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stuck in item in transfer process

  • Item in Transfer Process : Re-submit FM-BBP_PD_SC_RESUBMIT Updated:10-11

    SRM Experts, We are using SRM 5.0 and using classic scenario, so Purchase Order/Purchase Requisitions are created in the backend system. Some of the SC's gets stuck in item in transfer process, so we applied OSS note-1022756 and 1040878 in our system

  • Status in BBP_PB   --------    I1111- Item in Transfer Process Updated:10-11

    Hi all, I have seen lot of threads on this issue but non of them giving final soultion which leads to me create one new post.... I am working with Extended classic scenario with SRM 4.0. I have created SHC which gone for approval and it has been appr

  • SC item still in status "Item in Transfer Process" Updated:10-11

    Hello, We have some SC that are still in status "Item in Transfer Process". THey have no error but we don't get the R/3 document. In our case we must get Purchase Requisition but we have nothing. We can"t transfer manually the SC in the mon

  • Shopping Cart status " Item in transfer process" Updated:10-11

    Dear Friends, A shopping was created and it went to approval as per the Workflow designed. It got the approval from all the required levels. But in the SRM system when checked with the chopping cart number with tcode BBP_PD the status is showing as "

  • SC status "item in transfer process". Updated:10-11

    Hi experts My shopping cart was landed up with status "item in transfer process". Please explain how to delete this shopping cart. System admin tried to delete from monitor SC, but not deleted Any help will be appreciated. Regards, Suresh.AHi, Y