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  • Nokia 701 web browser is not working Updated:10-11

    i have nokia 701. My phone web browser is not working. Net is working in other browsers like opera and uc browser. it's a big problem for me i can't watch online videos and i can't access to google or any other site.. I also delete the cache folder i

  • Nokia 701 Native browser. Phone scroll : memory fu... Updated:11-30

    Hello, Have somebody have the "Phone scroll : memory full, close some app" when browsing with native browser? I always receive this error message when i use more that 1 tabs, or if i only use 1 tab, i open heavy page (just like

  • Nokia 701 browser - Location permissions / Allowe... Updated:11-30

    Hi, I've seen that the Nokia 701 browser provides the following option: "Settings" -> "Privacy" -> "Location permissions" -> "Allowed sites" On my phone, the according dialog shows "(no data)" and

  • Video calling by Nokia 701 Updated:11-30

    No video calling by nokia 701. Skype, oovoo, nb, tamgo no video calling application. But why?Hi, It will be in a Browser on a Mac and involve a Video Plugin (most likely Flash). GoogleTalk in browser also involves a Plugin. It used to be Flash in the

  • I am experiencing some problems with my Nokia 701 Updated:10-11

    I am  experiencing some problems with my Nokia 701. 1)While updating OS with Nokia suit  its restart then phone becoming dead and need to remove battery and insert it again in order to work and i need to run without completing full update 2)I am gett

  • Nokia 701 menu button not working and other bugs Updated:10-11

    I have a "brand new" 701 with 111.020.0307 that won't update to 111.030.0609 because I'm in Italy . Now I have a really annoying bug: the menu key, sometimes, stops working and won't bring up the menu if pressed briefly, and won't bring up the t

  • Nokia 701 Symbian Belle Widget problem Updated:10-11

    when i see previews of themes on nokia store, there are some widgets that i don't have on my Nokia 701 (latest software update)...for example the (3G On/Off) widget and some others too, is there any place where i can get these widgets ? Solved! Go to

  • Symbian belle / nokia 701 Updated:10-11

    hello symbian belle fp2 was updated in my nokia 701 yet there are many defects 1) front camera not supported 2) no dedicated exit option in camera app 3) arrow keys in keyboard missing ( strongly required ) 4) der should be normal prediction option i

  • Nokia 701 touch sensitive problem Updated:10-11

    I have with me 701 with the latest firmware version, i often have touch sensitive problem. Sometimes it get ok by just switch off the phone and sometime by removing battery (becoz then button too don't work). what should i do? Someone Plz help !Hi sa

  • Nokia 701 hard rest problem Updated:10-11

    Hi everyone; I updated my nokia 701 by wifi to belle fp1 after that I rest my phone thinking that could help me solving problems I Suffered Unfortunately , every thing was gone ( ovi store , photo editor , video editor,....... ) I tried to reinstall

  • No GPS on Nokia 701 Updated:10-11

    Hi I still use my 701 for walking using viewranger via ithe GPS signal  As I do not Use mobile Data This has worked for years  with no problems . But now th last 3 times I am unable to get a GPS signal  while out walking on the fells  and even using

  • Is there an update for Nokia 701 which supports SN... Updated:10-11

    Hi, I am new in Nokia development. I have a Nokia 701 (SW version 111.020.0307 - Symbian Belle). I want to develop a NFC application which sends NDEF messages (through SNEP protocol) to an Android phone (Ice cream). From what I could see till now, th

  • Can´t gallery share on facebook / nokia 701 Updated:10-11

    Hi, i try share from gallery on my phone nokia 701, but only share on flickr and twitter, facebook no work, is there any solution or should I wait for an update. ThanksHi Frank, there are others discussions regarding this issue: In English: http://di

  • Nokia 701 (BELLE) problems Updated:11-30

    I have N8 and 701 both. There are some disappointments with 701. (1) Google Maps is NOT working in 701 (Belle), (2) While downloading Maps of India in Nokia Maps, the whole country map has to be downloaded at once for 701, whereas it can be downloade

  • Nokia 701 call screen lock feature? Updated:11-30

    Hi nokia community, was wondering if there is call screen lock feature in nokia belle? Because i couldn't find it any where in my nokia 701, even there is no option to edit the normal lock screen or button? Why there are bugs and such small and impor

  • Nokia 701 front camera Updated:11-30

    Nokia! I want to report an error! Symbian Belle Feature Pack 2 - left out of the front camera button! Solved! Go to Solution.I use the front camera on Nokia 701 for video calling, works alright. That is the main thing I think, cant see any other use

  • Who has nokia 701 and WhatsApp ? Please enter Updated:11-30

    I'd like to know if turning 3G off on the nokia 701 (or any nokia belle), and being in an area without wifi - Will whatsapp still work? Because from what I understand, Whatsapp is always connected. Does that mean that Whatsapp will force my phone to

  • Cell info display on Nokia 701 Updated:11-30

             Hi every body, My Nokia 701 is not displaying cell info i.e name of area or name of tower covering my phone even though I set info display to on in pull down notification menu right from time of purchase. Is this problem specific to my phone

  • My Nokia 701 cannot share photo using NFC to C7 Updated:11-30

    My 701 used to be able to share photo from gallery to my wife's C7 Anna. Strangely, when i tried to send few marked photos, the sending process was taking forever and i had to cancel it. After that, when i tried to share even one photo at a time, the

  • Nokia 701 Camera Snapshot. What is your opinion. Updated:11-30

    Hi, I was thinking about taking the images of some letters, news papers etc from full focus camera of my Nokia 701 (Set to 6MP). I have manged to take the picture of news paper from some distance (See attachment). What is your opinion about the font