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  • Filed SKB1-XLGCLR missing on screen after ECC6.0 upgrade Updated:11-30

    Dear SDN Team, The field SKB1-XLGCLR (Ledger group specific clearing ) is missing on screen In FS00 account management after ECC6.0 upgradation. even same field I could not find the Field Status in Account Groups Kindly help me in solving the issue.

  • Field SKB1-XLGCLR missing on screen after ECC6.0 upgrade Updated:11-30

    Hi all, The field SKB1-XLGCLR (Ledger group specific clearing ) is missing on screen In FS00 account management after ECC6.0 upgradation. even same field I could not find the Field Status in Account Groups. Kindly help me in solving the issue . thank

  • Display line items not possible! Updated:11-30

    Hello I've a very strange situation on the productive system: I have a company code that registers and display account line items, while the second cannot display them, even if I've configurated the same aspects in account fields for the two company

  • No items selected (see long text)  Message No: MSITEM033 Updated:11-30

    Hi Sapiens, I am trying the command (FS10N) to display the Balance, bal is displayed afterwards and then when I am just clicking the balance for one of the month I am getting the message as follows : "No items selected (see long text)"  Message

  • How to get the values from table SKB1 R/3  to SRM Updated:10-11

    Hi Gurus, My requirement is to get all the values from the table SKB1 to SRM (i.e. in to an internal table) for doing some validation(G/L account XXXXXX requires an assignment to a CO objectXXXXXX.) Like wise I have many tables for doing validation i

  • SKB1-STEXT in SAP R/3 not used? Updated:10-11

    Good afternoon, in our financial systems we made a modification in table SKB1 a few years ago, because we needed a special field for a company code specific text (50 char). Now we've seen, that in table SKB1 a field STEXT does it exist, but it seems

  • SKB1 table is not populated  - Bulgaria country version Updated:11-30

    Hi, Our team is working on installation country version for Bulgaria. We have ECC 6.0 and SAPK-11023INCCEE ECC Core Country versions for EEM Country (Romania country localization). We followed the instructions of SAP note 856949 "Enhancements for myS

  • Maintenance of Collection Bank GL Account in Table apart from SKA1 & SKB1 Updated:11-30

    Hi Like to know whether any other table where Collection Bank GL Account is maintained apart from SKA1 and SKB1. thanksHi Srikanth, The Main Bank Account ending with Zero is maintained in T012K table, The outgoing Bank Account (say ending with 1) is

  • How to set the field SKB1-FDLEV as requestred-entry in G/L Master data? Updated:11-30

    Hi All, Could anyone tell me how to set the field SKB1-FDLEV as requestred-entry in G/L Master data? Thanks Gandalfhi Go to OB26 select Your criteria ( create, change or display) double click on it again double click on Bank/financial details there y

  • Error "entry in SKB1 table" Updated:11-30

    hi friends, am getting a error messg "entry does not exist in SKB1" . am trying to link the new company code to the clearing account in the treasury setup. can someone tell me how to resolve this issue. cheers charlieHi Check whether the GL acco

  • Company code and Account code does not exist in SKB1 while entering GL Tran Updated:11-30

    I have created chart of accounts in the co code but getting error msg while posting entry in <Company Code>and<GL Account> transaction that entry does not exist in table SKB1. I have copied COA from existing SAP COA. I was able to find the sol

  • Regarding ska1 and skb1 tables Updated:11-30

    Hi ,          I got the requirement to extract the data from ska1 and skb1 tables, is their any standard datasource maintaining for that or else shall i extract based on generic extraction on view. Is the table which i mentioned is correct or not Thi

  • SKB1 table - authorization group Updated:11-30

    Hi All, i have a query regarding authorization group. if we see in SKB1 table we have a field - BEGRU , which is authorization group. i find that there is something called FCAP, FCAR for the respective accounts. what do these mean actually? how can w

  • SKB1 is displaying unrelated/extra line items. Updated:10-11

    Hi, I am encountering one problem which is related to KSB1 transaction. It's displaying extra line items which are not related to actual line items . Here is the scenario Actual Assessment Cycle contains one segment : Segment1 : Sender Cost Center gr

  • Custom purchase requsitionto vendor open and cleared payment report Updated:10-11

    dear all i develop report but i cant ableto show in that open amount and cleared amount of vender in that report so please see this report and feedback me for logic to show open and clear amount of vendor purchase orderwise or vendorwise report zpo_p

  • Fbl3n from alv Updated:10-11

    Hello everyone, I have arequiment where in i need to call and run fbl3n from a alv list. I already builded the alv list which contains 3 different G/L account numbers ,company code(same for all) and date field. Now When i click ( I made the G/l accou

  • Logical database sdf in custom program not triggering selection screen? Updated:10-11

    I added logical Database SDF (screen 905) to a custom program - but the selection screen is not getting triggered. Do I have to associate these somewhere? Thanks, VenHI, Declare this statement after the Report Statement in the program. TABLES : SKA1,

  • How to make use of logical database in reports? Updated:10-11

    hi, I am working on a Cash Flow Forecast report, which requires the usage of 'PSJ' Logical Database for the selection screen with Profit Center(PRCTR) as one field and the other field being Period ( in MM/YYYY format). I have not worked on Logical Da

  • Tables of f-02 Updated:10-11

    Vipin, Find the config below 1.Activate the New General Ledger Accounting by a single click on the clock icon 2.You will reach to change view "activation of New GL A/cg" detail screen and tick the checkbox and save. 3. After activation of New Ge

  • Reconcillation report for controlling Updated:10-11

    My requirement as follows. this is a report for developing reconcillation statement for a company. i created program as per requirement it is not executing becasuse of  COEP table taking much time for executing. any body have reconcillation report wi