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  • SRM Fixed Text Mapped to ERP Purchase Order for Extended Classic Updated:10-11

    We are switching from Classic to Extended Classic. We currently have "Contract Riders" which are fixed text that the users can select and the header level on the ERP purchase order.  We need to add this functionality to the SRM purchase order. 

  • How to Map SRM confirmation Text to Service Entry sheet Updated:10-11

    I ran the report /SAPSRM/GET_TEXT_CUST_ERP in SRM and got all the texts to SRM. I have also mapped LTXT and TX01 in the configuration.  Still I can't get the text copied to service entry sheet.  Any suggestions. ThanksHi experts, kindly give me any s

  • SRM PO text are not going to SUS PO Updated:10-11

    Hello Everyone, We are using SRM 5.0 ECS. Business process - So once the PO is approved it goes to SUS and supplier sees PO in SUS. Problem - Buyer maitained a PO Header Text and PO item Text in SRM but supplier do not see those text in SUS. So can s

  • Viewing SRM Purchase Order Vendor Text in SAP Updated:10-11

    When looking at purchase orders using SAP transaction ME23N I can see the short text created for purchase orders. I would like to be able to access the data from the SRM Vendor Text field as this usually contains more useful information. I have tried

  • SRM 7.0 PO Condition are not copied in ECC po Updated:10-11

    Hi Experts!!! i am facing the problem SRM 7.0 PO Condition are not copied in ECC po, Net price is Coming instead of Gross price. & is there any BADI why which i can Fecth the Condition Data From SRM Quotation to ECC. pls help me it is go-live critica

  • Header text not getting populated in PO in R/3 from SRM! Updated:10-11

    Hi, Our requirement is to automatically populate the email ID of the user in the header text once the PO is created in R/3 with reference to Shopping Cart in SRM. our scenario is classic. So far, we have used the following Badis in our development bu

  • Vendor text doesn't transfer from SRM PO to R/3 Updated:10-11

    Good evening, We are new in SRM SCE, we have a problem with the vendor text. In SRM appears this information and the PO is e-mailed correctly but when we review the PO in R/3 this information doesn't fill in. We don't know if the problem is in SRM or

  • PO text transfer to Back-end in case of Extended Classic Scenario in SRM 4. Updated:10-11

    Dear experts, My system is in SRM 4.0 in Extended Classic Scenario. We use in the PO internal note text and vendor But thses texts are not transfered to Back-end. Is it normal? Do I need to customize something? Can it be achieved by BADi? How then? O

  • How to get Vendor Text in BBP_POC in SRM for Smartforms? Updated:10-11

    Hi Guys, I kept looking for ways on how to get the Vendor Text in BBP_POC transaction to be used in our Zsmartforms; unfortunately, I was not able to identify how. In ECC system, I could get the long text through double-clicking on the text area and

  • Vendor text of PO line item replication from SRM to ECC. Updated:10-11

    All experts, Users are entering the more informations for individual line item in to Vendor text field available in to SRM Purchase order. Client requirement is to replicate the Vendor text from PO in SRM to PO in ECC. Right now system is replicating

  • Purchase order text in material is replicated from ECC to SRM? Updated:10-11

    Hello experts, In the standard process of replicating materials from an SAP ECC system to SRM, is the purchase order text tab in MM03 replicated to SRM? I've tried searcing for this text in SRM but I guess it is not replicated. Is there a way to do t

  • How to Change text of link in SRM Updated:10-11

    Hi All, How to Change text of link in SRM . The Link is in leftside of the screen in webportal. I needs to change the text of link ' Shop' , 'Check Status'  and 'Confirm Goods / Services. Kindly helpout me.Hi Rob, Thanks a lot for reply. You are righ

  • PO text not updated on SRM portal Updated:10-11

    Hi Friends, We have upgraded SRM 4.0 (SRM server 5 SP04) to SRM 5.0 (SRM server 5.5 SP03) in MM-SUS scenario using XI 3.0. In a standard functionality text at header and item level of PO is visible on the portal. However currently we are not able to

  • SRM PO vendor text not copied to PO material text in ECC Po Updated:10-11

    Hi all, We are on SRM 5.0 Extended Classic. In ECS,is it std functionality that the PO vendor text from SRM PO is copied to PO material text in the ECC PO?If so,Do we need to do any configuration on the SRM side for this transfer? Thanks!Hi, In stand

  • PO Text from R/3 Material Master to Product Master in SRM Updated:10-11

    Hello Forum, I want to replicate the PO Text from r/3 material master to Product master in SRM to be seen in commpr01.. I am not sure if this text can be seen in SC even if it is not seen in commpr01.. how can i achive this? Thanks ArshadHi, You need