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simple database problem

  • Simple Database Problem Updated:11-30

    hello Sir, I have a Select Box and I allow MultiSelect to the User, now what exactlt I want to know is that say that if I am using SQL as the database or any other..database how many FIELDS should I CREATE in the database.. cause only at runtime I sh

  • SIMPLE Database Design Problem ! Updated:11-30

    Mapping is a big problem for many complex applications. So what happens if we put all the tables into one table called ENTITY? I have more than 300 attributeTypes.And there will be lots of null values in the records of that single table as every enti

  • A very simple database system with JSON Updated:10-11

    If we need to store some data in a database, but without the need of advanced SQL features, can we use this scheme (written here in Javascript / node.js) : // the DB will be in RAM ! var myDb = {}; // read DB from disk if file exists try { myDb = JSO

  • A easy and simple database change? Updated:11-30

    Hi folks: I have a easy and simple question (I guess) that I need to resolve a database problem. I installed a database but I setting up the wrong character set. Now I need to change the character set to AL32UTF8 but I really don't know how.

  • Simple database app. Updated:11-30

    I know there have been loads of questions about simple database apps, but I wanted to ask if anyone could recommend something specific: Every month I receive an Excel spreadsheet of data (a membership list) for my organisation. It is basically a list

  • Help with Designing a Simple Database Updated:11-30

    I am currently working on a designing problem I would appreciate if someone could review my solution. The Problem: I need to create a simple database that contains the following entries� First Name //mandatory Last Name //mandatory Date of Birth //ma

  • Looking for a simple database app. Updated:10-11

    I have an Excel sheet that i use to store simple database data. Like a flat file database with only 4 columns, no relations, no calculations, just data storage. I don't want to download and install over a 100Mb of OpenOffice or NeoOffice just to be a

  • Real simple xslt problem/question Updated:10-11

    Hi, i have a real simple xslt problem but i just cant figure out how to do it by looking at various examples on the net. i have a xml document and in it are some elements with a "result" tag name. i want to use xslt to reproduce exactly the same

  • JDeveloper IDE simple setting problem Updated:10-11

    Hi, Recently we switched to JDeveloper from Visual Cafe .I have a simple setting problem.How can I set the options so that IDE gives, the core java classes and packages,and our application classes and packeges, prompts in imports as well as in code.W

  • Mail crashes: database problem? Updated:10-11

    I have the oddest problem with Mail now that I've updated to Lion.  If I start to type the email address of one particular friend into the search box, it crashes as soon as I get to a character that distinguishes it from all others in my address book

  • Very simple database require Updated:10-11

    Hi I'm looking for a very simple database solution. I have some very large .csv files that I need to query against before importing to Excel. Filemaker, etc. is over the top for what I need. Any ideas? Thanks. PowerPC G5   Mac OS X (10.4.6)  Welcome

  • Simple OOP Problem. Help! Updated:11-30

    This is just a simple OOP problem that i cant decide on a best implementation for. im passing an object to an instance of, 'TabbedFrame', which is just a frame with a Tabbed Pane in it that is holding custom panels. however, these custom panels need

  • Simple database server Updated:11-30

    For school i need to develop an application. Can anyone help me with a simple database server? I want to read data from my database. Database: a simple employers table I want to request for example all employers firstname. How can i build the server?


    Hi Friends, I got the following message when am trying to delete the setup tables. " Error DATABASE PROBLEMS WITH TABLE MC11VA0HDRSETUP" Am trying to delete the setup tables for application '11', but it gives me the above error. I have gone thro

  • Derby database problem Updated:11-30

    Hi to all, i am using bundled database with derby . red X appears on the Travel ,VIR,JumpStartCycles icon and an error appears when i try to expand it,but the database server is running. i am getting error like this: Connection status: succeeded vali

  • ITunes Database problem? Trying to sync things that are gone Updated:11-30

    Hi, I have iTunes on a Win Vista machine. I have a 30GB iPod Gen 5. When I sync, I get an error that says: "Some of the item in the iTunes library including . . . . . were not copied to the iPod because they cold not be found". Well the

  • ADI connect to database problem Updated:11-30

    hellow, We have a strange problem: We have some users installed an ADI on their PC's. problem is that one pc station can connect to the database with every valid application user, while all the other users cannot. they get an invalid username/passwor

  • Very strange bugs - Unexpected end-of-file - LR database problem Updated:11-30

    I really like the concept and GUI of LR, but bugfixing is urgently needed. Of course I am not happy that I spent money for the current quality of software (Windows version). Before the problem described below occured I performed some develop actions

  • JSP and Java Beans with Database Problem Updated:10-11

    hellow, this is my first posting and i hope to help me as fast as you can... my problem is simplly i cant get any data from the database (whatever the database it is, i test it with MS Access and MySQL server) when i use a bean, But if i put my conne

  • Simple button problem Updated:10-11

    I am having a real problem creating a simple button - I have created a Flash file using Action script 2, and when I create a simple button - text with a rectangle as a background, (see, and the over state is behaving in