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  • SRM Fiori  showing blank My SHopping Cart and error in Approve Shopping Cart Updated:10-11

    Hi Experts We are implementing SAPUI5 MyShoppingCart Services embedded deployment with: -ehp 3 for sap srm 7.0 sp07 -netweaver 7.4 sp07 -gateway 2.0 we implemented three apps - Tracking SC, Approve and My SC we're getting good display in Tracking SC,

  • How to delete approved shopping carts at header level in SRM 5 ? Updated:11-30

    Hi All We are using SRM 5 (Classic Scenario) and we have a requirement in which we need to delete the approved shopping carts at header level. Here we are referring the case where SC lies in approved state in SRM but no PO generated in back end. We a

  • ITS Dumps while Approving Shopping cart as Manager Updated:11-30

    Hi, I logged into SRM system as a Manager to Approve Shopping cart. Click Start Enterprise Buyer Inbox link and then Click Approve icon for a shopping cart. The following errors displayed Error when processing your request What has happened? The URL

  • Filtering workitems from SRM approval Inbox Updated:11-30

    Is there a way to filter non shopping cart related workitems from the "Approval" in box in SRM. We have some custom workflows for E-forms and would like filter these from showing up in the SRM approval inbox. Thanks in advance for any suggestion

  • Page not found or not available on UWL - Approve Shopping Cart Updated:11-30

    Hi All, I am facing an issue with UWL where if I access the approve shopping cart work Item I get the  Page not found or not available error in the pop up screen. I have done the standard configuration in UWL Administration under System Configuration

  • Download Source Code of SAP Fiori SRM - My Shopping cart application Updated:11-30

    Hi Folks, Where i can download, source code of SAP Fiori - SRM My Shopping Cart application. If it is possible any one share or provide download path of sap fiori My Shopping cart application. Thanks in advance. -Cheers Ganesh BabuThanks for your inf

  • Creation of PO in SRM without Shopping cart manually. Updated:10-11

    I have tried to Create PO in SRM without Shopping cart manually using transaction 'bbp_poc'.But got an error 'the attributes for user cannot be determined, Am I using the correct transaction or not.Do we have any other alternative to accomplish this.

  • Can i Cannge the WF_INITIATOR for SRM Approval Workflow. Updated:11-30

    Hi Experts, I am facing issue related to sendor name format. Whenever SRM approval workflow gets triggered then corresponding responsible user(Approver) gets a mail in their SAP inbox. I checked in the system these workflow runs using RFC_USER user.S

  • Why editing iview id break the delta link in the portal page? Updated:11-30

    For some reason, everytime I edit the iview id, the delta link in the page will be broken. After I changed the iview id, the iview id that I added as delta link in portal page remain same, and seems like become a separate copy , rather than the origi

  • Requisioner is not getting change button in fully approved shopping cart Updated:11-30

    Hi Experts, I have problem in getting the change button in fully approved shopping cart which was not created purchase order in the backend due to faulty account assignment.It needs to be changed the account information by the requisitioner . Requisi

  • SRM Shopping button iView Navigation Problem Updated:11-30

    Hi, We have implemented SRM Shopping portal and are currently facing a problem in navigating to an iView from a button click in SRM shop and check status iView. When this shop button is clicked it should open an iView in portal through role Navigatio

  • MySAP SRM/EBP Shopping Cart(move workitem from 'Approval' to 'Message' tab) Updated:11-30

    when an employee creates an incomplete shopping cart in EBP (web based) an appropriate workflow is started in R/3 backend, creates a workitem and shows under 'Approval' tab of the web application. The requirement is it should show the work item under

  • Messages displayed in the Approval and message tab in SRM approval is same Updated:10-11

    Hi, We are having an issue with the message displayed in the approval step.When we click on the approval option in SRM, we get two tabs displayed Approval and Messages. The content displayed in both the tab is same for one user. Generally the content

  • How to Configure POWL in SRM 7 Shopping Cart Updated:11-30

    Hi,    Can i know how to configure POWL for SRM7 Shopping Cart with regards, Kawrthik.Hello, you mix two concepts which make difficult to understand your request. Screen-shot you gave us in from the Portal (Tasks, Alerts, Notifications and so on...).

  • To make Shooping cart approval screen editable Updated:11-30

    Hi experts, I have customized a standard workflow for One Step Approval of Shopping Cart.It is working fine in development.After transporting to Quality the approval workflow is getting triggered and the workitem is coming to the proposed person for

  • Approved shopping carts not displayed in shopping cart status report Updated:11-30

    Hi Gurus we are facing an  issue in shopping cart status report.  When the approver selects 'Approved by me' in shopping carts status report system is not showing any list.  There are number shopping carts approved by the user . Other selection like

  • SRM Approver Name - Data source need for this DSO: 0BBP_SCA Updated:11-30

    Hello Experts, I am having difficulty to get shopping cart approver name loaded (but approver id is loaded) into BI reports I am using standard business content  (DS Names: 0BBP_TD_SC_1, 0BBP_TD_SC_APPR_1) Please let me know the data source reg. this

  • Buttons to approve Shopping Cart Updated:11-30

    Hi experts to approve a shopping cart is possible to click on a green button of approval or red to refuse it.  these buttons are darkened, what is the table/view where  I can make it usable?thanks andreaHi <u>Please check out SRM version in SPAM Tra

  • Account assignment not updated in SRM's shopping cart when changes are made in ERP's PO - Classic Scenario Updated:10-11

    Hello! A customer has classic scenario and creates shopping carts using only cost center as account assignments in SRM. When the PO is created in ERP's backend, sometimes a purchaser changes the account assignment to Asset("A"). The account assi

  • SRM Monitor Shopping Cart..? Updated:11-30

    Hello Forum, Which role in the standard gives the access to Transaction Monitor Shopping Cart This should be used in portal I am using SRM 5.0 Arshadsuim suim tcode user-> cross-system information -> roles -> by transaction bbp_mon_sc o/p you get