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  • How can I create a new Care Plan with one or more care tasks Updated:10-11

    Hello, I'm working on a Dutch website in the HealthVault Environment. I got difficulties in creating and updating a careplan with care tasks. Most likely it's due to lack of knowledge... Following code works fine: CarePlan plan = new CarePlan(); plan

  • Closing tasks Updated:10-11

    I have set up some new task statuses and set up the transitions. However, after settiing the task status to one of the new ones, when i try and save the change, i get the message 'For closing task, assignment should have Cancelled, Closed, Completed

  • Google Tasks Script Updated:10-11

    I was looking for a way to access my Google Tasks, eventually to put into a widget for Awesome WM, so I created this script. it's based on - tasks.html but has some changes. That script created an e-mail that g

  • Google Tasks in Safari 5-can't add date Updated:10-11

    Is anyone else experiencing this problem? Works fine in other browsers.Try Google support. other 2 answers

  • I want to use iCloud to give my employees tasks Updated:10-11

    I need to give my employee a task while they are out of the office. I was thinking I could use icloud to put events in the calender with phone numbers from address book. Can you link ical with address book by adding contacts to ical in an event? Am I

  • Custom Field in the Administrative Time/personal task of the timesheet Updated:10-11

    Dear All, I want to add the custom field in the administrative time/personal task of the timesheet. How can i do that?? Snapshot is attached for furthur reference. REGARDS DANISH DANIEYou can not create custom field for Personal task or administrativ

  • I used to have task or shortcuts show up when I would right click on the FF Icon on the task bar. After installing 4.0 they are all gone. How do I get these back? or restore them to what they were? Updated:10-11

    Win 7 task bar has a Fire Fox Icon. Before installing FF 4.0 I could right click on the Icon and it would show short cuts to various sights, which when clicked on would open that sight in FF. They are all gone now. What happened? Is there a way to ge

  • Task details in BPM worklist on SOA 11g could not retrieved.Experts plz adv Updated:10-11

    Hi, This is regarding issues when I click on the Task details on the BPM worklist 11G. I am invoking a BPEL process using custom JSP and from the custom JSP form values are sent to BPEL and from BPEL i am invoking the Human workflow. Tech used: BPEL

  • Call function '' in update task - code inside is BDC Updated:10-11

    hi to all, in using call function '' in update task the code inside is bdc. is this possible?  my scenario is from VA01 then post billing to VF01, i am using user-exit MV45AFZZ in subroutine userexit_save_document. i need to post billing after va01 s

  • Execute SQL Task, OLE DB, Stored Procedure, Returns unexpected value upon second run Updated:10-11

    when debugging SSIS, the "Execute SQL Task" runs a stored procedure and returns the expected value. When running the package a second time, the task returns an unexpected value. When running in VS2012 SQL editor, everything operates as expected.

  • Human Task – Using expressions in task parameters Updated:10-11

    Hi All, In my BPEL process I have a Human Task with about 15 task parameters. I'm trying to define BPEL variables to each and every parameter. I am able to select a type 'variable' variable (ie. /ns18:OutputParameters/ns18:street_name) from tree view

  • Search tasks reminders with Iphone/Ipad iOS7 not working Updated:10-11

    Help...  Using search bar above new task interface is not working.  When you key in a subject to search, the tasks start showing below but if try to click on one of the tasks being displayed you cannot find it i.e. does not open and you still have to

  • Read a schedule task log, please help! Updated:10-11

    The shcedule task I  a few months ago work nicely however this morning I noticed the task was completed only at the beginning and the process seems to stop. I went to the application log, no error was listed from this process then I went to the sched

  • How can i add one field in the container for the standard task-90310004? Updated:10-11

    Hi, Please let me know thw steps to add one field in the container for the standard task-90310004. Usefull suggestions will be rewarded. Regards, Neslin.<b>Hi, Containers are used for holding Application data for Workflow purposes. Event container T