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SWEC combined field restrictions

  • Combine fields in Import manager Updated:10-11

    Dear all, I want to import two related fields to one field in the destinatation. This is linked to a look up table with a combined key. Now I can combine the two input fields and map it to the destination field (two display fileds). However the field

  • Combination field Updated:11-30

    Hi I need the order combination field as editible with out the flag on, as of now the selection is of optional in field selections, this is giving the field as on and editable when defining customer. Can any one idea of this field as to be editable w

  • SQL Loader combine fields into one. Updated:10-11

    Hi i am using sql loader to convert a db from sql server to oracle. my SQL Server DB has a field for the date and another for the time, i want to convert this into on filed called date. I cannot seem to figure out how to do this. my ctl file looks li

  • BI 7 object field restrictions report Updated:10-11

    Hi, Can someone please assist me.  We are working on BI7, and I have created my restriction objects for the roles in RSECADMIN.  I'm now trying to find a list of objects (and roles) that have 0CO_AREA as a restriction field. Can someone advise on how

  • Reg : Sale Order change WF Updated:10-11

    Hi All I have a requirement, I have to trigger a work flow when ever there is a change in a po date of Sales Order(VA02). I have created a workflow and added entry into events tab of header, and in SWEC I have added an entry as follows Change doc. ob

  • How to combine two PDF files without consolidating form fields Updated:10-11

    I have two PDF documents with form fields in each. Someone else created the documents. Certain fields were untitled and thus were given names as "undefined" in each document. However, some of those fields contain different information in each do

  • Combining two source fields in Import Manager Updated:10-11

    Hi, I am trying to combine two source fields say fld1 with 5 digit and Fld2 with 3 digit so that combined fld3 of 8 digit can be mapped to a 8 digit field in destination MDM side. Any suggestion how to do this is highly appreciated Thanks, -reoHi Reo