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SYPART01 Transfer from partner profiles

  • Creation of Partner profile Updated:10-11

    Hi to all, I am new to SAP, that too in payroll, currently iam working in outsourcing payroll for US project, where we have to create interface between SAP to ADP (third party) where they will process the gross payroll to net payroll, I don’t have id

  • Generating SRM Partner Profile in SAP R/3 system Updated:10-11

    Hi, Please can someone shed some help as to why I get the message below when attempting to Generate SRM Partner Profile in SAP R/3: "No messages have been defined for the selection conditions in the model" I have in fact sucessfully generated th

  • Partner profile to send Idoc to PI 7.4 system from ECC Updated:10-11

    Dear Experts , Do we need a partner profile to send Idoc to PI 7.4 system from ECC. or Just Port on TRFC is enough ..? if i need to create a Partner profile to define a logical system and how Assign Logical System to Client... when there is no

  • Partner Profile and its configuration. Updated:10-11

    Hi all, I am creating an SD IDoc using EDI and send it between two servers. I need to know what is a partner profile and why should we create it. what are the steps to be followed in maintaining a partner profile and its configuration. Any pointers w

  • Partner profile settings - Trigger Immediate or Collect Idocs ?? Updated:10-11

    Hi All, We have EDI Setup between SAP and a EDI system and Idocs flowing with port type TCP/IP connection. we are facing issue at some times where in the Idoc is created and is in status 03 / 12 (trfc queue is cleared) but not found in the EDI system

  • Generation Partner Profiles from ALE Distribution Model Updated:10-11

    Hi ABAP/EDI experts, I am a trainee. I am getting training from Pvt consultancy. I am working on SAP Demo systems. I am trying t generate an IDoc using ALE method. IN SALE window, I created two logical systems,ZVK_SS_800 and ZVK_SS_820. I assigned th

  • Logical system and partner profile configuration Updated:10-11

    Hi, I have a SQL server which is defined as a Business system in my landscape. It is sending records to ECC 6.0 which makes it a JDBC to IDOC scenario (inbound IDocs) First question is do I have to mention a logical system name for the SQL server Bus

  • Multiple Logical Systems in Partner Profile for one instance Updated:10-11

    Can we create multiple Logical Systems in Partner Profile (WE20) for one instance or one System?  If it is possible, can we create Logical System with respect to Plant/Country?I am not quite sure if I understood your problem completley. But let's see

  • Partner profile is not getting updated in FSCM. Updated:10-11

    Hi All, We are using FSCM for credit management. We have a issue wherein partner profile are not created for a customer. We created a customer and hwne checked we found that the partner profile is not there for the customer. We are checking the maste

  • Limitation on number of partner profiles Updated:10-11

    Hi, I am working on SAP Retail implementation. As you know, in SAP Retail, we consider each store as customer and there will be seperate partner profile of type customer for each store.This is for integrating SAP with point of sale (store). Since num

  • My Firefox is not working. (All I get is a blank white screen with the Fireox logo). If I have to reinstall firefox 3.66, how can I transfer my old profile to the new installation? Updated:10-11

    My Firefox is not working (All I get is a blank white screen with the firefox logo. If I have to reinstall Firefox 3.66, how can I transfer my old profile to the new installation? == This happened == Every time Firefox openedDavid.  Thank you very mu

  • Error while creating Partner Profile Updated:10-11

    Hi. While generating the Partner profile for the distribution model The following error is coming : Outbound parameters for message type CREMAS CREMAS04 could not be created Please enter a valid value for the output mode Outbound parameters for messa

  • Why T-RFC Port canu2019t handle Partner Profile Segment Release Version. Updated:10-11

    Can TRFC Port handle the segment release of each of the segment if configured in Partner Profile. As per sap, in Partner Profile,  if we maintain the two field "Seg. Release in IDoc Type"  and "Segment Application release" to a SAP Rel

  • Error while generating Partner profiles Updated:10-11

    Hi, I am not able to crate the Partner profile. When I try to Generate the Partner Profiles from the Distribution model (Masterial Master) it give me following error, "Outbound parameters for message type MATMAS MATMAS05 could not be created       Pl