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    I want to make a batch split on an outbound delivery. I can't find documentation on IDoc SHP_OBDLV_CHANGE01 or BAPI_OUTB_DELIVERY_CHANGE on which fields to fill. I have a delivery with 1 item - posnr 10. On this item I wan't to update the quantity an

  • SHP_OBDLV_CHANGE01 don't update quantity Updated:11-30

    Hi all, I've a problem with this Idoc and I cannot find the solution. Can someone help me out? Scenario: Central SAP and a DWMS (AS400), we want to modify the item quantity from DWMS, so we proceed as follow: 1.- Distribute the Outbound Delivery (OD)

  • Query in IDOC. Updated:11-30

    Hi, Could you please clarify me the following 1) In which transaction code we can find the all the segements assigned to a MEASSAGE type. 2) In which transaction code we can find all the fields available under the Segement type. 3) where we can see a