAUGHT_EXCEPTION Except.CX_RSR_X_ME Updated:10-11

    Hi We are on BI.7 patch SAPKW70015 BI_CONT 703 - 0007 SAPKIBIIP7 and multi source system BI server. One is for R/3 it is already working and  another is for new IS Retail. While trying to load data to inventory (Z-cube) for first time in production s

  • UNCAUGHT_EXCEPTION Error in Our ECC Production Server Updated:10-11

    Hi Gurus, We are getting UNCAUGHT_EXCEPTION ABAP Runtime error from last 3 months in our ECC Production Server, Daily it was throwing upto 200 times. we changed alvgrid parameters aslo no use. can you anybody suggest about this error please find belo