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  • BAPI for updating tax code for purchase order.. Updated:10-11

    Hi friends,   I have one requirement to change tax code for multiple Purchase order but the thing is they should not go for release.So what should I prefer BDC or BAPI.   I am thinking to implement it through BAPI, but I don't know what procedure to

  • Problem with "Tax Code" and "Calculate tax automatically" fields Updated:10-11

    Hi again. I have made a program which posts account documents through the BAPI_ACC_DOCUMENT_POST function module, and, since there were some fields which weren't available for me to fill having the FM by itslef, I have implemented the AC_DOCUMENT BAd

  • Bapi_Acc_Document_Post - E 018 : Invalid tax code and company code combination Updated:10-11

    Hi All, I need the help of this forum once again. I am using bapi Bapi_Acc_Document_Post to create KR documents in SAP. The bapi works absolutely fine except for one scenario: For a particular type of invoice coded to Company "XXXX" with lines h

  • Is GL balance upload without specifying a tax code for expense GL possible? Updated:11-30

    Dear SAP guru's, We have an expense GL account for which " input tax allowed" is selected but " posting without tax" is not selected. This means that we need to enter tax code when posting a transaction with that account. But when bala

  • How to enter invoice with two different tax codes in one line? Updated:10-11

    Dear friends, I have this PO for which I enter the invoice. I recieve later a subsequent debit for this PO from the transporter. This subsequent invoice has got extra debits, one with 21% VAT and one with 19% VAT, which means two items with two diffe

  • Error while posting A/R Downpayment Invoice with Excisable Tax Code. Updated:10-11

    While posting A/R Dowpayment Invoice with Excisable Tax Code error of "Unbalanced Transaction" appears. This error does not occur while posting A/R Downpayment Invoices with Non-Excisable Tax Codes. Kindly provide a solution for the same.SAP Not

  • Tax code error while posting Planned delivery costs in Import Scenario Updated:10-11

    Hi!!!!! I am getting on error while posting Planned delivery costs in MIRO for Import Purchase Order with zero value tax code v0. The error is "Tax code V0 country IN does not exist in procedure ZAXINN" For Import I defined a pricing procedure w

  • Error while posting with Tax code Updated:10-11

    Dear All, I am getting the following error while i am trying to post with a tax code. Can someone tell me what could be the issue? Customization for RIL j_1iindcus missing in table Message no. 8I303 Diagnosis The customization details have not been m

  • Error in PO Creation with Excise Tax Code Updated:10-11

    Dear I am getting the following error while creating a PO (in sandbox) in MM. No posting rules exist for account key Message no. FF714 Diagnosis No posting rules have been defined for the account key in the tax table in table T007B. Procedure Change

  • ERS tax code Updated:10-11

    I am getting a error while creating a PO checked with ERS. The error "In case of evaluated receipt settlement, please enter tax code". I am creating these PO automatically from ME59N. Also I wont have Info Records for these Vendors so the tax co

  • Error in Tax code while creating a PO in T.code ME21n Updated:10-11

    Hi, I am trying to create purchase Order, I am getting an error when while entering this Tax Code : v1 Jurisdict. Code: RS14902 The error is "Tax code v1 in procedure TAXBRJ is Invalid" How to rectify this error. Or What can be other way of ente

  • Tax code error while releasing a billing document to accounting in VF02 Updated:10-11

    Hi SAP Gurus, While trying to release a billing document to accounting, the following error is displayed " Tax Statement Item Missing for Tax Code TA". Message number: FF805. Please provide your valuable inputs to overcome this issue. Suitable p

  • Error " In case of evaluated receipt settlement, please maintain tax code", during VI01 Updated:10-11

    Dear Team We have a scenario in our environment where for a delivery made for STO Purchase Order, we are trying to post shipping cost document for Shipping document. When we try to save the document, the system returns the error " In case of evaluate

  • Calculation of Tax Issue from FB60 (Tax Code Issue) Updated:10-11

    Dear All, Normally when we purchase or received any services we post following entry. INVOICE VALUE IS 1000 Purchase Ac Dr   1000    To Vendor                   900    T o Tax                         100 But our requirement is that Purchase Ac Dr   1