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tablet lenovo A3000-h probleme timeout

  • How to install flash player plugin in Lenovo a3000 tablet Updated:11-30

    Previously I was able to play flash games on my tablet Lenovo A3000. After recent factory restore and re-installing Firefox and then flash player manually, still Firefox is not able to run flash games and asking to install flash plugin. Please helpSe

  • Lenovo A3000-H tablet cant connect to WiFi Updated:11-30

    Hi, I am using Lenovo A3000-H Tablet. There is issue with Wifi connection. I am unable to connect to Wifi when any other divice is cennected to modem through wifi on same network. Whenever there is nobody connected, my tab gets connected very easily,

  • Lenovo a3000-H after format and flash starting problem Updated:11-30

    downloaod the flash file put it into flash tool and i format the tab 1st the again download it its flashed ok but now start lenovo logo then a screen display with red boxes with chines or japanies etc language on the top : please selech the button i

  • Lenovo A3000 OTG NTFS not supported Updated:11-30

    Dear Team, I have purchased A3000 last month. But i am facing 1 problem, I am not able to connect my NTFS Flash Drive. It shows External USB damaged. But the same i can connect to my another Tab. And its working fine on another Tab. But not on my Len

  • Is there Inbuilt system in Lenovo A3000-H for 2G calling? Updated:11-30

    I have bought Lenovo A3000-H. I have inserted both GSM sims but could not find the call button on home screen. How to solve this issue?To my knowledge Lenovo has not released any info on what the updates are for on any of there android devices. Have

  • Tablet lenovo temperature Updated:11-30

    I want know what temperature has the Tablet lenovo with Windows 8 that use Intel atom z2660 in idle and in strong activities like gaming? Can you send you level of temp of your tablet using the hw monitor 1.24? plz.


    Tengo una Tablet Lenovo A7 30 - Android 4.4, el problema es que no me permite escoger que archivo subir o adjuntar en cualquier pagina o app, solo me deja escoger entre las imagenes de la galeria pero no me permite buscar en las carpetas algun pdf, d

  • After update 17m Batery draining so fast lenovo a3000-h Updated:11-30

    Hi. im asking why my lenovo a3000-h after update 17mega.the batery draining so fast.before i update 17meg,i think the batery its more long fellow indonesia feel the same like my tablet after update 17meg.cant this issue be fix it.thxMornin

  • How to install opensuse-arm-xfce-12.3 on Lenovo A3000 tab Updated:11-30

    Sir recently I have bought Lenovo A3000 tab which is having android version 4.2.2 and 16 GB internal memory, 1.2 giga hertz quad core processor and 1GB ram. I want to use opensuse on my tab so I have downloaded the file opensuse-arm-xfce-12.3.tar.xz

  • Install Acrobat Pro program, with 32-bit Lenovo computer without problems. Try to install HP computer with 64 bits and rejects me. I wish instalárselo. What do I do? Updated:11-30

    Install Acrobat Pro program, with 32-bit Lenovo computer without problems. Try to install HP computer with 64 bits and rejects me. I wish apply. What do I do?What is the version of Acrobat you are trying to install? Response: Acrobat Pro 11. Are you

  • Lenovo S90u "Security problem" and network problems Updated:11-30

    I recently unistalled the security application (lenovo safecenter?) from my lenovo s90u phone. After this every time i turn on the phone there is an annoying message "Security problem" at the bottom left corner and the android "robot"

  • Lenovo a3000 doubts Updated:11-30

    i live in india i want to buy the tab lenovo a3000 how much internal memory it has can be make call because i read we cant how memory i s there for apps tell about indian versionI only see a 16GB model listed in the US, but there could be other model

  • Doubts about Lenovo a3000-H Updated:11-30

    I would like those who already have their a3000 shared their experiences and opinions about this tablet. Doubts: 1. How much does the battery last at using only 3G?  2. How good is the screen? 3. Is it true the space for apps in hard disk is only les

  • Lenovo G505 Wifi Problems - Limited Connection, No Connection, and Dropped Connections Updated:10-11

    Some forum members have reported a variety of Wifi issues with their G505 laptops. Their reports range from showing "Connection is limited", to Wifi connections dropping repeatedly, to being unable to make a Wifi connection at all. I combined mu

  • Lenovo A3000 does not charge Updated:11-30

    I let the tablet ran out of battery, then tried to charge but it didn't work. If y press de On button, it turns on, shows home screen, and then turns off. What can I do? I'm using Windows 8, i read sth about a brick, but the solution uses windows 7.

  • Wifi Unavailable in lenovo a3000 Updated:11-30

    Sir my tablet a3000 lenovo's WiFi doesnt turn on, i cant turn it on i already reboot it and reset the factory and it doesnt work at all how can i fix it sir. Please help... The Mac adress on the WiFi say's unavailable. I've tried using the app lenovo

  • Video streaming not happening in Lenovo A3000 tab Updated:11-30

    Hi, Somebody please help me in this issue. I am unable to play videos through streaming websites( Youtube, facebook, etc). when I load videos from youtube software in tab, the video is not loading at all. It is coming till play button preview only, b

  • Idea Tab A3000, Driver Problem Updated:11-30

    Hi.. I have two major issue for my Idae Tab 3000H having double SIM without calling facility. 1) My Idea pad A3000H is not installing while connecting to the USB port in the OFF mode.  2) Though the hardware is there but I couldnot call as there is n

  • LENOVO A2107A-H problems with downloading apps Updated:11-30

    I've tried downloading some apps, but it would not even start downloading.  Is it due to insufficient memory? I freed up internal memory space, but it still does not start any downloads.  Any suggestions? I have the same problem. I have installed som

  • My lenovo a3000 shows battery percantage incorrectl​y! Updated:11-30

    Hello all! When My tablet displays about 20_25 percantage battery charge and i reboot the tablet, then it shows more than 50 percent and it really works for 3 or more hours after reboot! What can i do for solving this problem?Dear Jahanrads Welcome i