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  • Error in phase: ADD_TO_BUFFER in SPAM during import of SAPKB70017 and 18 Updated:10-11

    Hello What is problem in this case? During import of SAPKB70017 and SAPKB70018 I get following error(there is no SLOG file in /usr/sap/trans/log): The import was stopped, since an error occurred during the phase ADD_TO_BUFFER, which the Support Packa

  • Add_to_buffer-error return code-0211 in support packs apply in Sol Man Updated:10-11

    Hi Experts, Our Solution manager system installed on Virtual (Db2/Aix). I had updated SPAM 035 from frontend (SPAM)successfully but I'm getting error as 'add_to_buffer' during the basis (700) support packages deployment stage. I had checked STMS conf

  • Error in spam/saint update TP_CANNOT_CONNECT_SYSTEM TP_INTERFACE_FAILURE Updated:10-11

    Dear All, while i am updating spam / saint in saint t code I am facing an error TP_INTERFACE_FAILURE and reason for the error is TP_CANNOT_CONNECT_SYSTEM the error details are The installation was stopped, since an error occurred during the phase CHE

  • Error in Spam / saint update TP_STEP_FAILURE and DDIC_ACTIVATION Updated:10-11

    Dear All, While updating spam/ saint update I am facing  this error  Details of Error: The installation was stopped, since an error occurred during the phase DDIC_ACTIVATION, which the Add-On Installation Tool is unable to resolve without your input.

  • E-mails enviado pelo Thunderbird são recebidos como spam no Outlook Updated:10-11

    Olá, Uso o Thunderbird para o envio de e-mails e acontece o seguinte: - Se eu tentar enviar e-mails do thunderbird, os usuários que possuem outro cliente de e-mail (ex: Outlook 2007) recebem meu e-mail em sua caixa de spam, já se eles usarem o thunde

  • From NW 04 SR1(SP9) to SP 16 upgrade - SPAM error Updated:10-11

    Hi, I was doing Support pack via spam after NW 04 SR1 on AIX(Oracle). When i was running SPAM in test  Mode for Basis component 1) 10,11,12,13,14 were sucessful & it is failing at Support 15. The error message is `Function <b>TREX_RFC_CONNECTION

  • Support Pack error in SPAM Updated:10-11

    Hi I am importing a group of Support Packs into our DEV environment to bring the landscape uptodate, we are running NW04 on Windows 2003 64 bit & SQL Server 2000, I've updated to the latest SPAM and Kernel before the Support Packs. When importing in

  • Is someone trying to send SPAM through one of my servers? Updated:10-11

    Hey all. I had a rather fun start to the week, my boss handed me a couple pages of an email he got that had bounced back from our ISP. Basically it tried to send mail to a "[email protected]" (googled it: apparently people get phishing messages

  • Can not keep personal mail from going to spam folder in aol.  Aol can't fix problem what do I do? Updated:10-11

    Alot of my persnal mail the last 4 days is going to spam.  Using aol mail and aol can't help me . What do I do?iTunes: About iOS backups - Support - AppleRead other 3 answers

  • All mail going into spam folder Updated:10-11

    After upgrading to Lion all mail going straight to spam folder, even the addresses saved in address book.  Any suggestions on how to fix?Is the folder actually called "Spam" or do you mean the "Junk" folder? A "Spam" folder i

  • Email keeps going to spam folder Updated:10-11

    I am having problem with email.. I will receive messages that mail puts in the spam folder that is not spam.  I drag it into my inbox and reply to it, but the reply from the sender continues to go into spam.. How can I stop this?Are you talking about

  • Mail all going to Spam folder Updated:10-11

    I have just loaded Lion and all my incoming mail is now going to a folder the inbox has created called Spam. I have set the Junk Filter to put all mail in my in box first even if it thinks it's junk but it still sending everything to this Spam folder

  • Mail going to spam folder Updated:10-11

    All of my incoming mail keeps going into a spam folder. I've deleted the folder and relaunched mail and the folder returns.Select the mail and mark it as 'Not Junk' deleting the folder won't work. If this is GMail, attend to the issue on the website.

  • Messages marked as "not spam" keep going to spam folder Updated:10-11

    I receive messages in my spam folder which are not spam. I keep marking them as not spam, but subsequent messages keep going to spam. How do I stop this.If the email address in question in in your address book you need to look outside of Thunderbird

  • Anybody else having Arch mail being marked as spam? Updated:10-11

    i dont know who to tell this to - but i just received an email subject "AUR Comment for hydra" and it went into gmail's spam folder. Not only that, it gives me a warning, "Warning: This message may not be from whom it claims to be. Beware o

  • Emails going to spam folder from Office Outlook Updated:10-11

    I have configured an Exchange for my domain for learning purpose. When i am sending emails to my Google Account account using OWA or iPhone(Exchange account) the mails are coming in Inbox, but when i am sending emails through Office Outlook the email

  • All incoming going into Spam folder Updated:10-11

    Since upgrading to Leopard - back up to external first, then clean install of Leopard, then re import files from backup. All incoming mail is going into the Spam folder .. everything on exceptions. Have looked for a simple explanation and searched bu

  • I can't print an item,and each time I attempt to do so a message reads that the item is either spam Updated:10-11

    I can't print an item,and each time I attempt to do so a message reads that the item is either spam or contains a virus. What gives?What is the format of the item you are attempting to print (via ePrint?)?  Is it a supported format?  See an updated

  • Snow Leopard Server doesn't seem to be filtering spam.... Updated:10-11

    Hi everyone- For some reason, lots of spam keeps getting through my mail server even though I have Junk Filtering turned on and set at 2 hits (pretty close to "Aggressive"). I also have RBLs (,, and