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  • Need help with a xml photo gallery Updated:10-11

    First, hello to everyone. My name is Tudor , i'm from Romania and i have a flash project which implies building an XML driven scrolling photo galery. Very sorry if my english will slip in some phrases. Well , the question for which i must get an answ

  • I cannot get on the internet by proxy suddently... Updated:10-11

    All of the problem happend Suddenly!!!!!!!! i met some problem... All of the problem is not appear in Windows 1. I cannot get on the internet by proxy... I try firefox, google-chrome, konqueror, all of them cannot, but opera can. I dont' do anything

  • Problem When Multiple Users Export To PDF Simultaneously Updated:10-11

    I am hoping someone out there can help.  We have had no luck at all with Crystal Reports / SAP support for this issue. We have a client/server aplication and have written a C# program to load a crystal report on the server, export it to PDF and then

  • Bring objects to front Updated:10-11

    How can I implement this? I tried to use: (this.numChildren - 1) But it doesn't work. I want to use this code because I have 8 boxes, each are 100px X 100px. You hover each box and they flip over but the "backside" of these cards are larger in b

  • Problem in triggering at line selection event in ooabap Updated:11-30

    hi ppl,           Below is the code i did so far using interactive reports,but its showing error "statement END METHOD is missing". REPORT  y_program_on_ooabap1.       CLASS CL DEFINITION DATA: lf_matnr TYPE matnr.   INITIALIZATION.   PARAMETERS

  • Clock UI control and daylight saving time. Updated:11-30

    Hi, We have a customer that has several sites around the world. In a VC-model I like to use the Clock UI control to display the times of the different sites. This can be done by setting the ‘time zone’ in the control properties. A long ago we have in

  • XDIM_MEMBERSET ENTITY how to pass parameter dynamically Updated:11-30

    Hi experts, I am using the how to guide "How to pass dynamic parameters to script logic" in order to pass the ENTITY parameter dynamically to the following script logic: *XDIM_MEMBERSET FIL_KAT= *XDIM_MEMBERSET ORG_EINHEIT=BAS($ENTITY_DIM$) *XDI

  • AS 2 Conundrum Updated:11-30

    Happy Holidays everyone, I've looked at this problem a hundred times but cannot seem to see what's causing my problem.  I am looking at this ActionScript in my Flash file: import mx.transitions.Tween; import mx.transitions.easing.*; var tween_type =

  • Table joining query with dates Updated:11-30

    Hello, I have two tables, one containing a list of pupils, their class start date and their class end dates. The second table contains the address (postcode) history of the pupil. I need to bring these two tables together into one query to show all t

  • Network speed seems extremely wild Updated:11-30

    Hello, all. I am using fiber optic 20M connection, ethernet (not Wi-Fi), Mac mini Mid 2012, 16GB RAM, Apple SSD. Also MBP 15-inch 2010, OS 10.6.8, 4GB RAM. I moved to this home three weeks ago. For two weeks, it was normal. the past 4-5 days, all Int

  • Making code faster smaller and more elegant Updated:11-30

    hi just like yesterday I�m new to java. first of all I want to get familiar with the basics. I wrote a little game therefore. with some help. within the code are no mistakes, compiling errors or such. but now my question is why is my CPU usage nearly

  • Tacacs per VRF Updated:11-30

    Gooday Im trying to configure tacacs per Vrf but no luck, i been using docs from cisco, can somebody help me if my config is correct? here is my current config aaa group server tacacs+ tacacs1 server-private 183.x.x.x key 7 XXXXXX ip vrf forwarding N

  • Files in post office wpcsout\problem folder Updated:11-30

    GW 8.0.2 HP2 on Windows 2008 Standard I'm taking the time to go through the post office folders looking for leftover stuff that can be deleted or dealt with and I find a few dozen message files in the wpscout\problem folder of one of our post offices