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type error result of expression nokia n8

  • Error: Result of agent resolution does not agree with agents of task Updated:10-11

    Hi, I'm getting the error "Result of Agent Resolution does not agree with agent of Task".  I'm passing the agents in Expression which I'm getting from Method in my previous step and passing to workflow container and it is getting passed to Expre

  • Error while activating expression Functional call Updated:10-11

    Hi All, I created a functional call expression..I mainteined target function name and result object as well..The syntax check doesn't return any error messages.But when I try to activate it , I get an error message ZCALL_FUNCTION_1 (Expression) : No

  • Invalid column type error while calling db function. Updated:10-11

    We are getting an exception while calling the database function which returns a Varray of objects. We are using jpub to generate the wrapper method, ran sqlj to generate the JDBC code. The environment is weblogic 5.1 EJB container with ORacle

  • Data type mismatch in criteria expression. What am I not seeing?? Updated:10-11

    Once again I'm stuck! I have included the query I'm trying to run below.  I have also indicated the data types of my fields. <cfquery name="qGetOrders" datasource="manna_premier"> SELECT DISTINCT Count(ID) AS CountOfID,   - numbe

  • Inconsistent FOTY0001: type error while  using translateFromNative Updated:10-11

    I am getting FOTY0001: type error while using translateFromNative function in assign activity. This error happens only in the below scenarios: 1. Create a BPEL process with file input adapter that accepts simple xml string as input and accepts files

  • FOTY0001: type error Updated:10-11

    Hi, I have a case where I have to read a database table and in that table I have a field of long type (contains a xml payload). I have to parse the payload and assign it to another variable so that it updates in another table. I am using the parseEsc

  • BPEL instances invisisble - ORABPEL-05002 - reason is FOTY0001: type error. Updated:10-11

    I have a BPEL process which gets initiated by messages from a JMS Queue. Version 1 of this same process works fine. But when I deploy a version 2 of the same process (which is compiling fine), it errors out. Strangely the instances are not appearing

  • Exception --- Value can not be converted to requested type.Error Code: 0 Updated:11-30

    Inside my query, I try to use function,like Expression formattedRegDateCol = regDateCol.getFunction("to_char", "YYYY/MM/DD"); sometimes query works fine and sometimes got following exception, can anyone here help me out.. Internal Exce

  • JDBC/SQLJ Team - Please respond - invalid column type error Updated:11-30

    Hi, I have posted several messages regarding problems using SQL/J to call out a stored packaged function that returns a ref cursor, but haven't gotten one response. I have yet a new problem with it. JDBC team, please acknowledge! I change the way I o

  • Help its really urgent.....Data type mismatch in criteria expression. Updated:11-30

    hello everyone.... I m trying to retrive an int value from Access database with query String query = "SELECT * FROM M_PROCESS WHERE PROCESS_NAME = '"+selected_process+"' "; Here selected_process is the string retrived from a JSP page u

  • Incompatibe type error can some please help stuck in rut Updated:11-30

    found : double required: javax.swing.JTextField TotalIncomeField = (num1 + num2 + num3); try { double num1 = Double.parseDouble(LoansField.getText()); double num2 = Double.parseDouble(WagesField.getText()); double num3 = Double.parseDouble(OtherField

  • Unexpected type error Updated:11-30

    I am getting an unexpected type error in the following code: import java.awt.Graphics2D; import java.awt.geom.Ellipse2D; import java.awt.geom.Line2D; import java.awt.geom.Point2D; public class Line    public Line(int aClick, Point2D.Double[] aPoint)

  • While processing MIRO, received a error message that express document  upda Updated:11-30

    Hi,    When i am processing document through MIRO,i got an error messge that Express document update was terminated. Can anybody let me know the possible solution for this.Hi, please check the no. ranges for invoices. This error is a result of overla

  • Error in assign expression Updated:11-30

    Trying to copy values between two variables, we have the error message that follows. Please could you help us? Thanks a lot, Giovanni Error in <assign> expression: <to> value is empty at line 184 The Xpath expression: "/tns:rispostaVisura

  • Error PLS 00363  expression "string" cannot be used as an assignment target in sentence SELF.ATTRIBUTE1:=PARAMETER; Updated:11-30

    Hi everybody. I wrote de following  type create or replace TYPE ALMACEN AS OBJECT   id_almacen number(10),   descripcion varchar2(40),   existencias number(6),   precio number(4),   member function movimiento (p_num number)  return boolean create or

  • PLW-07204: conversion away from column type may result in sub-optimal query Updated:11-30

    I have the following query in the package that created using sql developer. I am receiving the error 'PLW-07204: conversion away from column type may result in sub-optimal query plan' when try to compile the package. The issue is happen to be in the

  • Unable to save a recordset - Type Error this node has no properties Updated:11-30

    I've hit a brick wall. I'm creating a recordset using a session variable as a parameter. It tests OK in DW CS4 but when I click <OK> it fails with an error message  "Type Error this node has no properties". Below is the recordset I'm tryin

  • PLW-07202: bind type would result in conversion away from column type Updated:11-30

    Got this error, "PLW-07202: bind type would result in conversion away from column type", when compiling in the stored procedure editor. CREATE OR REPLACE procedure test_proc (at_incoming varchar) as begin insert into test2(itemname) values (subs

  • Win2008 64Bit Collection Error "Result has Repeating Key Value" On Host Per Updated:11-30

    Win2008 64Bit Collection Error "Result has Repeating Key Value" On Host Performance Tab [ID 864908.1]            Modified 29-JUL-2009 Type PROBLEM Status MODERATED       In this Document Symptoms Cause Solution References This document is being

  • I/O ERROR RESULT -36 Updated:11-30

    Can anyone tell how to fix an error? I am using a simple drive 250GB hard drive to do my recording in logic express 8. LE 8 seems to allow me to record midi data, but won't allow me to record audio data. Each time I hit record in audio mode, the prog