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Tax code in table T030K

  • Condition records and tax code combination table Updated:11-30

    CAn I know the table where both condition record and tax code stored.Hi Jose, I think you have quoted the tax procedure table.  There i have not found the tax codes.  My requirement is both condition records and tax codes combination table. I want to


    Dear All, Any body can say in which table i can able to see the Condition (%) for the Tax Code which we are defining in FTXP T,code. points will be rewarded, if information is useful. Rgds Mani.Dear All, Thanks for all your replies, atlast we found t

  • Tax Code Percent Table Updated:11-30

    Hi, Pls any one let me know the table for 'Tax code percent' for a Tax Code. Ex: I am using 'AB' tax code for VAT 4%, for this i am creating tax code AB in FTXP, and i am maintaining 4% against to account key JN6. Now what i wanted is, in which table

  • Tax code name table Updated:11-30

    hi........ i need table for tax code name irrespective of purches order and purches item.Hi Deepa, The field for TAX CODE is MWSKZ. u can get this field from T007S table. think this shud help u. ****reward points if useful. All the best. Regards, Pav

  • New tax code transport to one server to another Updated:10-11

    Hi all, Could you please let me know for transporting customisation like new tax code from development to testing and testing to production what is the procedure and which type of request it need customisation request or workbench request. Regards, n

  • How GL CODE gets determined based upon the TAX Code Updated:11-30

    Dear Sir, We request you to kindly guide about the follwoing query : In the PO we mention the TaxCode and the TAXCODE contain all the condition records . Subsequently for the Items being ordered we maintain the condition type using FV11 . my question

  • Tax Code Transport Problem Updated:11-30

    Dear Sapgurus, I have create one tax code ftxp and fv11 but i didn't save transport request, even quality also i have created manully through ftxp and fv11, finally what i had created tax codes select save with transport reuest and i relase to qualit

  • How to tansport tax codes Updated:11-30

    Dear All Can anyone guide me how to transport Tax codes from one system to another system and simailary how to transport condition records for these tax codes.Go to FTXP and Select Country and go to Menu Tax Code and Click on Transport - > Export Pro

  • Tax Calculation from tax code Updated:10-11

    Hi, I need to calculate individual taxes like excise, CST,VAT etc. after fetching tax Code from Table RSEG(Invoicing Table). Can anyone please tell me the logic or code to do so? YuvnishHi Yuvnish,   Can you try like this ...   Maybe this will help y

  • BAPI relating to Withholding tax codes Updated:11-30

    Hi all, I am currently using BAPI_ACC_DOCUMENT_POST for flow of information from SAP to J2EE.When J2EE calls this BAPI, its not taking the withholding tax data which it is ought to take.  J2EE which is interfaced with SAP doesn't have the option of e

  • New Tax Code required Updated:11-30

    Dear Expert,    Our user has a requirement for creating a new tax code requirement is -BED_5%, ECS_2%, SECS_1%, VAT_D_3% (Input) I have done- in FTXP i have created a new tax code i.e. BT then i hv assign with co.code, what will be next step in FV11

  • Tax Code determination in Sales Order Updated:11-30

    Hi Friends, I have typical Business requirement.  For my client having a two systems - Legacy system & SAP ECC system.  Every time Sales Order is created in Legacy system and the same is replicated into SAP ECC. During the replication, Tax code also

  • Can Same tax code be assigned to 2 different wage types? Updated:11-30

    HI Friends, Can you tell me if same tax code can be assigned to different wage types. Scenario is, my client is a group of 4 companies, of which one company gives Child education allowance twice in a year, where as other groups pay once in a year. Ti

  • Error in acct determination:table T030K key "Company Code" "AcctKey" "Tax" Updated:11-30

    Hi, While posting the MIRO ( while doing the invocie verification), we are facing the posting error. Error in acct determination:table T030K key "Company Code" "AcctKey" "Tax Code" Back ground: we are posting this invoice in

  • T.code to access table T030K Updated:11-30

    Hi Gurus, Good day. Please kindly help advice the t.code to access table T030K. Also, spro path will be very helpful. Thanks in advance! RellieHi , Menu Path-IMG-->Financial Accounting(New)>Financial Accounting Global Settings(New)->Tax on Sale o

  • From which table i will get PO tax amont and tax code name. Updated:10-11

    HI all I"m giving date to develop one Z report.Where i will get the PO tax amonut(not condition amount).i need total TAX amount and TAX code..from where i can get these two?? plz help me thanks ramesh reddyHi for excise check table J_1IEXCHDR for hea

  • How to or which table i can find Sales Tax Code in CRM Updated:10-11

    Hi, I need to get Sales Tax Code(mwsk1) in BADI 'CRM_COND_COM_BADI'. if i use CRM_ORDER_READ( ET_PRIDOC) or CRM_PRIDOC_READ_OW it is going into endless loop. So i can't use these Function modules in CRM_COND_COM_BADI. Can you help me table or any oth

  • Determine of Tax Code for Country/Product Category - Table handling Updated:10-11

    Dear Experts, in SRM 7.0, CS, i am facing the following requirement regarding tax codes: We have users from different countries using SRM. These different countries have different tax codes that are to be used for legal reasons. My question is, how i

  • TABLE FOR TAX  CODE and amount break up when PO created Updated:10-11

    Hi,     Could you please tell us the table which stores the amount break up for a condiion type based on tax code when a Purchase Order is created. Like : When the amount (kwert) for a condition type(kschl) is 100. Based on tax code(mwskz) and condti

  • User exit for ME21N for displaying the tax code from custom table Updated:10-11

    Hi,   I have a requirement, in our system, the inforecord is not maintain for all the material and vendor combination,  we have a custom table in which we have maintain the Compnay code, Pur. Org., Vendor code  Tax code,  juridiction code now we want