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  • SRM PO approval workflow Updated:11-30

    Hi friends, In SRM,  po approval W/f is in completed status.  PO  is replicated in R/3. But SRM status is not updated. Is there any way we can update SRM status? regards, VittalprasadTry function BBP_PD_PO_STATUS_CHANGE_WF Thanks johnson zavierRead o

  • System status in CJ20N and Updated:11-30

    Hi SAP Gurus, Kindly let me know the system status object for Project Builder(CJ20N) I want to restrict the authorisation for RElease, Locking, Unlocking and TECO for project. Thanks in advance Regards AbhijitDear Abhijit, Try inserting the following

  • Extended Classic PO output pass to R3 ? Updated:11-30

    1. Extended classic Purchase Orders are fully approved (no approval required workflow) in SRM - status "HELD" 2. When we process PO and "order" - the PO is transmitted to R/3 (great, everything seems to be there). 3. There are no messa

  • PO 6500002415: Indicator for GR-based invoice verification used n ot allowe Updated:11-30

    A SRM PO item was delivered, but later we reverse the goods receipt. Then I mark deletion for this item, the SRM status shows "Transfer Failed (E.Sys.) " In the applicaiton monitor it shows PO 6500002415: Purchase order still contains faulty ite

  • SRM Invoice Status Updated:11-30

    Hi, I have one question about Invoice status. Can you please Provide the status. How we can see that which is the active status in Invoice. How we can identify the active status in Invoice. What is the meaning of X in SAP. Invoice Number XXXX . statu

  • Po in awaiting approval status in SRM 4.5 Updated:11-30

    Hello Friends, I am working on SRM 4.5, I am facing a problem in completing the workflow of a PO. My SC is approved the PO which is created is with the status Stats: HEADER     E0002 HEADER     I1015          Awaiting Approval HEADER     I1021       

  • Program to change purchase order status in SRM Updated:10-11

    Hello, i want to change the status of my SRM purchase order.Is there a program in SAP which does this?Hi Sooness, what is the current status of the PO & to what status you would want to set it to? Cheers, AkashRead other 2 answers

  • SRM 7.0 Modify POWL for shopping cart check status screen Updated:10-11

    HI Experts, The standard settings in check status for SC in SRM 7.0 is to display the sc with item level. This causes the SC number to be repeated (for no. of items in SC) and all links open the same SC in a new window. We want to display only the he

  • Invoice payment status will update in SRM Updated:10-11

    Dear Experts, I  have done the invoice in SRM and invoice created in ECC and the same invoice number has been updated in SRM with status 'posted in the backend'. for thi invoice, i have completed the payment. I would like to know whehter these status

  • Invoice Payment status in SRM Browser Updated:10-11

    Dear SRMers, System Information: SRM 4.0, R/3 4.6 c We have a situation where users want to see the invoice payment status in the SRM browser. We have not implemented the Invoice module in SRM and invoices are posted and updated in R/3. Please sugges

  • PO with status "Deleted" in SRM and status "Awaiting Approval" in BW Updated:10-11

    Hi, Report Purchase Order status ( 0BBP_PO_Q007) on ODS 0BBP_PO shows status "Awaiting Approval" for Purchase Orders that have status "Deleted" in the SRM source system. Any idea about an appropriate OSS note or other work around solut

  • System status INCM is active while doing the confirmation from SRM Updated:10-11

    Hi, User is getting the below error while trying to create confirmation in SRM for some of the PO's. Partner XXX not found System status INCM is active (Confirmation XXXX) Partner not found XXX (Item 1) The version is SRM 4.0 (Classic scenario). We h

  • SRM SC in item in transfer I1111 PO created Updated:10-11

    Hi SRM gurus,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           SR

  • Material status blocks creation of reservation in SRM Updated:10-11

    Dear All, We observe the following behavior in our SRM (5.0) System: If we create a caddy for a product that has the Cross-Plant Material Status : 04 (Material master, view Basic Data 1) in the Backend-System, the reservation can not be created. Ther

  • SRM GoA with status as "Distribution Incorrect" althogh contract is created in ERP Updated:10-11

    Dear SRMers, We are using the classic scenario with SRM 7.0.2. I am facing a problem with Global out line agreements in SRM where the status of the GoA is showing as: "Distribution incorrect". We have verified that the respective IDOC of type BL

  • F-53  transaction(R/3) status in SRM Updated:10-11

    Dear SRM GURUS we are following a classic scenarios on SRM version 4.0 where in we create a shopping cart in SRM and a purchase Req is created in backend and based on that we create a Purchase Order and do a Goods receipts and Invoice Booking in MIRO

  • PO Output is possible for SRM PO's in status Error in Process Updated:10-11

    Hello All , We have a requirement, where system should not process the PO output when the PO is in u201Cerror in transfer status u201C . While creating the PO -> If the SRM PO is in Error in Process status, output will be processed and its sent to ve

  • Passing CUF fields from SRM to ECC 6.0 and PO in Held status Updated:10-11

    Hi All, We are upgarding from SRM 5.0 to SRM 5.5 ( New system ) and 4.6C to ECC 6.0. We have implemented classic scenario. All the codes (BADIs) have been copied to the new systems. We are facing two issues here 1. CUF fields are not being passed to

  • Missing data status for Idocs : HR ORG Upload in SRM Updated:10-11

    Hi All,     We are using ALE Idocs for uploading HR ORG in SRM system.We are getting some IDocs errors. 51 status is 'Missing data'. Details description like below: Missing data Message no. HRALX00_ORG315 Diagnosis It has been determined that the emp

  • SRM PO Changes Error Status - Error in Process (SRM 4.0 and ECC 5.0) Updated:10-11

    Hi All, I created PO in SRM from Sourcing (Shopping Cart) and it is replicated to Back End (ECC 5.0). But I did not post GR or Invoice Verication with reference to PO. When I am trying to change PO in SRM (SRM Webbrowser - Processing PO) like Quantit