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sql developer no ocijdbc12 in java

  • Cannot launch SQL Developer - won't recognize Java JDK Updated:11-30

    Upon attempting to launch SQL Developer for the first time, I get a dialog box asking for the "full path to Java executable". I use the Browse function to point to my local Java 7 JDK java.exe, and nothing happens. No error message, no prompt or

  • SQL Developer 1.1 and Java problems. Updated:11-30

    I downloaded and tried to run the sqldeveloper.exe. I am getting a prompt with a browse option to java.exe. I currently have JRE 1.6 installed and somehow SQL Developer didn't like it. So I went and installed JRE 1.5 and it's still complaining that i

  • SQL Developer EA 3.1 -Java Null pointer exception when loading model viewer Updated:11-30

    a) I have a simple 3 node flow -- 1) DataSource selects CLOB and VARCHAR column; 2) BuildText node transforms CLOB into NESTED COLUMN; 3) ClustBuild node build K-Means cluster b) The "run" step succeeds for all three nodes, however when I try to

  • Is there any known problem using Oracle SQL Developer 3.0.04 with Java 1.7? Updated:11-30

    I'm new to Oracle. I have installed Oracle SQL Developer 3.0.04 and Java 1.7. When I run Oracle SQL Developer, I will get the window Running this product is supported with minimum Java version of 1.6.0_04 and a maximum version less than 1.7. This pro

  • SQL Developer 3.2 crashes with java error when using OCI/Thick Driver Updated:11-30

    I just installed SQL Developer 3.2 on my linux desktop. SQL Developer crashes with a java error when I select a database from the object tree. When I check Use OCI/Thick driver the application will crash when I navigate to the tree and open a databas

  • SQL Developer load Java error Updated:11-30

    Hello, I'm trying to load Java code to my Oracle SQL developer. On Load java, I choose Java source from my hdd (from NetBeans destination folder) and I get the below error. Any help? error code:     Error in Source Code      &Exception in Stack Trace

  • Bug report: SQL Developer 3.2.09 Crashes for some Replace Regexp Updated:10-11

    Hi, SQL Developer 3.2.09 (tested on Win XP with SQL Developer built-in Java) crashes for some Replace Regexp. Try the following: New SQL-sheet CTRL-R for Replace Enter "||" (two chars) as search-expression Enter "" (nothing) as replace

  • New "SQL Developer Team Announcements" sticky note Updated:11-30

    In the new SQL Developer Team Announcements sticky note posted a couple of days ago: <li>Is "SQL Developer Team Announcements" the right title? It appears to be hard enough to get people to read these things anyway, and this suggests that

  • SQL Developer 1.2 A Memory Hog Updated:11-30

    Anybody else seen SQL Developer 1.2 ( use GIANT amounts of memory? Query Analyzer for SQL Server did most of what I want (on a SQL platform, of course) SQL Developer to do (on Oracle, of course) with 1/10th of the memory. Right now for me

  • Oracle SQL Developer Connection Help Updated:11-30

    Hi, I'm a complete Oracle newbie, so please bear with me. I've been doing research on protein clustering and at my lab the SQL developer has been running queries that I can then do statistics on. I have the query that I need to run, and was told to d

  • Problem when try to start SQL Developer Updated:11-30

    I have problem when I clicked to start the SQL Developer. It wants me to enter the full pathname for Java.exe. Could some one tell me what should I enter.Thank you for your help. I don't have the C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_11\bin\java.exe in my m

  • SQL Developer for 64 bit Updated:11-30

    Using Win7 64 bit OS in an environment that doesn't allow me to install anything on my machine. Trying to use SQL Dev 3.2.2 Downloaded Windows 32-bit - zip file includes the JDK1.6.0_35 but getting the following error: Can't load AMD 64-bit .dll on a

  • Query not running in sql developer, neither connecting to database. Following error - java.util.UnknownFormatConversionException: Conversion = '0'. Please reply soon. Updated:10-11

    when i try to connect to oracle 11g rdbms, following error occurs --> 1. sql developer version - (jdk - jdk1.7.0_51 externally installed) -- newly installed, giving following error when try to connect to oracle 11g rdbms. 2. sql developer ve

  • How to browse Java Source in PL/SQL Developer Updated:10-11

    As I use PL/SQL Developer for developing, for the first time I've just tried to write and compile a java source. After compiling the java source succesfully, I can see it by selecting it from the system table USER_SOURCE where it's defined as TYPE JA

  • Problem in deploying Java Extension to ORacle SQL Developer Updated:10-11

    Hi all, I have developed a simple Java extension using Oracle Jdeveloper. This extension creates a preference in Tools->Preferences. I have deployed it on Jdeveloper and it works fine. But when I deploy it on Oracle SQL Developer its functionality do

  • Need java 1.6.0_4 for SQL developer 3.2 64bit, Win 7 Updated:10-11

    Hi All I Need java 1.6.0_4 for SQL developer 3.2 64bit, Win 7. SQL developer behaves weirdly sometimes. It frequently drops connection, doesn;t show compile button when i open a procedure and certain other things.... I found ver 3.0 quiet stable. I t

  • Java files open in SQL Developer instead of JDeveloper Updated:10-11

    JDEV 10.1.3 Windows XP When I double click a java file, it opens in SQL Developer instead of JDeveloper. When I right click a java file, and select 'Open With'->jdeveloper, the java file always opens in SQL Developer instead of JDeveloper. I've tried

  • Running/Compiling *.java file in Oracle Sql Developer Updated:11-30

    I want to compile/run java 5.0 files in Oracle sql developer1.1.2.25 on Fedora 5 platform. I have added javac as an enternal tool to compile java programs. Tools-->External Tools-->New I have also added java: /usr/java/jre1.5.0_10/bin/java as an ext

  • Compiling a java source in pl/sql developer - problems Updated:11-30

    Hi, i'm using pl/sql developer and i created a javasource like this: import net.sf.jasperreports.engine.JRException; import net.sf.jasperreports.engine.JasperFillManager; create or replace and compile java source named Test as import net.sf.jasperrep

  • Oracle SQL Developer installation and Java Updated:11-30

    I finished installing Oracle Client without problems. Opened up SQL Developer for the first time and he asks me for the full Java.exe pathname. That's fine, but when I input the java.exe I just get asked again, no errors. Repeat until infinity. I ins