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  • Creating a PDF form from a docx or xlsx Updated:10-11

    Hello, Pulling my hair out over here... Can you help me out? I am trying to create a PDF form from either a word or an excel file. When I choose File > Create > PDF Form, I get the dialouge box asking to use either a file or scan from paper. Choosin

  • Can I measure period with USB 6501? Updated:10-11

    Hi, I was told that I can use the one counter in the NI USB 6501 to measure period.  So, I wrote this little VI, modeled after the VI I have that measures encoder period using the counters built into the NI cDAQ 9174 with the NI 9401 digital I/O modu

  • I've converted 5 pdfs to docx.  So far so good.   But .... Updated:11-30

    I want to reduce the size of the font used in the original pdf document.  Thus converting to Word.  But I can find no way of getting the docx. files from Adobe to a folder in Windows Explorer, from which to open them and eit them. I can't "Save as&qu

  • Need to change word docx to pdf for windows background Updated:11-30

    I want to change word docx to pdf for windows backgroundHi Larry, I'd like to assist! It looks like you created your monthly PDF Pack subscription a little while ago? It can take several hours to be ready to use. Are you able to login? Here's a tip t

  • Will Pages work with .docx files? Updated:11-30

    I am thinking of installing iWork, but cannot tell from Apple promotion pieces if it works with MS Office 2007 and later, which store files in .docx or .exlx format. Does anyone know if Pages works well with later MS formats?Shortly  after the secret

  • Error while running a query-Input for variable 'Posting Period is invalid Updated:10-11

    Hi All, NOTE: This error is only cropping up when I input 12 in the posting period variable selection. If I put in any other value from 1-11 I am not getting any errors. Any ideas why this might be happening? I am getting the following error when I t

  • Issue with Period Control 03 for Depri key MSTL with 6446 Updated:10-11

    Hi Gurus, We want to use mid-month calculation for Dep. key MSTL using period control 03 (i.e. 03/03/03/03). We are also using 6446 as year-depedent Fiscal year (i.e. Jan and Dec 6 weeks other rest 4 weeks).  period control 03 is pro rata at mid peri

  • Pension payment period record issue in Retiree Payroll Updated:10-11

    Dear Experts, We are implementing Retiree payroll with new set of wagetypes and payroll area. Now requirement is that there needs to be a provision of recording the balance period of pension payment and further it should be displayed in the form of r

  • What causes cellular data usage to decrease if last reset has not changed? I reset every pay period cuz I do not have unlimited and was showing 125 mb sent/1.2g received. Now showing 98mb sent/980mb received. Last reset still shows same Updated:10-11

        I reset my cellular data usage every month at the beginning of my billing period so that I can keep track of how much data I am using thru out the month. I do not have the unlimited data plan and have gone over a few times. It's usually the last

  • Where we have to open and close posting periods in asset accounting Updated:10-11

    hi sap gurus   can anybody give where we have to open and close posting periods in asset accounting thank you venkatareddyHi Venkatareddy, You make specifications for fiscal years and posting periods in the SAP R/3 System in Customizing for Financial

  • How to Open and Close Posting Periods in MM Updated:10-11

    Hi, I have opened posting periods for 10/2008 first and by mistake even 11/2008 and 12/2008 using MMPV. Now when I am trying to do PGI from VL02N, the system says postings are only possible for 11/2008 and 12/2008. How to close these two periods and

  • Two intervals in Open and Close Posting Period (OB52) Updated:10-11

    What is the purpose of the two intervals (period 1 and period 2) in Open and Close Posting Periods (transaction OB52)?Hi, Financial statements cannot be prepared on the last day of the accounting period... to find out the correct profit and to determ

  • Open and close specific posting periods automatically Updated:10-11

    Hi experts, I need change periods for specifics posting periods at the end of the month automatically, with batch program. Nobody know a especific bapi or transaction? Thanks in advance,hi Oscar, as far as I know, there is no standard program / FM /

  • Open and close period Updated:10-11

    hi all,          i want the details about opening a period and closing a period, can we post a document which is in previous in previous period... cheers AmithHi, No, You can not  post a document which is in previous in previous period.You can post d

  • Open and close posting periods for at ledger level Updated:10-11

    Hello, We are running on ECC6 with the new ledger. We have activated two ledgers (the leading ledger and a non-leading ledger for group reporting). Our client would like to manage the posting period at ledger level. Example: during the month closing,

  • Open and Close Posting Period (OB52) Updated:10-11

    Dear Experts, My client wants to close the posting period of the previous month.  First I went to transaction OB52 to define an entry From Per. 1 2008 To Per. 12 2009 to open all the posting period for the year.  But when the time passes, do I have t

  • Open and close posting period Updated:10-11

    hi gurus my client wanted to block the posting date from 01.03.2007 to 30.03.2007 and only posting date 31.03.2007 should open is it possible in sap.plz help me. thanks and regrds diptiHi, You can customise in Fiscal year Varient, If you are maintain

  • Open and close Posting Periods. Different societies. Updated:10-11

    Hi all. We have 2 societies  0001  and 0002. In transaction S_ALR_87003642 or OB52 I want that user of society 0001 only can see posting periods of his society ( 0001 ) and the same with society 0002 users. How I can do this ??? thanks a lot. IsmaelH

  • Open and Close periods/Fiscal years Updated:10-11

    Dear All We are in the process of FM-BCS implementation, we observed thre is transaction code (FMOPER) for open the Budget periods. This is working for Budget workbech (FBMM) only. But at the time of Actual Postings even period is not open in FMOPER

  • Open and close posting periods urgent! (ob52) Updated:10-11

    Hi SAP gurus, i am trying to post open and close balances (it is spesific to my country) however i do not want users to post to 2007 except me. how can i achieve this with not blocking all users. in other words, i need authorization to post last year