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  • Dynamic Subtotal that includes Local Member in sum Updated:10-11

    Hi, I have a dynamic report that i have separated into sections using blank local members. Now within one of these groups is a local member row that is an EPMRETRIEVEDATA function that is pulling some other data. Finally, I have a repeating subtotal

  • IF statement in Calculated Field for Share point, doesnt calculate sum in my Excel Pivot table. Updated:10-11

    Hi Everyone I used this in SP calculated column field. =IF([Shift Sched]="1pm to 10pm","0",IF([Shift Sched]="2pm to 11pm","1",IF([Shift Sched]="3pm to 12am","2",IF([Shift Sched]="4pm to 1am&

  • Discoverer  report does not sum up the column Updated:10-11

    Hi All, I am running the discoverer report from discoverer desktop and was trying to use the sum function to sum the total amount of the report. The sum function does not work and it only display Cell Sum: (blank) with no actual data. When i checked

  • Sum function within if/then/else (xdofx:if) Updated:10-11

    I'm attempting to display a total at a particular group within my report. This total is conditional and should choose to display a placeholder value or the sum of another placeholder value (in a child group). I have been able to vary my output based

  • Sum of LineCount Including Groups and Detail Data On Each Page Used To Generate New Page If TotalPageLineCount 28 Updated:10-11

    Post Author: tadj188# CA Forum: Formula Needed: Sum of LineCount Including Groups and Detail Data On Each Page Used To Generate New Page If TotalPageLineCount > 28 Background: 1) Report SQL is created with unions to have detail lines continue on a pa

  • How to create a sum on change of a detailed record without using groups Updated:10-11

    Hi, I'm working on an overtime/payroll report.  Overtime hours are calculated based on hours worked greater than 40 within the span of Sunday to Saturday.  Further, pay periods are every two weeks and do not align with the calendar week of sunday to

  • Average & SUM in a Single criteria in the Pivot View Updated:10-11

    Hi, Can you plese let me know whether it is possible to have SUM at the Grand Total level & Average on the Right Hand side of the Pivot Table view at the same time. Thanks & Regards Siva.Hi, The way you want to do it is not possible. What you can

  • SSRS 2008 R2 Report - Sum Totals of a Filtered Group Updated:10-11

    I'm at a loss here, so any help will me much appreciated. I will do my best to explain, but if you need additional information, please let me know: I have a very large dataset of patient data. Specifically for the numbers I need, I have a patient num

  • SSRS Using Sum and = in a conditional operator Updated:10-11

    Hi, Still getting to grips with SSRS so any help would be appreciated. My aim is to calculate a conditional field using the SSRS expression feature, the datasource is a shared dataset which i can't alter so i can't just go an alter the SQL query or a

  • SSRS expression sum question Updated:10-11

    I want to add a column after Total lets say..'Progress' where Progress = sum(Actual)/sum(Budget) The only filter on Progress is to consider only those values from months where both Actual and Budget are present. So, e.g. For first row: 0/0 = 0 For se

  • While importing a request error message' Check-sum error in data file' Updated:10-11

    Hi Friends I have a problem. We are trying to inport a request after putting the files in cofile and data file folders( 4.6C System).While doing so an error message is seen in the log " Check-sum error in data file after XXXX bytes". Can some on

  • SQL Query Help: Average of Sums ! Updated:10-11

    Hi Folks ! I've been tasked with wirting a program that queries Oracle DB. And I'm not used to SQL a lot. May be my question is very basic. Please bear with me. I've simplified the table structure for this question. The table Order has 4 fields: 1. O

  • Can not use SUM in a simple query because of a syntax error? Updated:10-11

    Hi Thank you for reading my post. I am trying to execute the following query: q = em.createQuery("SELECT SUM((NE.pipeLength - 0.6)+((NE.networkDepth-NE.initialDepth)*0.41)+ NE.standLenght)  FROM NExpansion NE  where (( NE.contract.contractor=:contrac

  • SUM Function in RTF Template Updated:10-11

    Hi buddies, can we use functions like SUM,AVG etc. in the RTF Template. If possible please give adivce for the below scenario I have one column in the main body table "Extended Amount", I want to sum this field for the another column Total Exten

  • Performing a Sum on a Conditional if statement (in Business Objects) Updated:10-11

    Post Author: Rhonda Jackson CA Forum: Formula I have been trying to debug a sum statement that evaluates a code (for example 0001) which then maps the corresponding dollar amount to a new column.  This part is working.  Unfortunately when I try to su

  • TableCalcs method Sum does not work Updated:10-11

    Hi all. I am newcomer in the ADOBE forms world and I am facing the following issue (although I 've been reading posts in SDN and respective manuals for over 3 days) My form's hierarchy is: (xfa.form.) -data   -MasterPageSet1 (Page Set)     ---Page1 

  • Selecting, reading and sum of billing quantity for last 12 months in transformation end routine Updated:10-11

    Hi experts, i have requirement to write end routine to read a DSO for last 12 months sales quantity for each month and sum value pass to keyfigure not interested using bex variable, while data loading from source to target dso in end routine i am try

  • SUM function with condition in RTF template Updated:10-11

    Hi All, I have a problem in calculating the SUM in RTF template with condition, Here is the XML - <LIST_G_LINE_NOTES> - <G_LINE_NOTES> <LINE_TRX_ID>1567856</LINE_TRX_ID> <LINE_ID /> - <LIST_G_TRX_LINE> - <G_TRX_LINE&


    Hi, All i uncared the SUM version: and started the sum tool in RHEL6 using SIDADM as user and using http://hostname:4239 to start the sum tool GUI in windows PC with JAVA version in JAVA8 i'm facing below error which relaeted to JAVA version

  • A better way to differentiate positive vs. negative numbers and sum them ? Updated:10-11

    Hi, I wonder if there is a better or easier way to differentiate the positive numbers from negative ones and sum them respectively? I come up with below: create table t1 (num number, id varchar2(3)); insert into t1 values  (-100, 1); insert into t1 v