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sync calendar on snow leopard to iphone

  • How can I sync "On My Mac" iCal calendars on Snow Leopard with iPhone and Google Calendar? Updated:10-11

    Hi, (I've done a lot of searching for a clear answer but without success.) Can someone please advise how I can get the "On My Mac" calendars on iCal v4.0.4 (running under Snow Leopard 10.6.8) to sync with an iPhone and Google Calendars,  'over t

  • Syncing iCal on Snow Leopard MBpro with Lion machines Updated:11-30

    I upgraded my iMac and MBAir to Lion and went on iCloud to sync calendars with my old MBpro which can only go up to Snow Leopard. The two Lion Macs sync fine, but the Snow Leopard one wont sync and in preferences it says my accounthas 'been upgraded

  • HT1689 What do you do if your computer is not upgradeable to snow leopard using Iphone 5 Updated:10-11

    What do you do if your computer is not upgradeable to snow leopard using Iphone 5, just purchased my new iphone 5 64gb- but does me no good if I cant back up pictures or add my music frm my computer even using icloud. How can I do the things I was ab

  • What is best password AP to sync with Imac (Snow Leopard)? Updated:11-30

    What is best password AP to sync with Imac (Snow Leopard)?Here are a few analog to digital devices and approaches I have had success with: 1. Sony DA-2 2. Most Name brand Firerwire or i.Link Minidv Camcorders with Digital Pass thru feature will suffi

  • Problems building w/ Snow Leopard and iPhone SDK 3.0 Snow Leopard Updated:11-30

    Suddenly having problems building and codesigning after upgrading to Snow Leopard and iPhone SDK 3.0 Snow Leopard. Profile set to Distribution, Device 2.2.1 Distribution, as has worked in the past. The build fails with this error: Command <

  • Sync ical using snow leopard Updated:11-30

    Is there a way to sync ical across three computers,an iphone and 2 ipads, all using my home wireless computer without having to do this manually.  The computers are all on snow leopard and the ipads (1 and 2) have the most current ios? Thanks. NancyO

  • Sprint 755p sync with iMac Snow Leopard using Missing Sync Updated:11-30

    I have a different problem.  I have been using Palm Desktop on my Mac for several years, syncing with my Sprint Palm Treo 755p.  I recently upgraded to a new iMac with Snow Leopard.  I noticed the warnings that the Hot Sync was no longer going to wor

  • Sync for Notes & Snow Leopard fails - workaround found! Updated:11-30

    Sync for Notes for Snow Leopard 10.6.8 fails with iOS 5.  Any changes in an existing note on either the computer in the Mail notes or the iPhone Notes app and then a sync results in the old note version being on both computer and iPhone.  All changes

  • How do I sync calendars between my iMac and iPhone? Updated:10-11

    I have tried to follow these Apple instructions but cannot find the Info or Contacts tab spoken about in point 2. Can anybody help? Open iTunes, then connect your iPhone, iPad, or iPod to your Mac.Open iTunes Select your device, click the Info (or Co

  • Using Find My iPhone with Snow Leopard and iPhone 4S Updated:10-11

    I just upgraded my family's three iPhones from 3GS to 4S. I have a family MobileMe account and would like to continue to use Find My iPhone. I cannot upgrade my OSX on my Macbook Pro past Snow Leopard without rendering a professional app that I use f

  • MobileMe Sync Issues after Snow Leopard Upgrade Updated:11-30

    After installing Snow Leopard, MobileMe has been acting up specifically with syncing. I have tried to reset it via the instructions found here: I am hoping it will be corrected and stays corrected. If you have the s

  • Unable to install Jacquie Lawson Edwardian Advent Calendar on Snow Leopard Updated:11-30

    I've been following the same thread on Mavericks, but the suggestions for that do not work/help with Snow Leopard (10.6.8). I have uninstalled and reinstalled everything (the calendar, Adobe Air) many times. The JL help is not helpful - they don't se

  • Prep. Questions for Upgrading Tiger- Snow Leopard for Iphone 4. Updated:11-30

    Hi, Like everyone else, I failed to realized iphone 4 was not tiger compatible. Regardless of my carelessness, and my ill-feelings towards Apple for this strange move, I have a few questions that I keep getting mixed answers to and would like to fina

  • Instantly syncing calendar events on iPad and iPhone. Updated:10-11

    What settings do I need to have in order to have my iPhone and iPad's calendar sync instantly (or even almost instantly)? For example, say I type in Dentist appt for tomorrow at 3:00 on my ipad. I want to be able to open calendar on my iphone and see

  • ITunes no longer able to sync Calendar items and Bookmarks on iPhone. Updated:10-11

    Things have been going great with syncing my iPhone through iTunes on my 24" intel iMac, until yesterday (3/9/08). I haven't changed anything in the last couple of days. I always download and install the latest iPhone, iMac, iTunes updates the same d

  • TS4118 how to sync calendar/contacts with imac, ipad, & iphone Updated:11-30

    I am having issues syncing with all of my products and would love some assistance, please.  I have the new ipad and the iphone 5.  I also have an imac running Mac OS X (version 10.6.8).  I can sync the ipad and iphone 5 with icloud but I end up with

  • Can't sync calendar from Office 365HP to iPhone - how to resolve? Updated:11-30

    Hi all, Just got Office 365 Home Premium on a new work computer.  Got things to work for the most part when syncing my iPhone (4s), but I can't get the calendar on the computer to sync now with the phone.  Newly added calendar items don't show up on

  • Can't sync calendar from outlook 2003 to iphone Updated:11-30

    just purchased iphone and calendar won't sync.  Help?Don't worry about taking up my time. If I didn't have it, I wouldn't be here on the computer trying to help. You are talking about a contacts folder in Outlook 2003? The address book is when you cl

  • Syncing calendar from MacBook Pro to iPhone 5 Updated:11-30

    I am not able to sync my updated calendar on my macbook pro to my iPhone 5.  When I click the sync button in iTunes, the calendar is not updated on my phone.  I would greatly appreciate if someone can an advise me on how to resolve this issue.  Thank

  • Outlook for Mac : Cannot sync calendars or contacts with ipad/iphone Updated:11-30

    I have looked at all the forums, product literature, etc and it seems that there is no way I can sync my calendars and contacts with Iphone/Ipad.. I know this is possible with Exchange or Microsoft Office 365 but I don't want to change my current sw.