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stopped working elevatedproxy mdt

  • MDT 2012 Update 1 Boot Image Creation Fails in SP1 Updated:11-30

    I have my site server (SCCM 2012 SP1) installed on Server 2012 with the Windows 8 ADK installed (I've also tried installing the Win7 WAIK with no change to the below problem). It is hosting the site server, FSP, AIS, and Endpoint protection roles. I

  • MDT Boot Image Creation Updated:11-30

    I just upgraded my SCCM 2012 RTM to SP1 and then to R2 I uninstalled the WAIK and installed 8.1 ADK MDT 2012 Update 1 Now I am trying to add new MDT Boot images and I get this error Started processing. Creating boot image. Copying WIM file. Error whi

  • MDT 2012 Update 1 - "winpeshl.ini already exists" when creating MDT Boot Image Updated:11-30

    Our setup: SCCM 2012 SP1 with MDT 2012 Update 1 Our issue: When creating a new MDT Boot Image from the ConfigMgr Console or the MDT Deployment Workbench, we are getting this error: Started processing. Creating boot image. Copying WIM file. Mounting W

  • For %TaskSequenceID% no longer working in MDT 2013. Updated:10-11

    I've used the blogs by Michael Niehaus to get MDT 2010 and MDT 2012 LTI deployment wizard application selection profiles working. I'm now running MDT 2013 and when following the instructions here:

  • MDT 2012 deploy OS from USB external drive failed - need to unplug and plug it once again Updated:10-11

    We are using MDT 2012 and deploying Windows 7 using media (USB external hard drive). We can successfully deploy Windows 7 32 bit using this method but there is a problem with deploying Windows 7 64bit. This problem appears only on HP EliteBook 840. W

  • Unable to capture image using MDT 2012 Updated:10-11

    After running my Sysprep and Capture task using MDT 2012, MDT begins to capture the image and makes it all the way to ~94% and then stops and returns several errors. Any idea as to what may be causing this? Below are the errors returned during the ca

  • Unable to capture images since upgrade to MDT 2013 Updated:10-11

    I recently updated MDT 2012 to MDT 2013 to enable support for Windows 8.1. Under MDT 2012 I was able to both capture and deploy images without an issue. Since upgrading to MDT 2013 I've had nothing but grief. When I launch my Sysprep and Capture task

  • Message status "To_Be_Delivered" in MDT !! Updated:10-11

    Hi , Our messages are stuck with the status "To Be Delivered" in MDT. Integration engine shows a chequred flag. However FTP adapter fails to process this message(IDOC to file scenario). Any idea how and where to troubleshoot ? We went through th

  • MDT deploying boot files to wrong drive Updated:10-11

    We are experiencing a intermittent problem when deploying to hardware using media since upgrading to MDT 2013. Periodically when techs attempt to apply a image litetouch boots, runs through the initial steps, gets all the way past applying the image/

  • MDT 2013, Deploying Windows 8.1 on Surface and Dell Venue Tablets Updated:10-11

    I'm having numerous issues with Capturing Images and Deploying to Windows 8.1 Tablets. We are currently using Surface Pro 1, 2, and Dell Venue 11 Pro tablets. I am using a Windows Server 2012 computer with MDT 2013 installed. I can't get the tablets

  • How To: Debug missing Drivers in MDT Updated:10-11

    The definitive post on missing drivers in MDT (most comprehensive list I've done so far)… Please to NOT post questions from this thread, instead create a new thread. How to debug Network Driver Problems One of the earliest hurdles an MDT administrato

  • Question on how to Hide the User Name, Password, and Domain fields in the MDT Wizard Updated:10-11

    MDT 2012 U1 Deploying Windows 7 via Offline Media (ISO) to MS Virtual PC's I am looking on how to Hide the User Name, Password, and Domain fields which are prepopulated in the MDT wizard via the CS.ini (Not so concerned about the Domain field as I am

  • Custom Wallpaper using MDT 2013 Updated:10-11

    Hi, How to set custom wallpaper in image using MDT 2013? Kindly help. Regards, MTMYou can set the wallpaper in the unattend.xml file. Open the unattend.xml file by opening it in Windows SIM from the OS Info tab of your deployment task sequence. Add t

  • MDT 2013 won't capture 8.1 image, does not boot to PE to capture Updated:10-11

    I am doing this with Server 2012 R2 and MDT 2013, and the reference machines are VMs I initially created a deployment share for creating windows 7 and windows 8.1 reference images and capturing and deployment worked ok. After getting into some more d

  • SCCM's OSD (not MDT): Task sequence can be tweaked into imaging Windows+VHD Native Boot, but can it go all the way and deploy? Updated:10-11

    Hello All, What I am trying to do is use SCCM's own OSD Task Sequence / Windows PE to deploy an operating system that boots using VHD Native Boot. (C:\ = VHD File  with Windows, D:\ Data drive with BCDBoot). MDT 2013 Can do it I've been told, but I a

  • MDT 2013: bootstrap.ini not applying username and password for share access Updated:10-11

    I customized my bootstrap.ini file to skip the welcome screen, set keyboard locale, and enter a service account username and password for share access.  The welcome screen skip and keyboard locale work beautifully but it's not applying the share user

  • MDT Console with more then 15 machines, How to use the same drivers for more machines. Updated:10-11

    Hello, I'm am looking for a solution to make our MDT design as effective as possible(as small as posible). The Situation: The company has more then 15 different computers added to the MDT console for the automated installation of Windows 7. The insta

  • Office365(Click to Run) Deployment with MDT Offline Media Updated:10-11

    Hi, I have a scenario where i have to deploy Office365 using click to run with MDT offline media. Now the problem is with configuration.xml file in which we specify the source path of office files.  Here in this scenario as i have to deploy client ma

  • Patch management for Office 2013 on MDT Updated:10-11

    Hello, on current MDT 2012, Office 2013 is added as an app. MSP was created for customization and placed in Update folder (did it a while ago) I am preparing new MDT 2013. Deployed OS will be patched with latest updates. So Windows update will not ta

  • How to convert MDT scenario RPT0 to launchpad Updated:10-11

    Hello, I'm trying to turn on the reporting launchpad in MSS.  I am trying to use the delivered scenario of RPT0 and I've added a new tcode function to it.  When I run the IMG step "Convert MDT Data to MSS Reporting Launch Pad" I get the message