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tools to check DDL syntax

  • Requirement to check the syntax error of Customize SAP Objects in existing landscape. Updated:11-30

    Hi All, I have two requirements which are a s follows : 1 )    Check the syntax error of customize SAP Objects in existing landscape except using the Tools which are already given by SAP( Example : Code           Inspector , Extended Syntax Check etc

  • Is there any tool to check whether the proper data is inserting or not? Updated:10-11

    Hi, We have different products A,B and C. whenever user crates an account under these products some X,Y,Z table gets updated. If user1 creates an account under A then X, Y, Z tables update with some data along with some ID If user2 creates an account

  • Are there any good tool for checking security risks, Code review, memory leakages for SharePoint projects? Updated:10-11

    Are there any good tool for checking security risks, Code review, memory leakages for SharePoint projects? I found one such tool "Fortify" in the below link. Are there any such kind of tools available which supports SharePoint? Reference: http:/

  • Acrobat Pro 9 -  Subset in TouchUp Text Tool is checked and greyed out. Updated:10-11

    Acrobat Professional version 9.1 The Subset option in TouchUp Text Tool is checked and greyed out. How can this be unchecked. Trying to embed full fontset. Fonts are Arial, Arial Bold. [email protected]Hello Petros, I figured out how to make this wor

  • Cisco ISE 1.2 Checking DACL Syntax Updated:11-30

    Greetings, When we first set up all of the DACLs for our ISE deployment, it was explained to us that the "!" was a replacement for the "remark" entry on the access list, but when I utilize the "Check DACL Syntax", ISE tells m

  • No syntax error on syntax check, but syntax error on activation Updated:11-30

    Hi all, I have a confusing problem. I want to default some values on item level of purchase order (ME21N). I added a module call in flow logic of screen 1313 of program SAPLMEGUI. The module itself I added to include LMEVIEWSF01. Here I default some

  • Checking the syntax of a program Updated:11-30

    Hi, I have a problem , in my program (ABAP editor) i want to check the syntax line by line and then wants to show all the errors together . like now we go to abap editor n press check button it displays only one error at a time , my requirement is to

  • Should apple have an upgrade tool that checks the computer for issues and fixes them prior to installing ML Updated:11-30

    I had a nightmare upgrade to Mountain Lion after downloading it from the APP Store I went to install and it got to the hard drive and it was greyed out and said it could not install on the startup drive I tried all the solution mentioned already, che

  • Tool to check memory leak Updated:11-30

    One of tmy applications has memory leak sometimes, not always. I find most tools to check the memory leak needs to reproduce the leak, but now I can not reproduce this issue, is there any tool to analyze the source code to find the memory leak?Don't

  • Does Arch have any tool to check what services needs restart? Updated:11-30

    Does Arch have any tool to check what services needs restart after software update just like `checkrestart` from Debian flavoured distros or `needs-restarting` from Red Hat ones?Maybe there is some other temporary file that is not a library but delet

  • Tool for checking EJB compliance Updated:11-30

    Hi, Is there a tool in WL server 6.0 for checking .jar files for EJB1.1 (EJB2.0) compliance. I'd appreciate something like EJB Deployer Tool from WL 5.1 checking compliance feature. thanx josef vavraThanks for the suggestion, but this tool seems to n

  • Can not login into command line tool or check out application system Updated:11-30

    Hi, I'm not able to check out application system. Message error stack is empty. If I try to connect using command line tool to purge the version I get this: Repository Command Line Tool: Production on 11-July-03, 18:46 Release - (c) Copyr

  • Is there any performance monitoring tool to check content db size ? Updated:11-30

    Hello, I have following scenario : Check volume and size of content uploaded onto the SharePoint content DB including some form of resource details like content types,docs. Questions : Can anyone please let me know how can we set alert when SharePoin

  • Best tool to check i/o of external hard drive?? Updated:11-30

    I'm using a couple different external hard drives and simply want to check the i/o on them to determine which is the fastest for data storage & retrieval. Wondering what the best tool might be for this test?? Thanks in advance for any feedback.I foun

  • Any tool to check functionalitiy of AS code for Flash Lite? Updated:11-30

    As I am porting Flash games to Flash Lite, I often come to this question: if there is some tool that can scan the actionscript codes and check for the function accessibility on Flash Lite. Just like those HTML editors checking for validation of HTML

  • What are the various way to check the syntax of a BPM Updated:11-30

    Hi In the Integreation Repository I created an BPM flow. I want ot know the various ways we can do a syntax check for the BPM. Regards,hi somya , to check ur BPM for errors u cango to IR and open ur integration process there. in menu Itegration Proce

  • Is there a Apple tool to check THe installed applications by upgrading to os X Mavericks? Updated:11-30

    I like to know the following: - Are there issues I have to know when I decide to upgrade too OS X Mavericks? - Has Apple a tool I can use to Check my installed applications before upgrading too Os X Mavericks? ( Microsoft has a tool named Windows7Upg

  • Extension to check PHP syntax? Updated:11-30

    I'm wondering if there's an extension that will do PHP syntax checking. I found one that does debugging, but it gives errors if the paths on my machine don't match the paths on the server, which of course they never will. So maybe there's an extensio

  • Is there any tools can check for existed database ? Updated:11-30

    hi all, is there any tools that can check for that existed database after inserted a database to Ms access??Then you'll open a connection and then do a Select from table to retrieve information. (and close afterwards) /Y  LabVIEW 8.2 - 2014 "Only dea

  • Any automated tests or tools for checking if codes are cluster-ready? Updated:11-30

    Hi folks,           Are there any tools that can comb through the codes (.java & .jsp) to check for any non-compliances for clustering?           Or, is there any checklist around to follow if eye-ball checking is required?           Many thanks.You