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stuck in item in transfer process

  • SC stuck in Item in Transfer process Updated:11-30

    I have two SC's that are stuck in status I1111 Item in Transfer Process (x) Inactive. There are no errors and I've tried BBP_ALERT_SB_NOTTRANSFERED but that still does not produce any errors in RZ20 or Monitor SC. Any idea on how I can push these car

  • Item in Transfer Process : Re-submit FM-BBP_PD_SC_RESUBMIT Updated:10-11

    SRM Experts, We are using SRM 5.0 and using classic scenario, so Purchase Order/Purchase Requisitions are created in the backend system. Some of the SC's gets stuck in item in transfer process, so we applied OSS note-1022756 and 1040878 in our system

  • I1111          Item in Transfer Process how to retrigger PO creation Updated:11-30

    Hi, we use SRM 4.0 extended classic scenario. When going to production environment we missed to integrate user WF-BATCH in the organisational structure. Thus some shopping carts were approved but go status I1111          Item in Transfer Process. In

  • SC status stuck in I1111 Item in Transfer Process Updated:11-30

    Hi Friends We're using SRM 7.0 SP03. I got a question about SC status update, let me describe it with an example: 1) firstly, i found a SC became Error in Process due to some data problem; 2) then, i reprocessed it in Application Monitor by click the

  • Sho[pping cart error 'Item in transfer process" Updated:11-30

    Hi All, I created shopping cart for stock materials giving product id.(Quality system) This should create reservation as a follow on document. But reservations are  not getting created, instead it is showing error as 'Item in transfer process'. Pleas

  • "Item in Transfer Process" data in backend changed Updated:11-30

    Hello SRM Gurus, I have a situation where the SC's go into item in transfer process bcoz of incorrect backend data. After the data in the backend is corrected the SC's should try to flow back to create a follow on document. I am tryign to find out ho

  • Item in Transfer Process in BBP_PD Updated:11-30

    Hi We are on SRM 5.5 (SP 11) classic scenario and we are creating PR after ordering of SC. Now , once we order the SC it is auto approval and after sometime PR is getting created in ERP and also shown in SC as the followon documents created. but in B

  • Status in BBP_PB   --------    I1111- Item in Transfer Process Updated:10-11

    Hi all, I have seen lot of threads on this issue but non of them giving final soultion which leads to me create one new post.... I am working with Extended classic scenario with SRM 4.0. I have created SHC which gone for approval and it has been appr

  • SC item still in status "Item in Transfer Process" Updated:10-11

    Hello, We have some SC that are still in status "Item in Transfer Process". THey have no error but we don't get the R/3 document. In our case we must get Purchase Requisition but we have nothing. We can"t transfer manually the SC in the mon

  • Shopping Cart status " Item in transfer process" Updated:10-11

    Dear Friends, A shopping was created and it went to approval as per the Workflow designed. It got the approval from all the required levels. But in the SRM system when checked with the chopping cart number with tcode BBP_PD the status is showing as "

  • SC status "item in transfer process". Updated:10-11

    Hi experts My shopping cart was landed up with status "item in transfer process". Please explain how to delete this shopping cart. System admin tried to delete from monitor SC, but not deleted Any help will be appreciated. Regards, Suresh.AHi, Y

  • Item in transfer process ( Really Urgent) Updated:11-30

    Hi All, I am working on extended classic scenario and the problem is that after the Shopping cart is approved,the line item has the status "Item in transfer Process". When I check the SC in t-code BBP_PD,I get the status as: 000000001 I1111 Item

  • Shopping cart with  I1111 - Item in Transfer Process. Updated:11-30

    Hi All, I have a shopping cart in our Production system with 5 line items, all had the status "I1111 - Item in Transfer Process". I have run report BBP_ALERT_SB_NOTTRANSFERED and 4 out of 5 items have changed the status from "I1111 - Item i

  • I1111 for SC (Item in Transfer Process) Updated:11-30

    Hi, Business is using SRM 3.0 ECS. Scenario is that User is creating Shopping cart thru Catalogue and there is Approval process for SC. Once the SC gets approved PO is created by the system.(I1113).For this perticular SC error is Item in transfer pro

  • Shopping carts in  'Item in Transfer Process',approval completed but no PO Updated:11-30

    HI Gurus, We have some Shopping carts( which are in  'Item in Transfer Process'...) for which approval workflow has completed but the PO is not being created, and the status of the Cart is approved and of the item is 'Item in Transfer Process'. I hav

  • Shopping cart - item in transfer process Updated:11-30

    Hello All, We are using SRM 5.0 and the problem is that after the Shopping cart is completely approved,the line item has the status "Item in transfer Process". So, SRM PO is not created for these carts. I have checked almost all the old threads

  • I1111 item in transfer process problem Updated:11-30

    Hi experts, I am using SRM 5.0 and ECC 6.0 classis scenario When we create SC, status shows "Approved" , but no follow on documents (Purchase Order) created in BBP_PD I got status                     Status         Description                   

  • SC Item in transfer process Updated:11-30

    Dear Gurus, Issue:      SC approved while IPC server was down.      PO not generated.      SC stacked in the status u201CI1111u201D-Item in transfer process-      Alert message appears under LOCAL error Actions taken:      Not able to delete via

  • SC - Item in transfer process - PO is not get created Updated:11-30

    We are in extended classic senario , SC is showing status as Item in transfer process - PO is not get created . Could you please give me any pointer for the same Thanks in advance .Hi, Other customer has also reported this issue and the fact that it

  • SC Item in Transfer process active - follow on document status not updated Updated:11-30

    Hi Gurus,     Follow on document is not updated in SRM after PO creation. Ours is classic scenario (SRM 5.5, ECC6.0) and passed thru the following steps - SC (FFT) created, document approved, sent to SoCo, purchaser assigned vendor and created PO, PO