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  • Conflicting app, nokia asha 210 Updated:11-30

    i am using nokia asha 210 and after i upgrade the mail app, the phone is showing "conflicting application" every time i switched on my phone and every time i tried to open other application such as whatsapp (which is the only one working after t

  • Cannot open application, web browser(default nokia... Updated:11-30

    hello everybody.. I want to ask about my phone nokia 5130c xpressmusic. I have some problem in my mobile. I cannot open application, web browser(default nokia), radio, and music player. How to solve that problem? thank you for your answer and attenti

  • Can't download browser apps Updated:11-30

    Having problems downloading any browser apps. Was working before but now I can not download any browser apps such as puffin,I swifter, chrome etc why is that?Hello SHYBCo Check out the troubleshooting article below for issues with access to the iTune

  • Adobe story browser app won't work, desktop app in update limbo Updated:11-30

    When I attempt to use the adobe story browser app on Safari on any OSX Lion computer, Safari immediately crashes. When I try and use the desktop app, it downloads the update, then adobe AIR installer crashes because "This application cannot be instal

  • HELP! The Browser App is not on my Phone Pearl 8100 AT&T Updated:11-30

    So I just got my Pearl, I bought it off of my friend. (I dont have a SIM Yet) and the Browser app is not there, is it because I dont have a SIM?  Thanks in advancedIt is because you don't have a SIM card AND that you don't have a BlackBerry Data Plan

  • Dolphin browser app does not install Updated:11-30

    When trying to sync Dolphin Browser app for iPad 2, I attach my iPad2, pull up the apps tab, and see the app in the list in the left panel, but it does not appear with any of the icons in the right panel.  I try to "remove' the app by clicking on the

  • My Dolphin Browser app is "installed" but I cannot, suddenly, find the icon to use it. Updated:11-30

    I recently went into General Settings and set the stasis to white-on-black. I returned to the home page to find everything in negative colors, along with all of the icons rearranged.  I quickly reverted back to black-on-white, only to have to manuall

  • Internet Explorer web browser app for iphone 4? Updated:11-30

    Is there an IE web browser app or one that mimics EI?Julian Wright wrote: I wanted something that was more like a regular browser. You're not going to get something more like a desktop browser (if that's what you mean by regular) on any device with a

  • Update the browser for nokia ashamed 305 Updated:11-30

    Hey please could give us an update for browser of nokia 305 as it is having a lot of problems..some of them are listed below >NO COPY AND PASTE OPTION >CANT EVEN DOWNLOAD THEMES INTO THE BROWSER. >FACEBOOK AND TWITTER ARE NOT RUNNING PROPERLY.WHE

  • MEdia Net vs Browser apps Updated:11-30

    Ok so what is the difference between Media Net and Browser apps? Seems to me in my limited use that Media Net is much faster at getting around things. When I tried to go to on the Browser app, it white screened for 10 minutes before I

  • Free Firefox browser apps for BlackBerry curve Updated:11-30

    I can I get a free Firefox browser apps for BlackBerry curve? I want to download free firefox browser for my BlackBerry curve mobile phoneUnfortunately, there is no version of Firefox (or Firefox Home) for Blackberry OS.Read other 2 answers

  • Browsing apps Updated:11-30

    When browsing apps on the touch screen of my c310 they either fly past where I want to go or they open the app my finger is on to start the browse.  What am I doing wrong?  I have even tried a stylus to no avail.Welcome to the Apple Discussions. Appl

  • Conflicting apps (nokia browser) nokia asha 210 Updated:11-30

    I was using my apps properly but when i updated my nokia browser it shows me conflicting apps . Please help me Solved! Go to Solution.Welcome to Nokia Discussions, NSKucantseeme. You may try this procedure: 1) Remove the existing Nokia Xpress Browser

  • Deletion of youtube app,nokia life app,news&offers... Updated:11-30

    please help me! I use nokia asha 205 (with the updated software V:4.51). I marked several downloaded applications in the applications folder, in phone. When I deleted them,other built-in apps(YOUTUBE,MAIL,NOKIA LIFE,NEWS&OFFERS and the Xpress Browser

  • Snow Leopard (10.6.8) Web Browser, App Store, iTunes Store image won't finish loading. Updated:10-11

    Hello, I've recently upgraded from Leopard to Snow Leopard by clean installing. Once I upgraded to Snow Leopard (10.6.3) everything seemed to work perfectly except for the new keyboard that I purchased (requires upgrade to 10.6.8). So as I upgraded t

  • Problem with browser in Nokia N8 Updated:10-11

    Hello everybody I just installed Symbian Anna in my phone, everything works right but one thing.  When I try to open a link included in an email the browser opens and immediately closes and I cannot see the contents of the link.  Same happens for exa

  • Browsing Apps on App Store and selecting 1 and returning starts the App list at 1.  Is there a workaround for this? Updated:10-11

    It seems that everytime Apple releases an update to IOS, the App Store behaves differently!  My iPad 1 is currently at 4.3.3 and nearly everytime I select an app in the app store to read about, when I return, I'm back at #1.  This has become an issue

  • Installed lion on iMac. Now our three iPhones and iPod can browse app store. But when we try to install we get an error that says cannot connect to iTunes. Same on wifi and AT Updated:10-11

    I updated my iMac to lion and set up iCloud and icloud email so I could use pages app on my 4s as well as my Mac to work on documents.I was only able to log into my new iCloud mail account once. And never again. Even with security questions.  Purchas

  • Share Online App - Nokia 5233 Updated:10-11

    Can u help me out i have nokia 5233.what is shareonline app.iam not able get service providers,like facebook to upload photos from my gallery.then whats the use of it   Moderator's Note: The subject was amended as we have created a new thread for the

  • Microsoft Apps, Nokia E6 Updated:10-11

    Microsoft apps just showed up in my software updater.  Has any other E6 user installed this? Looking for comments/Reviews. Solved! Go to Solution.A couple of immediate impressions: First, that that installation went very smoothly. Second is that (bef