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toshiba m30 always stanrby

  • M30-304 blue scree shutdown and associted issues Updated:11-30

    I have a toshiba m30-304 and until recently worked fine it will not stay connected to the wireless network and now blue screens before shutting down. On restart everything is ok even down to being connected to the wireless network . I have recovered

  • Slow booting after installing SP2 Updated:11-30

    Hi, I have been experiencing this problem after istalling SP2 on my Toshiba M30. I istalled SP2 few times before and unistalled it for that same reason. The boot up time is now around 2.5 min istead of 30 sec before istallation. I installed SP2 on a

  • Ipod nano --- Computer, is it possible to tranfer music back to my PC??? Updated:11-30

    Hello, I have an ipod nano 4Gb, and my computer "died" and I had to do a format with the result of losing all my files and especially songs that are rare and I am not willing to search for them again.. Please help me, how can I tranfer them from

  • Toshiba Satellite Pro M30 & Power Saver shutdown error Updated:11-30

    hello! i am fighting with this problem for months now.. the latest version of power saver on my toshiba sat pro m30 running windows xp with service pack 1 installed gives a message box with an error message on shutdown and i am unable to eliminate th

  • Black Screen Toshiba Satellite M30 Model # PSM30L 00471P Updated:11-30

    I am having this problem for a few days. First the screen started going black intermittently for 2-3 seconds. The text also started turning red especially when on white background like in browser Recently it has started going completely black with no

  • Satellite M30-861: why can i not write to DVD? Updated:10-11

    Hi I bought Satellite M30-861 about 15 months ago and until now have only tried to burn CDs - no problem. Now I want to try to burn onto a DVD but it doesnt seem to be recognised (I tried drag n drop and also NERO). I can see on the drive unit that i

  • Satellite M30-344 would not boot up Updated:10-11

    Hello! I have there a Toshiba Satellite M30-344. I didn't use the notebook since several weeks. Now everytime I boot the Notebook an error appears: "0203: Failure IDE #2 - Do you want to run setup". Since the last use I didn't change anything on

  • CPU upgrade on Satellite M30-106 Updated:10-11

    Hi folks Could do with some help please? Just got an old Toshiba Satellite M30-106 a few weeks ago and [to be fair] it runs not bad with xp on it. I purchased another 2 gig DDR which does make a difference speed wise but can I upgrade the processor f

  • Cisco VPN Client causes blue screen crash on WindowsXP Pro (Satellite M30) Updated:10-11

    Hi there, I've got a Satellite Pro M30 running Windows XP Professional. After starting a vpn Tunnel via a Cisco VPN Client (Version 4.6 and 4.7) the system crashes with a blue screen. I can see that the key exchange is successful, but immediatly afte

  • Satellite M30-107 does not boot correctly after Recovery disk usage Updated:10-11

    Hi I've recently got hold of a second hand toshiba Satellite M30-107 laptop, and decided to freshen it up. I used the toshiba recovery disk, but after doing so the laptop no longer loads windows. When turned on it shows the Toshiba start up disk for

  • Satellite M30: coloured lines run up and down on display Updated:10-11

    Hi there Ive got a problem with the display on my Satelite M30. I can boot into windows fine etc but coloured lines run up and down my display as well as general artifacts. I cant even install nvidia drivers without a blue screen. The strange thing i

  • Can't find drivers for Satellite M30-842 Updated:10-11

    Hello, I am a repair technician, and I am repairing a European model Satellite with corrupted Windows; I have reformatted and I am installing Windows with my generic Windows XP Home CD. I have had no luck finding the drivers for (as listed in Device

  • Satellite Pro M30 - cannot install sound driver Updated:10-11

    Hi I have a Satellite Pro M30 which usaed to work fine but I can no longer install sound card drivers on it. I THINK it has happened since we reinstalled windows XP Pro with SP2 but can not be certain. It is trying to install the Sigmatel AVC97 drive

  • Satellite Pro M30 graphics card not working when driver is installed Updated:10-11

    Hi all, Im having problem with my nvidia Geforce FX Go5200, in a Satellite Pro M30 laptop, (Intel Pentium M processor 1.7 GHz, 512 Ram). This card was working fine suddenly the notebook stops. I have formatted the notebook and installed Win XP PRO. A

  • Satellite M30-604 - Hard disk mechanical failure Updated:10-11

    My satellite M30-604 is within warranty (bought 10 months ago) and my Hitachi travelstar hdd crashed out of the blue. The crash is probably mechanical so I can not use data recovery software (it makes things worse). The only way to get my data is to

  • Need info about max HDD size available for Satellite Pro M30-813 Updated:10-11

    Hello, The following question is mainly to be addressed to authorized Toshiba support personnel. What exactly is the limitation of a maximum size of an internal HDD that I could use with my Satellite Pro M30-813? Recently, I have bought and installed

  • Satellite M30-801 - display will not work after hibernation Updated:10-11

    Hello everybody, I hope you will help me with this issue. I have a Toshiba Satellite M30-801 and my warranty has finished. A few days ago, my computer had stayed some hours in standby mode. When I restarted the system, the screen continued on black.

  • What is the mainboard productnumber on Satellite Pro M30? Updated:10-11

    Hello, I need the Productnumber from the mainboard for my Satellite. Modell Nr. : PSM35E-000NU-GR Thanks.Rocko your right number is notebook part number and number posted by Doc is part number for mainboard. All Satellite Pro M30 belongs to model num

  • Sat Pro M30: SD card not reading Updated:11-30

    not reading my notebook(sat pro m30) sd card,Hello Try please on this way: - remove the entry from device manager - after reboot put first the SD card in the slot and please before you install the driver read the readme file. You can find it on your

  • Where do I get ATI mobility Radeon 9600/9700 Driver for Satellite M30? Updated:11-30

    Hey ho, had to reinstall winxp now i cant get any drievrs for the graphic card, I tried ATI they got the ones i need, but say they dont support toshiba notebooks and i cant install or even download the driver i need.i looked everywhere . on this site