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ssrs with drive through mdx query

  • SSRS report with cube – MDX query how to get an extra row with value '0'. Updated:10-11

    Hello everyone, I'm unable to write the MDX query to get '0' value as first row in output. Following is my MDX query: WITH MEMBER [Measures].[Dummy] AS   '0' SELECT NON EMPTY Union( {[Measures].[Amount] },{[Measures].[Dummy]}) ON COLUMNS, NON EMPTY 

  • SSRS report with tabular model – MDX query CoalesceEmpty function does not return the provided string value Updated:10-11

    Hello everyone, I created following calculated member in MDX query. I am using it in one of the report parameter in dataset (single select dropdown list as report parameter). WITH MEMBER [Measures].[ParameterCaption] AS CoalesceEmpty([Customer].[Nati

  • Bw publish and connections not based on the sap bw mdx query driver Updated:10-11

    Dear experts, we are currently facing a problem with transporting reports that are based on multiple database connections and joined using the cross database join feature of crystal reports. One connection is based on the SAP BW MDX driver, the other

  • SSRS report with tabular model – MDX query how to get the sum and count of measure and dimension respectively. Updated:10-11

    Hello everyone, I am using the following MDX query on one of my SSRS report. SELECT NON EMPTY { [Measures].[Days Outstanding], [Measures].[Amt] } ON COLUMNS, NON EMPTY { ([Customer].[Customer].[Customer Key].ALLMEMBERS) } HAVING [Measures].[ Days Out

  • SSRS report using mdx query to display sales of product by yearwise Updated:11-30

    There is a requirement to create SSRS report as  Product                         +Calender2011               -Calender 2012            +Calender 2013                + Calender 2014 Jan12 Feb12 Mar12... Product 1 50    100       200 .. Product 2 150  

  • MDX query Running slow in SSRS than in SSMS Updated:11-30

    Hi, I have a SSRS report which takes 37 secs to execute a single MDX query whereas the same query takes less than 1 sec in SSMS. I tried removing the parameters and hardcoding default values, still it takes same time. I also tried using OLE DB data s

  • Date format with BW MDX Query driver Updated:11-30

    Hi, I have a question regarding the BW MDX Query driver. I have updated the driver from BW Query to BW MDX Query on my crystal reports and all the Date fields have been converted to Strings. Has anyone experienced the same issue? Thanks,Hi Abhilash T

  • Create SSRS report using DMV for querying SSAS cube. Updated:10-11

    I am trying to create a SSRS Report to find the Cube/Dimension Status (when was Cube/Dimension last processed and is Failed/Success), for example I have below DMV query for the same. SELECT CUBE_NAME, LAST_DATA_UPDATE FROM $System.MDSCHEMA_CUBES When

  • Filter issue in MDX query leaving some values empty! Updated:10-11

    Hi all, In short: I have a report with multiple values such as name of shop, postal code etc. The parameters have no default value and act as "like". If someone enters "krant" he'll get all the shop names that contain "krant"

  • Passing date range parameters in MDX Query Updated:10-11

    Following is my mdx query SELECT NON EMPTY     [Measures].[Cache Attendees Count] ON COLUMNS, NON EMPTY     ([Cache Attendees].[Visit Id].[Visit Id].ALLMEMBERS *     [Cache Attendees].[User Id].[User Id].ALLMEMBERS *     [Cache Attendees].[Screen Nam

  • Date parameters using MDX query Updated:10-11

    Hello experts, Not sure if this question falls under SSAS or SSRS but I'm writing it here for now and hopefully get the answer. I'm using SSAS cube to develop a report using SSRS and this is the first time I'm doing it. I want to filter records based

  • Run mdx query in batch Updated:11-30

    Hi, I am using BW MDX Driver to report off SAP BW data. Sometimes the returned data may be too much according to user selection. My question is, is there any way to run the MDX query in batch, so that the data is not returned all at once? For opensql

  • MDX Query Desinger Slow to Respond on a WAN Updated:11-30

    We are seeing the MDX Designer take a long time to open and to select filters.  Running a Query is fast, but selecting filters from dimension members that only have 2 to 10 members can take up to a minute to display and the same is true when dragging

  • Missing field for MDX query for All Members Updated:11-30

    Hello, I'm using MDX query with SSRS for report and I ran into this issue: Query 1: select non empty ([Product].[Category].allmembers*[Date].[Calendar].[Calendar Year].allmembers ) on 1, ([Measures].[Internet Sales Amount]) on 0 from [Adventure Works

  • YTD and Previous YTD in MDX query Updated:11-30

    Hi All, I have two parameters Start Date and End Date. when i select the values of start date  as 5th jan 2014 and End Date as 13 th Jan 2014, i want to see the Count of Tickets from 5th Jan 2014 till 13th Jan 2014 as YTD Count of Tickets and Count o

  • BW QUERY and BW MDX Query Updated:11-30

    Hi, While creating a report through crystal i see one option while creating a connection to database. SAP BW Query SAP BW MDx Query. Could anyone told me whats the technical diffrence between two. When option should be used when. Thanks AshwaniThe BW

  • MDX query with a DMX query Updated:11-30

    Hi All, Do I have a way to run a MDX query with a DMX query? (Avoiding the "link server" options- ) I need to get the cube last update date like this DMX query: SELECT 1 as CubeStatus FROM $System.MDSCHEMA_CUBES where  format(LAST_DATA_UPDATE, '

  • MDX Query to show the latest product text again historical facts (Type 2 dimenion linking on Surrogate key and also Natural Key) Updated:11-30

    I need to write a MDX query to show the latest product text again historical facts or a chosen product text in time. I can write this query in TSQL, but new to MDX. The way I do it in TSQL is joining two queries together on the Natural Key as opposed

  • Modify MDX query so it only shows specific dates? Updated:11-30

    I'm new to SSAS and SSRS reports (with datasource an SSAS cube), so please bear with me. So I created a basic report that gets the data from my SSAS cube and displays it. That is working well. The problem is that the parameter displays the Dimension 

  • Filters not getting passed in MDX query while using SAP BW with OBIEE Updated:10-11

    Hello, I've been working on OBIEE with SAP BW as back-end. I've created some reports & those are working fine when there is less amount of data. But when I try to run a report with 3 dimensions & 1 fact it throws an error saying "No more stor