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spa112 resync period

  • Need to turn off automatic updating of PCSYNC soft... Updated:10-11

    Due to our policy restrictions at my organisation, I do not want the prompt to come up to notify users that there is an update available for the pcsync suite. How can I turn this off, I can't find it anywhere apart from attemping to hack the registry

  • Need to turn off-on power of PAP2T to re-register Updated:11-30

    I have a PAP2T. We loose connection randomly during the day. when it happens we need to unplug and reconnect the power supply to the pap2T to reconnect and register to our VOIP provider and have the green light on again. If not it will re-register in

  • BEFSR41 fed from SPA2102 VoIP Phone Adapter with Router Updated:11-30

    urrently, a broadband cable modem is connected  to the input of a new BEFSR41 4-port router.  The router feeds 4  computers (a newer "primary" PC, and 3 secondary "old goats" that I use  to print online grocery coupons).  The 4 PC's ar

  • I have multiple artists in my music ("Beatles" vs. "The Beatles) but in iTunes I went through every artist to ensure the name was the same, deleted all my music off my phone, then resynced my phone, still same problem!!!!! Updated:10-11

    I have been having this problem since I had my phone... I have numerous artists that are separated because of a small change such as having "The" or even just a space at the end of the artists name. I fixed this issue with my gf's iPod 2 months

  • SPA112 - Can receive but not make calls Updated:11-30

    I have just setup an SPA112 at home behind a NAT router and have configured it to a state where I can receive but not make calls. It registers fine and remains registered. The Line 1 Status indicates a State of "invalid" and a Tone of "reor

  • BT Infinity resync Updated:11-30

    We have used BT Infinity for a while and performance is good when it works. The problem we have is that the router seems to disconnect all wireless connections for a short period and I can only assume that this is because the system is resynching wit

  • SPA112 Scripted Reboot Updated:11-30

    Does anyone know a command line script that can periodically soft reboot the SPA112? Firmware 1.2.1 still hasn't fixed the uptime issues and the unit reguarly locks up after 2-3 days with no dial tones and response to web admin requests. You then nee

  • SPA112 drops registration - no dialtone Updated:11-30

    Just picked up the SPA112 on the weekend, and am setting it up with  Several times a day, registration fails, resulting in no dialtone when the phone is picked up.  It does eventually seem to reconnect, but I won't be able to use it if this

  • Spa112 proper way to provision Updated:11-30

    History We have been using PAP2t and they worked and provisioned well. I create the file on my tftp server and then plug the PAP2T into my network.  In 5 minutes it has downloaded its config, upgraded its firmware and is registered.  The IVR works af

  • SPA122 'Resync fails on FNF' bug! Updated:11-30

    Hello, the option 'Resync fails on FNF' does not seem to work for SPA1x2 in FW 1.2.1 (004). The SPA logs 'Resync failed: file not found' and associates the 'Resync Error Retry Delay' timer, regardless of the option set to No. I tried various combinat

  • SPA112 Provisioning Updated:11-30

    Dear User, I have a problem with my SPA112 provisioning system. I have set my dhcp server to push option 160 with the http url of my provisioning server ( http://DNS/provisioning/init.xml ). I have enabled the syslog server on SPA112 but i don't see

  • SPA112 FW bug confirmed: registration broken during and after outbound call Updated:11-30

    After receiving and configuring my new SPA112, everything seemed to work out just fine: registration to the SIP proxy, inbound calls, etc. However, at some point I discovered that outbound calls would typically only work for a certain amount of time,

  • No dial tone through SPA112 ATA box Updated:11-30

    I can't get my analgue phone to work thru the Cisco SPA112 ATA box - problem has been ongoing for 2.5 months now. My ISP can access the ATA through their network and assure me everything is configured and working correctly. My wireless (wimax) intern

  • Intermittent resync Updated:11-30

    We moved from Sky BB to BT on 22/8. It's mostly been fine, but I'm experiencing the line resyncing more than I think it should - perhaps it's the line testing period? The first few days (probably 48 hours or so), it was fine, then 1-2 times a day. I

  • Error while running a query-Input for variable 'Posting Period is invalid Updated:10-11

    Hi All, NOTE: This error is only cropping up when I input 12 in the posting period variable selection. If I put in any other value from 1-11 I am not getting any errors. Any ideas why this might be happening? I am getting the following error when I t

  • Issue with Period Control 03 for Depri key MSTL with 6446 Updated:10-11

    Hi Gurus, We want to use mid-month calculation for Dep. key MSTL using period control 03 (i.e. 03/03/03/03). We are also using 6446 as year-depedent Fiscal year (i.e. Jan and Dec 6 weeks other rest 4 weeks).  period control 03 is pro rata at mid peri

  • Pension payment period record issue in Retiree Payroll Updated:10-11

    Dear Experts, We are implementing Retiree payroll with new set of wagetypes and payroll area. Now requirement is that there needs to be a provision of recording the balance period of pension payment and further it should be displayed in the form of r

  • What causes cellular data usage to decrease if last reset has not changed? I reset every pay period cuz I do not have unlimited and was showing 125 mb sent/1.2g received. Now showing 98mb sent/980mb received. Last reset still shows same Updated:10-11

        I reset my cellular data usage every month at the beginning of my billing period so that I can keep track of how much data I am using thru out the month. I do not have the unlimited data plan and have gone over a few times. It's usually the last

  • Where we have to open and close posting periods in asset accounting Updated:10-11

    hi sap gurus   can anybody give where we have to open and close posting periods in asset accounting thank you venkatareddyHi Venkatareddy, You make specifications for fiscal years and posting periods in the SAP R/3 System in Customizing for Financial

  • How to Open and Close Posting Periods in MM Updated:10-11

    Hi, I have opened posting periods for 10/2008 first and by mistake even 11/2008 and 12/2008 using MMPV. Now when I am trying to do PGI from VL02N, the system says postings are only possible for 11/2008 and 12/2008. How to close these two periods and