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  • [SOLVED]Index of files in a directory Updated:10-11

    I've tried creating an index of files in, f.e., my movies directory but I can't seem to get it to work properly.  The command I've been using was find . -iname '*' > ./FILES which generates the following list: ./Inglourious Basterds.mp4 ./Inspector C

  • There was a problem downloading An unknown error occurred (-50). Updated:10-11

    Hi, After upgrading to Itunes 11 it refused to play movies I had purchased through the Itunes store, even though I could see the files were there on my hard drive, and the movie covers were visible in Itunes. I discovered that the only way to get the

  • Can't make an unrated smart playlist in itunes Updated:10-11

    i have 1/2 star ratings enabled on my imac. when i make a smart playlist with "ratings is 0" i get a playlist of all 1/2 star rated songs and none rated 0. i have itunes 11. i tried it on my macbook (itunes 10.7) and it works fine. but i don't h

  • Bought an album on itunes, one of the songs on the album doesn't play properly Updated:10-11

    I just purchased the album Saints by a band called Destroy the Runner The sixth track on the album (The Aleph) plays up to about 1:45 then skips to the next song.  What should i do to fix this? how can i listen to the full song without this problem o

  • HT204053 how do i create a second apple id not for use in itunes but just email Updated:10-11

    Would appreciate it if anyone could tell me how to create a second apple ID, that I can use just for email and no itunes or anything like that. TIA Saint GeorgeSign out of the Touch and then sign in Using Your Apple ID... No need to create a New ID..

  • Why does iPhone rate whole album when it syncs to iTunes rather than just single song sometimes? Updated:10-11

    I wasn't sure if this should be an iTunes or iPhone discussion, so here goes! I am very particular about rating my music.  Every day at work, as songs play on my iPhone, I give them a star rating.  This star rating then transfers to iTunes when I syn

  • Aperture not syncing with iPhone, iLife, iTunes, etc Updated:10-11

    The problem: Aperture isn't syncing.  I thought this was an iPhone problem, but apparently, it's a system wide thing.  Let me explain: I'm running Aperture 3.2, but I've had this problem for a while now - probably since upgrading to Lion. In Aperture

  • Itunes killed my ipod classic Updated:10-11

    itunes recently killed two classic 160gb ipods I have within a week of each other when the new version of itunes (10?) was released.  I received at different times the following errors "can't connect to drive f:\"  error  "the ipod cannot b

  • Ratings won't update from iPod to iTunes Updated:10-11

    I know these sorts of questions have been posted before, but all the answers I can find simply seem to say "it should work if you set update to automatic"... Well, it doesn't. Experimentally I've been putting a few unrated songs from my iTunes o

  • ITunes under Vista won't delete my songs Updated:10-11

    Hey guys. I've recently updated to Windows Vista, and I'm running iTunes 7.3 with an iPod Nano. Previously on my XP machine (with some ancient iTunes, 7.1 maybe?) I was able to select a track in my library, and either hit the Delete key or right-clic

  • ITunes overwriting 4th Gen iPod Video database changes Updated:10-11

    Whenever I connect my 4th Gen Video iPod to my PC, iTunes overwrites any changes I've made to my iPod's database (song ratings, Last Played times, etc.) with whatever was true the last time I disconnected it. For example: Let's say I have a song on m

  • One of my playlists in iTunes is not syncing correctly to my iPhone Updated:10-11

    When my iPhone updated to iOS 7 a while back, I started having a problem with one of my Playlists. I was willing to ignore it for a while, but it's become enough of a nuisance that I'm seeking a solution. I have a smart playlist called "Unrated"

  • Downloading iTunes Extra "Error -19" Message Updated:10-11

    Hey Everyone I've recently run into a strange problem. While downloading the iTunes Extra for two movies (TED Unrated + Batman Begins), I'm getting the error -19 message. The extras download fully, I can see in the Status window that iTunes starts pr

  • How do i stop a pending transaction form itunes Updated:10-11

    my little brother bought a album and itunes took the money out of my moms card nd not mine how do i cancell the transaction and put the money on my card ??? please help ??You can cancel preorders. I accidentally order Anchorman 2 until I discovered t

  • Two items in my iTunes library contain the same songof a song. Updated:10-11

    I downloaded "Let It Go" by "Saint Savior" when it was the Free Song of the Week. I just purchased the album "In the Seams" by "Saint Savior" which contains that song. Result: I now have both items in my iTunes musi

  • Special Characters in iTunes 7.7 Updated:10-11

    I recently downloaded the newest version of iTunes 7.7. I have hundreds of files with special characters (accents, umlauts, etc) and iTunes continues to change these characters to nonsense characters every time I play that particular song. For exampl

  • Itune Movies Updated:12-04

    Not sure if this the correct catagory for this question but here goes - I use Handbrake to copy my own DVD's for viewing on Itunes/Iphone and Ipad The copy process involves selecting the one main movie title in handbrake However on a recent DVD there

  • How do I get iTunes to automatically drop files from it's list that I have deleted? Updated:11-30

    When I delete files (such as podcasts) for soeme reson iTunes does not see that it's gone. The file stays on the list oniTunes with a ! next to it as well as on the iPod. Is there a setting that will fix this issue?For the benefit of anyone else who