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  • WebService no NW DS e utilização no NW PI (RFC to SOAP) Updated:10-11

    Prezados, bom dia. Um grande help de vcs ... Gerei um EJB Stateless bem simples no Developer Studio 2004s. Em seguida criei um WebService (Virtual Interface, WSD e Configuration) a partir do bean criado. Finalmente gerei o EAR e fiz o deploy no Servi

  • Error in Calling a Webservice from ABAP: Consumer Updated:10-11

    Hi We are reaching a webservice within the same network Zone and have have done the configuration in SOAMANAGER - WebService URL, Port, Operations are defined and the service is active. The logical port is define and an automatic SM59 destination is

  • Logon error while consuming webservices Updated:10-11

    I am able to create webservice and generate WSDL from SOAMANAGER with endpoints in ECC 6.0. I am getting error while trying to use this WSDL in my soapUI. It just says logon error, 401 authenticating, icf team... I cannont test this in soamanager as

  • Error when connect from portal system (abap ) to external ssl client - sm59 Updated:10-11

    Hi I am tryign to setup a ssl connection from the abap sm59 portal system to an exteral server.. I have setup the certs that the client has given me in strust.but i m gettign the ffg error. sysno      60 sid        PID systemid   370 (Solaris on SPAR

  • Transaction Locking during multiple Webservice - persistent webs sessions Updated:10-11

    Hi All,<br> <br> Yesterday evening we had a discussion concerning ESA architecture. We want to create (web)services for accessing the SAP business objects (using XI) and use these (web)services via visual composer, webdynpro or custom java dev

  • Error in Webservice Call HTTP error (return code 404, message conn failed) Updated:10-11

    Hi We wish to call  a standard EP7 webservice through ABAP. When we try to create consumer proxy , we get the following error. HTTP error (return code 404, message "conn failed") Message no. SPRX090 ==> Display Error Document If you want to g

  • Authentication Problem for WebService Updated:10-11

    Dear All, I have some existing interface which are SOAP to RFC synchronous.In this I am genreting WSDL and providing this WSDL to sender side and it is working fine. But when I have used same WSDL and Provide to some other application people and when

  • Webdynpro ABAP webservice call to external server  - Cookie issue Updated:10-11

    Hi, We are experiencing cookie issue while calling webservice to Tivoli system hosted on IBM websphere. Steps we have done as follows: 1. Created a ABAP Proxy class from Tivoli WSDL. 2. Configured T-Code LPCONFIG to point to above proxy class and log

  • SAP(IDOC) ---PI---webservice Updated:10-11

    Hi Is it possible or not to send IDOC to webservice via PI ? I need a necessary things and steps to setup in PI (BPM etc) to send the IDOC from SAP to Webservice via PI thanks manianHi, Yes You can send the Idoc to Webservice Very Well through XI If

  • RFC - XI - WEBSERVICES scenario - Where to create RFC Destination Updated:10-11

    Hi  Experts For my RFC - XI - WEBSERVICES scenario, I have to create one TCP/IP RFC destination on R/3 system with the following details RFC Destination Name    : XXXX Connection Type            : T (TCP/IP) Activation Type              : u201CRegist

  • R3 (rfc-sender) - XI - Webservice ( soap-receiver) Updated:11-30

    Hi, I am getting below error whenever webservice(target system) is unavailable. HTTP 404 Not Found Then RFC got failed in R3, due to this error in XI R3 (rfc-sender) <-> XI <-> Webservice ( soap-receiver) Synch User will enter the request data

  • Newbee-Question: Connection without RFC / SM59 Updated:11-30

    Hello! In classical R/3-Systems you have chosen a RFC-Destination to connect serveral R/3 systems together. What about Netweaver? I saw there is a Message Server, is that the point where R/3-Systems are connected together concerning netweaver technol

  • Web Service Consumption + SM59 ( HTTPS) Updated:11-30

    Hello ABAP Gurus, I have issue to consume web service. I am trying to consume web service form external plm server. it has https protocol. For this i tried to create rfc type G for external server but I am wondering that what i need to know to create

  • WSPUBLISH : ICM_HTTP_CONNECTION_FAILED error when publishing webservice Updated:11-30

    Dear Friends, We are trying to publish a webservice via tcode WSPUBLISH. The first step regarding the service registry and service port is successful. The following error occurs in step 2 : Error retrieving Services Registry (SR) version information.

  • Importing the ES Bundle webservices into the Service Registry of PI Updated:11-30

    Experts, We have an ECC 6.0 Enhancement Pack 3, PI 7.1, and CE 7.1 landscape and are having some trouble getting the Enterprise Web Services that come with EP3 to show up in the Service Registry that came with PI. We are following the guide "CE, ESR,

  • Webservice connectivity issue Updated:11-30

    Hi, The requierment is to send data to external system using the webserice, so we have consumed the WSDL file and have created proxy class and Logcial port (in SOAMANAGER Transaction). When we try to to test the Connection in SM59 by clicking Connect

  • Consuming Webservice from ABAP Program Updated:11-30

    Hi, I need to consume a WebService https and with SSL. But to begin I tried to use a free webservice. 1-I cant create a Client Proxy, because the ppl from IT of the client dont want to do it.... so no SE80 -> Client Proxy. The thing is if I use the m

  • ABAP Webservice Call issue Updated:11-30

    Hi I am trying to use webservice from ABAP ECC to external server (Webspehere ). I have configured RFC connection G Type HTTP connection to external server in SM59. Connection sucessfull.we use basic authentication scheme to access external server. I

  • Consume FEDEX webservice Updated:11-30

    Hello All,   I am trying to comsume FEDEX webservice with the WSDL file avaliable in Fedex site. I have been getting errors. This is the 1st time i am working on webservices and was wondering if any one could help me out. Below are the errors. I am c

  • Consuming function of WebServices (Microsoft) in sap Updated:11-30

    Hi guru. I want call a function of a WebService of external System (not SAP). In SM59 I define an HTTP Connections to Ext. Server. Now can i implement a abap code to call this function and import the result table? My SAP release is 4.7. Regards Angel