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  • Did you know that: Virus or unwanted program 'TR/Crypt.ULPM.Gen [trojan]' detected in file 'C:\Users\*\Downloads\Firefox Setup 6.0.exe.part. Updated:10-11

    trying to download updated FF 6.x and got this: Virus or unwanted program 'TR/Crypt.ULPM.Gen [trojan]' detected in file 'C:\Users\storm\Downloads\Firefox Setup 6.0.exe.part.I have not downloaded Firefox 6 yet, but the university here in Tempe, AZ, is

  • Wireless Lan using WPA 2 crypt is not working under windows Updated:11-30

    Hello, is it a known problem that i can not connect to my WPA2 crypted WLAN ? if i set up a non-cyrpted WLAN it works quite well, but not the WPA2 way. Is there a workaround ,bugfix or whatever, or do i have to wait for newer drivers ? Best regards f

  • Algorithm for Unix crypt function in PL*SQL Updated:11-30

    Does anyone have similar sample in PL*SQL that does what crypt function is doing in Unix (C)? man cryptReformatting page. Wait... done User Commands crypt(1) NAME crypt - encode or decode a file SYNOPSIS crypt [ password ] DESCRIPTION crypt encrypts

  • How to know whether data is being AES crypted or not? Updated:11-30

    Hi Forum, I used AES crypting with an initial vector and a SecretKey. The problem is , for backward compatibility I need to check if the data had been crypted or not? if not crypted I need to show them in plain readable format instead of decrypting t

  • Can't create loop device for dm-crypt Updated:11-30

    I'm trying to set up a disk image to use dm-crypt with, and after using dd from /dev/urandom to create an appropriately sized random file, I modprobed the loop module and ran: losetup /dev/loop0 /home/user/image as specified on the Arch Linux wiki pa

  • My mail icloud is not crypted, what must I do? Updated:11-30

    Hello, Apple, I have tried many times to write and switch off my ipad in order to have my mails crypted from my ipad2 but it does not work , from my writing email icloud was mentioned as " email is not encrypted in red" . I come to ask you for h

  • [SOLVED]Grub fails to open dm-crypt+LUKS volume on boot(Waiting 10s..) Updated:11-30

    I know there are quite a few solved posts like these but it's usually because of "mkinitcpio -p linux" not being regenerated. My problem is after boot Grub says: running hook [udev] running hook [encrypt] Waiting 10 seconds for device /dev/disk/


    HI Guys, i can't get the dbms_crypto procedure to work correctly: i've a table where i upload data via apex, all stored in a blob table of mine and the download proc as well to download file: i can't crypt the blob file. my custom proc is triggered:


    Hi guys, i'm trying to use this DBMS_CRYPTO to crypt. I don't know if it works or not. i've found an oracle security guide dated 2003 and tried as well to use the procedure DBMS_CRYPTO with no success. My goal is to cript file as pdf / doc and so on.

  • Will Apple exchange my iPod touch 4g with a new one if my current one is deffective Updated:11-30

    Ok so, I got my iPod touch 4g (white) on June 19th after i made a bet with my moms boyfriend to not drink pop for a year So when I opened the iPod, it wouldnt connect to wi-fi. Guys, dont ask me to reset network settings or anything, because.. IVE TR

  • Is SHA-1 example shown on this web site better than UNIX crypt() Updated:11-30

    Hi, For a project I am working on I have to store passwords in a database. I want to store this passwords encrypted and my first thought was to write/use an emulation of the UNIX() crypt function e.g. UnixCrypt. However I am concerned that UNIX passw

  • Where can I find 24"  ATI RADEON HD 4850 video card or if there is one compereble to it or dose Aple  replaces with new one, because ATI RADEON HD 2600  is deffective and APPLE dose free replacment. Thanks Updated:11-30

    Where can I find 24"  ATI RADEON HD 4850 video card or if there is one compereble to it or does  Aple  replaces with new one, because ATI RADEON HD 2600  has been recognised as deffective by Apple and APPLE  replaces for free. Thanks

  • LDAP/SSO with Crypt? Updated:11-30

    Is it possible to have the SSO authenticating via LDAP with passwords encrypted with crypt? (UNIX) If so, how do I do that?Gaurav, a bit of clarification from my part :-D Okay, I just thought that the bind it performs is done by the proxy user who th

  • UNIX crypt command via SM69 Updated:11-30

    Hello, I'm trying to execute the CRYPT command from SM69. From cmd line the following works crypt TEST <FILE1.txt >FILE2.txt Anyone get this to [email protected] Well, you failed to mention that...I spend at least 5hours about writing an efficient Java

  • CRYPT(3) replacement Updated:11-30

    Hello, I'm writing a script to change passwords on different servers: windows, red hat, Solaris, ... For windows it is easy (thank you PowerShell) but for unix/linux it is harder. I'm looking to find a replacement for the command CRYPT(3) from linux

  • What are the advantages/disadvantages of crypt vs. SHA for password encryption? Updated:11-30

     Both crypt and SHA are one-way hashing algorithms. The crypt algorithm is provided for compatibility with Unix passwords. It accepts the first 8 characters of a password and the output is always 13 characters long and includes only the characters A-

  • Is this a false positive? 'TR/Crypt.XPACK.Gen [trojan]' detected in 1 of Photoshop CC's files Updated:11-30

    I was doing an update of Photoshop CC via Creative Cloud when this popped up: Virus or unwanted program 'TR/Crypt.XPACK.Gen [trojan]' detected in file 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CC\RTA08570. I would like to confirm if this is a fal

  • [SOLVED] Impossible to crypt the drive using cryptsetup Updated:11-30

    Hello, I have boot my computer on archiso in order to install arch's latest build on it. I have chosen to use GPT instead of MBR and i want to encrypt the hard drive before installing arch on it. I have been followinf this tuto and others but i've ne

  • Crypt bug Updated:11-30

    Try to do these steps and tell me if I'm wrong. echo "echo \"I'm here\"" > /tmp/crypt chmod 755 /tmp/crypt export PATH=/tmp:$PATH cd / Try to run: /usr/bin/crypt Everything is fine. We have to type key and then we will crypt everyth

  • Dm-crypt with LUKS and systemd changes Updated:11-30

    I am planning on setting up an FSE using dm-crypt with LUKS and have just completed the secure wipe process using frandom. To avoid major pitfalls with the next step and confusion with outdated guides I was wondering if anyone can shed some light on