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  • Low cost labVIEW design company Updated:11-30

    Low cost  design company is looking for projects that can be accomplish remotely. Please send your job specification, terms, condition, at [email protected] . You will receive our terms, conditions, a quotation for your project, and a schedule for it

  • G/L account determination in SRM by company code Updated:10-11

    Hi, We have a requirement to default G/L account not only by product category but also by company code. I can see the field company on the BBP_DET_ACCOUNT table but in configuration this field is not there. I know the field company is not directly th

  • SRM-Synching company code description between SRM and ECC Updated:11-30

    Hi, I have two questions: 1. Is company code descriptions and other details are stored in SRM (like T001 in ECC)? 2. If yes, how can we synch the company code description in SRM and ECC? What is the program name to synch both system JitSanjeev, Thank

  • Web design company looking for iPad app to display my portfolio at a trade show Updated:10-11

    I run a small web development business and have my first trade show coming up. I'll have a booth setup and was hoping to have my iPad out on the table for people to pick up and scroll through my portoflio (ie web designs, logo concepts, etc.). I've s

  • Cross company purchases in SRM 7.0 Updated:11-30

    Hi all, We recently upgraded from SRM 5.0 to SRM 7.0. Can anyone confirm whether we can configure cross company purcahses in SRM 7.0? For SRM 5.0,I saw few threads which suggested use of BBP_DOC_CHANGE_BADi to change the purchasing group but in SRM 7

  • Web Design to display on Safari, IE, Firefox Updated:10-11

    I don't know where's the best place to post this, so I'm starting here and I'm open to suggestions. My web design company, which happens to be PC based, is giving me mixed messages about designing a website so that the layout display is consistent ac

  • Question about purchasing data of business partner in SRM 7.0 Updated:10-11

    When we create vendor in ECC with transaction XK01, we can create pruchasing view and company code view of vendor. But in SRM 7.0, I have not find any place abount company code and purchasing data about business partner? Any one could provide some su

  • Need advise on preparing .ai files for print house for labels design Updated:11-30

    Greetings! I just got a freelance job to do label design for commercial products (cleaning, food products, etc). Its a huge task as the company have lots of products in the market and they decided to drop the design company that were doing the labels

  • Contract creation in SRM 7.0 Updated:11-30

    Hi,      We are using SRM 7.0 as backend ECC EH4. I want to create Global Outline Agreement (GCTR) in SRM which will replicate on ECC but I donu2019t want to use PI so thatu2019s why I mentioned system type ERP_2.0 instead of ERP_4.0 in Define System

  • Is the adobe support web site designed by monkeys? Updated:11-30

    I've been using Adobe tools for years, so I know a few things about how obtuse they can be, but when I just wanted to cancel a free membership to's cloud service, I thought it would be fairly easy.  The circular logic on the site is ridicul

  • Strange addys are popping up, replacing long-held bookmarks - like youtube defaulting to "Design a Website - Photo Folio" - help! Updated:11-30

    Certain regularly visited websites, like or my home page, are instantly being defaulted to this website "Design a Website - Photo Folio". I type in youtube, but what pops up is this design site. This morning even my Foxfire home page

  • Intercompany Purchase in SRM. Updated:11-30

    Hi Friends, Could you please provide some inputs on how to achieve the following? Basically we are trying to do intercompany purchase in SRM. Company X procure services from Company Y(Who are another subsidiary of X - i.e.Intercompany) via SRM. so fa

  • The Design of Profit Center Code Updated:11-30

    Dear SAP Gurus, In the design of profit center code, you can design a profit center code that is common across all company codes by flagging the company code assignment in KE51. Alternatively, you can also design a company code specific profit center

  • Flash and SEO for Ecommerce Web Design Updated:11-30

    Hi I am working with a web design company in the UK and was wondering if there are any indications of when Flash could be recognised by Google? This is a major issue as the design features are fantastic but SEO is a nightmare. I would love to introdu

  • CMS Design and Development Updated:11-30

    Hi, we are a small graphic and web design company. With the expansion of CMS etc and the constant enquires by customers (rightly so) "we want to be able to update photos and text ect" I allways find when I ask the client that they actually don't

  • Company Code defaults Updated:11-30

    While creating Shopping Cart, if we change the "Company Code" and try to change the "Category"  then the Comapny Code reverts to default. Aprreciate any inputs. Will reward points. Thanks, VarmaHi <b>Simply add the attribute BUK

  • Help with Package Label Design Updated:11-30

    Hi, I work for a one of the fortune 500 company as a helpdesk. Last month my company came out with a go green logo and when I saw I decide to create one. I showed the logo to my Director and my director forwarded the design to the Marketing departmen

  • Website design and Forum layout. Updated:11-30

    It really needs to be re-designed. It's similar to the early days when people used free sites that made everything look like myspace. Two friends of mine own an amazing PHP/SQL/HTML web design company and will knock the pants off of whoever made this

  • CS6 how to buy for Company Updated:11-30

    Hi, I would like to bye Adobe Creative Suite 6 Design Standard for my small design studio (2 people firm) in India. I called local resellers but they are not selling the CS6 anymore. I searched online and found that Adobe is still selling it but only

  • Interactive Textile Design Application Updated:11-30

    Hi there, I currently represent a textile design company in Leicester, UK who do a lot of business through web conferencing. One of the issues commonly faced with this is that it doesn't allow for convenience and interactivity with the product that w

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