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  • Help about analog trig and external clock scan Updated:11-30

    Hi, there. I want to measure the engine cylinder pressure with an PXI6070-E card and BEI encoder. I have tried using Cont Acq&Graph ExtScanClk and Cont Acq&Graph ExtScanClk Soft , but they don't work. What I did was to connect

  • Triger an external procedure Updated:11-30

    First, I am not sure I am in the correct place. I need to find a way to detect change in table row. I would like to use a trigger for that. But I would like to run a script while detecting a change, and not update any table. Thanks, Lior nullHi Lior,

  • Lecture mesure fluke PM6680 PM 6681 avec trig externe Updated:11-30

    Bonjour, je souhaite parametrer un compteur fluke pm 6680 ou PM6681 avec un declenchement externe et récuperer les mesures au fur et a mesure. Le soucis, apres avoir envoyé l'instruction pour le trig externe, les commande d'interrogation tels que rea

  • Ask to connct the External Trigger (TRIG) to the Function Generator (FGEN) Updated:11-30

    Ask to connct the External Trigger (TRIG) to the  Function Generator (FGEN). like to control of the start the function using the External Trigger, how i can do it ? tamar2010, The VirtualBench Function Generator does not support generation triggering

  • 6143 trig sur horloge externe sur des front montant et descendant ? Updated:11-30

    bonjour, je me pose la question s'il est possible de sychroniser l'aquisition d'une PCI-6143(carte d'aquisition simultanée) sur des front montant et descendant je suis en possession de de carte PCI-6143 et d'une carte PCI-6602(4 timer) relier via le

  • Data-acquisition with NI 6036E DAQ card & GPIB using an external trigger Updated:10-11

    Hi all, I hope somebody could give me some help with the following and answer some questions: Simple system description: Labview 6.1 PCI-GPIB card 6036E DAQ card In my system, I am using an external analog trigger signal (A) for continuous data-acqui

  • Reg:Whether to use BPM or not when the channels are controlled externally Updated:10-11

    Dear All, My scenario is File to File and for this the channels are controlled  externally. This is achieved through the  Abap proxies to Http receiver scenario, where udf is being implemented for this. UDF: DynamicConfiguration conf = (DynamicConfig

  • PXI-5122 External Sample Clock Updated:10-11

    PXI-1031 Chassis PXI-8106 PC PXI-5122 14bit 100MS/s Digitizer Labview 8.5 I am driving X-Y mirrors steering a laser. I am measuring the reflected light to develop a raster image of a sample. I have a pixel clock running at 60MHz that I want to clock

  • External time base changes with velocity Updated:11-30

    Hi everybody I am using output channel A of a quadrature TTL encoder as external time base of the acquisition of three analog input signals. I acquire a total of 1024 scans, one scan for one pulse of the encoder. I use this system to acquire signal f

  • Can we run a java class in a external server through abap program? Updated:11-30

    Dear Experts, Can we run a java class in an external server ( other than application server and client system )? I have tried running it in the client system through a program and it works. But i have the requirement of running it in another system.

  • How AI Hardware into Acquire&Proc N Scans - amplify gain? Updated:11-30

    I am using Acquire&Proc N Scan - program. I tried using AI Hardware to add into the block diagram so as to increase the ECG waveform gain but it seems useless. How can it be done to amplify the gain of the waveform. Thanks for the h

  • How do I auire data at every third pulse of an external trigger? Updated:11-30

    I need to aquire 2048 data points where each one is triggered by the third pulse of an external trigger (TTL). Currently I can aquire 2048 data points where each is triggered by every pulse of an external trigger but I need to be able to do this at e

  • How to use an external trigger on an electrometer (KEITHLEY 6517A) Updated:11-30

    I'm really new using LABVIEW, so please, be patient with me... I'm using a KEITHLEY electrometer to acquire data from a dosimeter. We are going to do some measurements on a pulsed source and before the pulse there's a trigger signal. I don't know the

  • Is it possible to trig audio files other than from exs24? Updated:11-30

    In Mainstage, is it possible to trig a .wav files that is not from the exs24 bank? Or a workaround? Thanks. marcCool deal - glad you got things working. Thanks for checking us out - we were really happy how things turned out. We recorded at Cristobol

  • How to externally time data acquisition rate Updated:11-30

    I have Lab-PC-1200 card and Labview 5.1. I will like to read the signals from a Hamamatsu linear detector array that has 1024 pixels on it. The trigger (or sample) rate of the detector can be modified over a range covering 1 MHz to 15.625 kHz. I use

  • External Clock PCI-6110 Updated:11-30

    Hello / Bonjour I am using Labview 6.1 / Window 2000 and a NI PCI-6110 card. The system that I develop uses an external clock (connected to the PFI7) to sample a signal in channel 0, a trigger connected to TRIG 1 starts an acquisition. The program co

  • Input analog signal with trig signal on DAQPad6020​E Updated:11-30

    I would like to record an input analog signal in continous with trig signal on falling edge. The frequency trig is 3.87hz (258ms)with 5V level. In fact I want to record the input analog signal every 258ms. I use a DAQPad6020E and the VIs "AI-Config&q

  • PCI 4472 external trigger source Updated:11-30

    Dear All, I have a PCI-4472B which I want to program in order to acquire a signal from channel 0 whenever it recives a TTL signal throw the External Trigger input. I'm using a modified example but I don't know which is the name of the external trigge

  • SMB triger input in LabView program Updated:11-30

    Hello! I have PXI-8187 controller instaled in PXI-1031 and two PXI-4071 digital multimeters. I want to trigger mesurement with external trigger. One way is to used AUX port on DMM, another can be TRIG input on PXI 8187 CPU unit. Is possible to use th

  • D-trig NI-DAQ-car​d with A-trig from niScope-ca​rd? Updated:11-30

    Hi I have 2 cards in my workstation: PCI-6023E (NI-DAQ) and PCI-5112 (niScope) The Ni-daq don't support analog hardware triggering so I would like to use digital triggering on this card taken from when my niScope gets triggered. Is this possible? See