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  • Control the Post Date  when use BAPI_OUTB_DELIVERY_CONFIRM_DEC to PGI ! Updated:10-11

    Dear all,    How can I control the Post Date (WADAT_IST) when I use BAPI_OUTB_DELIVERY_CONFIRM_DEC to PGI? Thanks to help me.In ECC 6.0, I used this BAPI to perform the picking using this way: 1. Implement enhancement point  BAPI_OUTB_DELIVERY_CONFIR

  • Extension2 to be used in BAPI_OUTB_DELIVERY_CHANGE Updated:10-11

    Hi, I am using the bAPI BAPI_OUTB_DELIVERY_CHANGE to update two zfields in table LIPS but am unable to update the same using the extension table. I have searched for this post but did not get a satisfying answer for the same. I found that the BADI SM

  • How to change data in an inbound delivery Updated:10-11

    Hi, I want to change the following data in an Inbound delivery: Challan No (LIKP-LIFEX, LIKP-VERUR) Date (LIKP-LFDAT, LIKP-ERDAT) Quantity (LFIMG) I have gone through the thread how to change delivery date (LFDAT) in a inbound delivery But still, it

  • Purpose of BAPI_OUTB_DELIVERY_CHANGE Updated:11-30

    Hi All,    Can any one explain me why we need to use BAPI_OUTB_DELIVERY_CHANGE. My scenario is like, when partial picking done, need to update the Delivery document with that quantity, which is there in the Inbound Idoc. After that i found that they

  • Usage of BAPI_OUTB_DELIVERY_CHANGE with extension fields populated Updated:11-30

    Hi , Does anyone have an example on how to use BAPI_OUTB_DELIVERY_CHANGE with the extension fields populated. A sample code would be very helpful . Thanks AnkitAnkit,   The BADI - SMOD_V50B0001  will be triggered if the Extension Tables are filled.  

  • Regarding the bapi BAPI_OUTB_DELIVERY_CHANGE Updated:11-30

    Hi all, Iam using the bapi 'BAPI_OUTB_DELIVERY_CHANGE' to change the deliveries..However i need to update three header fields which are not avaialble in the i have added those three fields to the extension structure ..Now i have to update the

  • Update Picking date, Loading date, Planned GI date etc on outbound delivery Updated:11-30

    Hi All, I'm a bit stuck.  I'm trying to perform some updates against outbound delivery documents, at the header level, from within a user exit of a shipment document. Essentially, based on some logic and data on the shipment I need to apply some chan

  • Inbound Idoc (From DWM to ERP) Batch No. change Updated:11-30

    Hi all, Our client requrement is changing Batch no. from DWM to ERP inbound process throough IDOC when Inbound delivery is confirmed in DWM. I tried SMOD_V50B0001 but Batch no. is changed both DWM and ERP. It doesnt work. I just want to change only E