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  • Slow program response, crashes when creating titles and dynamic link issues Updated:10-11

    Dear reader, I am now trialling Adobe CC OSX with Premiere Pro and After Effects before deciding to subscribe but I am experiencing a lot of issues while working. I am now working on an animation, but editing raw mxf files also gives crashes and slow

  • Specify program logic at runtime Updated:11-30

    Hi, I have this requirement where the program logic is specified at runtime. My class is fairly complete except that few variables are to be created and set at runtime. Also I need to evaluate an expression made up from these created variables. Any s

  • Program/Logic behind the Copy functionality in SE38 Transaction Updated:11-30

    Hi, In SE38 by using the copy option, Program along with sub-objects can be copied to another object. Please let me know the Program/Logic behind that functionality. Also let me know is there any option in SAP to copy program from one system to anoth

  • Programming Logic required for pulling the records for past month /week Updated:11-30

    Hi All I need help in the SQL programming logic. Oracle Database Version: Requirement In a data warehouse environment, I need to programme for weekly and monthly automated batch jobs to insert the data from Data_tbl to Reporting_tbl for ge

  • Problem with program logic Updated:11-30

    hi, me havin a very funny prob w one of my mtd. here's a mtd from my bean class. public boolean checkForEvent (String searchdate) { boolean hasEvent = true; try { // This is the sql statement to modify. sql = "select * from event where eventstart <

  • Problem with programming logic in code Updated:11-30

    I have hit a programming logic problem. What I wanted is for my main program to create a jDialog according to user's choice selection from a jOptionPane and the code in the main body to stop running and rather wait for the user to select the option i

  • WAFF files from PC friends to slow in Logic on Mac Updated:11-30

    My friends from Germany send me WAFF files, when I listen to them in iTunes they sound OK, but when I put them in Logic, the speed slows down, even when I put the prefs of Logic on WAFF. I tried everything, transfering to AIFF, on 44 and 48 HZ, it al

  • Integration of PLC(programming logic unit) in SAP Updated:11-30

    i'm facing problem with this, our client is using PLC (programming logic unit) for there manufacturing ,so with out third part tool how can we integrate in SAP plz any one can helpkishore. i am just throwing ideas now, its impossible to debug over fo

  • Programming logic Updated:11-30

    I want help in one programming logic.For that I make small example ,so that can explain clearly. public class Mainclass //(situated in package view) public s0,s1; public void runFunction() ...some coding and proceedings s0="Hi";s1"Hello&quo

  • Update the data into the ZTABLE fields thru program logic ..? Updated:11-30

    hi all, i have ZTABLE1,ZTABLE2,ZTABLE3, and this tables like ALV grids using object methods. in the same table fields now i wanted to update the data into the ZTABLE fields thru program logic . could anyone please help me .... please provide if anyon

  • ABAP Report Program Logical Database PNP Updated:10-11

    I have a ABAP program using the logical database PNP. The report is config to run on MSS using EP. I have added code to capture the Org Unit when it is pass to the program from MSS.  My issue is how do i capture the org unit value that is passed to t

  • Programming logic, passing data from a page to another Updated:10-11

    Hi, I just began with developing with APEX 4.1.1, and I think I don't get how I should use it efficiently, I am more used to C-like programming. I have a table which contains the state of some electricity meters taken at some non-regularly spaced dat

  • Hr programming - logical database - macro Updated:10-11

    Hi everyone ! I use pnp logical database. Now how the program familiar the macro RP-PROVIDE-FROM-FIRST from table trmac ? ? i know that macro can be familiar from the program between lines: define ....... end-of-definition. someone can explain to me

  • Script Print Program Logic....... Updated:10-11

    Hi All This is the print program of my script, i am not getting the logic..can any body help me with this.. INCLUDE rvadtabl. TABLES: vbuk,                          "Vertriebsbeleg (Kopf)-Status         vbco3,                         "Schlüsself

  • Program logic required Updated:11-30

    Hi all, I have requirement saying that transfer data from one program to another transaction selection screen. Requirement is. In a programi will l have final data in one internal table. This data i need to send it for another program selection scree

  • SQL apply is very slow on Logical Standby..!! Updated:11-30

    Hello all, We are having Data Guard setup in our environment where we are having Primary, Physical Standby as well as logical standby databases.. DB Version : in all databases (Pri, Phy and Logical) OS : RHEL4 Only Oracle is running on this

  • Slow programs Updated:11-30

    Hello, I am writing a Java program which is running very slow. As I am adding more code to the program it gets even more slower. I am running it on NetBeans IDE. The configuration of my system is not a problem, it's just bad coding and I want to impr

  • Question on program logic using SKC1A Updated:11-30

    Account -     Using SAKNR and selected company code (BUKRS) get alternative account using table SKB1 Description - To be obtained from SKA1 using account number found above in chart of accounts  CEFR Carry-forward debit - UMSAV Debit period from 1 to

  • Running a slow program Updated:11-30

    Hello everybody. I am running a software made on java language. Now the execution is slower than yesterday. I would like to know if can setup Leopard in order to run quicker my program. I have a mac pro early 2009, enough free memory 4.5 GB and hard

  • MacBook Pro 13" slow with Logic Studio. Updated:11-30

    I used to use a IMac 2.17 core 2 processor with 2 gigs ram running 10.5.8 for Logic with pretty much no problems. Decided to switch to my MacBook Pro 2.4 core 2 processor with 8 gigs ram running 10.6.8. Thought it would be at least the same speed if