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  • Issue with Smartform template Updated:11-30

    Hi Guys, I want to increase the number of characters in a particular cell of smartform template, i have extended the size of cell but still its taking only fixed number of characters while i am providing the numbers more than fixed as an input . what

  • How to print multiple Smartform Templates Updated:10-11

    Good day Gurus, I have 5 Smartform templates combined in one program. During printing if 1 data for each template is available, The pop-up screen also appears 5 times for me to print the templates. My question is how can I print the 5 templates using

  • Smartform template problem Updated:11-30

    HI ALL I have problem in smartforms template. My Template like this: in between columns columns there is a seperate by line this also having border  line. 01            chemical                      smaple shall as per     02            Microbial    

  • SmartForms: Template: Box for Single Cell Updated:10-11

    Hi all, I am using template of one row and two Column, I want to draw a box around for Column(1,1), where don't want to draw any box around Column(1,2). Which pattern should i select so that i can achieve this? Thanks in advance.Make two box one with

  • How to save the template with cell locking? Updated:10-11

    Hi Gurus,      I have successfully locked the cell by using Data validation of Excel function in BPC input schedule. But when I save and reopen it once again the data validation does not work. My target is to distribute the cell locked template to di

  • Smartforms - template printing on the wrong page Updated:11-30

    Greetings, everyone. I've been searching the SAP library and the forum, but haven't come across a solution. I created a form in Smartforms, with two pages defined: "first_page" (with the "main" window, 15 cm high, and some secondary wi

  • Smartform Template -  Header and Items itab Updated:11-30

    All, I wanna use template node in smartform as the number of rows should be fixed. I have two internal tables one each for header and items. I'm not sure how to proceed. Help is highly appreciated and rewarded Regards, YounusYounus,   As per your que

  • Smartform templates/Windows as reference Updated:11-30

    Hello, Is it possible (and how then) to refer in a smartform to template windows? The requirements is easy. We have several smartforms to develop. Most of the smartforms have the same header and footer. Do we need to implement several time the same h

  • Smartforms template Updated:11-30

    Hi Experts. According to my requirement, I created smart form. But in main window I have to display total amounts. For that I had created template. It's working fine. But now requirement changed. Depending condition I have to display Totals i.e if co

  • Smartforms template for export forms Updated:11-30

    Hi, I am fairly new to the smartforms developement. I am trying to create a few export forms. (such as the dangerous goods declaration form(IMO), statement of origin, etc. ). In stead of starting from scratch, I want to know where I can find all the

  • Smart form template size problem!!! Updated:11-30

    Hi Experts, Now I met a pronlem about smartforms template. the cell in the template is set to 16CM width(which is enough) and height is only 3.5MM. and I define the sytle with font is 8pt. I input the text for the template and all check is fine. but

  • How to create Links in a cell  to other Excel docs Cell  in Planning layout Updated:10-11

    Hi All, I have a requirement to replace an existing forecasting process using normal Excel with BPS with Excel in place. One difficulty I came across is that the existing Excel input template has cells with links to many other excel files so users do

  • Problem with PO smartform display Updated:10-11

    Hi All, I've developed a Purchase Order Template using Smartform. In NACE I've assignd the smartform name for a new output type. Smartform isworking properly. But while executing ME21n transaction I'm not getting my smartform template. In TNAPR table

  • 2" Business Card = 1.99" in Template Updated:10-11

    I just noticed something strange. Business cards are 2" high. You'd think that a business card template shoud then have a table with cells that are 2" high. When I print such a template, each cell is taller than the business card! In fact, I hav

  • Smartforms supression Updated:11-30

    hai abapers,         i am doing a smartform template in which i need to supress hostids in the  header area. suppose for a single order there is single host id then that host id should be printed in the header area. otherwise i.e., if there are more

  • ERecruitment - Deleted existing smartform for correspondence Updated:11-30

    Issue: Deleted an existing smartform for correspondence activity and configured a new smartform. Configuration changed to reflect this new smartform. Whenever, doing activity of candidate selection and assignments - system throwing error message "An

  • SmartForm preview in MKT_PL Updated:11-30

    Hi experts, I have a problem while displaying a marketing brief for campaigns in marketing planner. When I create a campaign and execute the smartform, a completely empty white page is displayed. The same smartform template has been tested in another

  • SmartForm -  No driver pgm exists - how to proceed? Updated:11-30

    Colleagues I need your advice for a SmartForm design challenge that I have. I have already searched through SDN and all other places but not found any good solution for my problem. Background: Customer is using Customer Service (CS) in R/3 4.7. We ha

  • Diff. btwn Form Template & Table? Updated:11-30

    Hi Guys, Wat r the differences between Template and Table(if possible with example)? Pls. list out. Thank you.In SAP SmartForms, templates (from template node) define the format of the columnar output but they are just structures which can used to se

  • Smartforms , Graphic and Written (Fields) Updated:11-30

    I have imported a graphics and created a graphics in smartforms into table > cells > graphic.bmp but I don t know how can I put a parameters field <it_ebelp-ebelp> into the graphic.Is it  possible ? Edited by: Jack Johnson on Nov 4, 2008 7:47