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  • Data-acquisition with NI 6036E DAQ card & GPIB using an external trigger Updated:10-11

    Hi all, I hope somebody could give me some help with the following and answer some questions: Simple system description: Labview 6.1 PCI-GPIB card 6036E DAQ card In my system, I am using an external analog trigger signal (A) for continuous data-acqui

  • Reg:Whether to use BPM or not when the channels are controlled externally Updated:10-11

    Dear All, My scenario is File to File and for this the channels are controlled  externally. This is achieved through the  Abap proxies to Http receiver scenario, where udf is being implemented for this. UDF: DynamicConfiguration conf = (DynamicConfig

  • PXI-5122 External Sample Clock Updated:10-11

    PXI-1031 Chassis PXI-8106 PC PXI-5122 14bit 100MS/s Digitizer Labview 8.5 I am driving X-Y mirrors steering a laser. I am measuring the reflected light to develop a raster image of a sample. I have a pixel clock running at 60MHz that I want to clock

  • External time base changes with velocity Updated:11-30

    Hi everybody I am using output channel A of a quadrature TTL encoder as external time base of the acquisition of three analog input signals. I acquire a total of 1024 scans, one scan for one pulse of the encoder. I use this system to acquire signal f