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thick line and thin line in j2me

  • I get thick lines from vectors after exporting to PDF. How to keep them thin ? Updated:11-30

    I'm exporting vector images to PDF and they are converting to thick lines when zooming out. The problem can by solve by unchecking the box "Enhance line" in properties of PDF reader but every single user have to do this and it's not considerable

  • Drawing thick line Updated:11-30

    Hi, For some graphical user interface, I was overriding PaintComponent() method with Graphics argument and then using drawLine() method of Graphics class of Java. It worked in the way I wanted. However, the lines drawLine() method draws are too thin.

  • How to remove the thick line at the end of each page of my report Updated:11-30

    Please how do I remove the thick line that appears at the end of each page of my report anytime I publish the report unto the Web.Bring up the property inspector against the report object. In here you will see the settings for HTML output. Remove the

  • How can you draw a thicker line! Updated:11-30

    Hi, Do you know how to draw a thicker line without using Graphics2D? I can not use setStroke because if I use graphics2d class, the user have to download JRE to run my applet. ThanksUse the end-points of your line to create a Polygon which provides a

  • Thick line in questionbox when opening the form in internet explore Updated:11-30

    When I open my form in firefox, everything appears correctly but when I open it in internet explore there are some thick lines in 2 questionboxes. How can i change this? I don´t see these lines when I create my form.To add a screenshot to the forum y

  • Thick line through page text Ubuntu 12.04 FF 14.0.1 Updated:11-30

    Using Ubuntu 12.04, FireFox 14.0.1 When displaying web pages there is a 'thick line' through page text. Unable to take a snapshot, the distortion disappears. This also happens if I reload the page. If I scroll up/down the distortion comes back. I uni

  • How can I made a thicker line?? Updated:11-30

    Dear all, I want to draw a line on a panel. I have try drawLine() from Graphics and new a Line2D.Double and use Graphics2D to draw it. However, I can't draw a thicker line. So I want to ask if there is any method that I can draw a thicker line on the

  • Gray "bars"/thick lines at the top of the screen! Updated:11-30

    Hey! I got like grey "bars" or thick lines at the top of my iPhone 5 screen. I got the lines like a couple of days ago. I've tried restarting my phone a billion times but it won't go away! It blocks me from seeing the full screen (a couple of mi

  • I just dropped my Ipone 5c on the concrete and now there is a thin white line and a thick line across lock screen and i cant open my phone. Help! is this fixable? Updated:11-30

    I just dropped my iPhone 5c and now there is a think and thick white line going down the lock screen. I am no longer able to get into my phone! Please help! is this fixable?You will need to take it into your nearest Apple Store for screen replacement

  • Why is there a thick line in the page margin when I use auto page number? Updated:10-11

    I am having a problem with an automatic line which appears in the left, in the page margin, outside the footer whenever I insert auto page numbering into a booklet. This line looks like a thick "l" and is on the left of each page despite the num

  • Horizontal grey thick line - iMac C2Duo 2,4 GHz ATI HD2600 (late 2007) Updated:10-11

    On my iMac 24" i have an horizontal line grey line, thicker at middle. Seems to be sometimes more viewable sometimes less. Also my dock seems to be burned in (or shall i write it "persists"). Some screenshots:

  • How to make draw a thicker line Updated:11-30

    hi, im currently using g.drawLine. may i know if there are any ways to make the line thicker?hi, im currently using g.drawLine. may i know if there are any ways to make the line thicker?See the setStroke() method.Read other 2 answers

  • How can I rectify horrible thick lines after SVG import into Illustrator Updated:11-30

    I have an SVG file that displays fine in InkScape but erroneously displays lines as huge thick blocks  in Illustrator. The SVG file was created originally by Sibelius 7 music notation app. The only reason I would consider buying Illustrator would be

  • Thicker lines in table Updated:11-30

    Hi, Is it possible to have differences in thickness of the lines in a table? I would need a line between all my data and also lines for the header but those should be thicker so there is a clear difference. Can't find any information about this Thank

  • Random thick lines and loss of sensativity Updated:11-30

    Hello. I've been having a problem with random sensativity in lines. On my other computer, which is several years older then the one I'm working on now, working on PS with a tablet that was Bamboo, I would draw and quite often, every other stroke or s

  • How To Find Out thick line in adobe reader ? Updated:11-30

    i dont recognize in line wigts in adobe reader . if there any shortcuts avilable for finding linewhiegts in adobe reader if possible  any one help me.Make sure you have the very latest version of Reader (XI), by going here: Adobe - Adobe Reader downl

  • New line in J2ME??? Updated:11-30

    i having problem with print new line in midlet. i use StringItem to print out the result in my midlet. But i wish to break the content to new line. I had try to use <br> or "\n" to break teh line....but failed. can anyone teach me how to s

  • 10.4.11 & Appleworks 6 & Thick Lines Updated:11-30

    I installed 10.4.11 on my G5 yesterday. Afterwards I opened & used AppleWorks 6 for a quick & simple drawing to compare rectangles of different sizes. I changed the ruler settings to points and enlarged the screen to 400%. The first rectangle's bo

  • Signal 11 using thin driver with J2ME Updated:11-30

    I'm trying to use JDBC in a client application on a linux appliance using J2ME (CDC, Foundation Profile with optional JDBC package), but when it tries to load the Oracle driver (oracle.jdbc.pool.OracleDataSource) there is a memory fault. I know it's

  • Thick Driver Vs Thin Driver Updated:11-30

    Hello, Could you please tell me what is the difference between Thin Driver and Thick Driver? Which we should use? Is Type 1 and Type 2 Driver is Thick Driver? Please mention. This have any aricle, please give the URL Thank you. Thank you in Advance b