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  • Error with the Shared Variable Engine Updated:10-11

    Hi, I have a problem with the Shared Variable Engine, A .doc File is attached to this message, decribing the problem with pictures. I will be glad if anyone can help me.  Sincerely yours Amitai Abramson Attachments: Question.doc ‏819 KBHi Amitai, Goo

  • Shared variable engine with pro-face touchscreen windows 2000 professional Updated:10-11

    hello, who has some experience with the shared variable engine from LabView 8.5 and a touchpanel from Pro-Face? We try to deploy shared variables from the touchpanel but it doesn't work. Additionally the windows service ni shared variable engine dosn

  • What causes the Shared Variable Engine to Crash? Updated:10-11

    All, Some background info: I am using the SVE and DSC so that I can log my data to Citadel using Data Sets. I converted a previous DSC 7.1 project that used the tag engine over. That app ran for over 18 months. Need to upgrade app and add features at

  • Appear to lose connection with the Shared Variable Engine Updated:10-11

    Have been through the boards, but with no success regarding the specifics of my problem. I am running a real-time application on a PXI-8108.  The host software is taking care of user interface, etc.  Information exchange is handled using Unbound Netw

  • Executable won't re-connect to shared variable engine when it breifly goes offline Updated:10-11

    Hi, I have shared variables that are hosted on a field-point controller. I read these variables from executables that run on a PC. When the shared variable engine on the field point controller goes offline and then comes back online (for instance, if

  • How many clients subscribed to shared variable engine Updated:10-11

    Hi,     I have shared variable engine deployed on RT and want to know how many clients get access to the shared variables. Is it possible? Thanks!    TomTheoretically there is no limit for the number of clients (maybe there is a 2^32-1 limit somewher

  • How do I install Shared Variable Engine on a computer not having Labview? Updated:10-11

    Hi, I am trying to communicate with a real time program running on Compact RIO through shared variables. I have an executable of the host vi that runs on a Windows computer. If I run this executable on the computer that has Labview installed on it, i

  • RT cRIO: Shared Variable Engine Errors Updated:10-11

    This is an app written in LV2011 running on a cRIO-9076 (Scan mode), with the August release of software installed on it. I have gown to great lengths to try an optomize my code, I have reached an impasse.  The VERY FIRST TIME I run the code on the t

  • NI Visa - Shared Variable Engine Updated:10-11

    Hi, I am using labview Shared Variable Engine to create variables on my workstation and bind them to variables on my server. I have labview 8.2 installed on my workstation and labview 8.5 installed on my server. The communication between them worked

  • Deploy Shared Variable Engine in localhost Updated:10-11

    I need to talk to multiple RTs using single computer. It seems obvious to deploy shared variable engine (libraries) in localhost instead of RT. However, the problem is the shared variables (read) used in localhost VIs are not being updated from RTs.

  • RT Shared Variable Engine stops publishing Updated:10-11

    I have an RT system (PXI-8106) that hosts quite a few network published shared variables (NPSVs) for communicating to a Host PC. My Host and RT executables have been functioning fine on their respective systems for weeks, but just recently, I started

  • Deploying cRIO as Shared Variable Engine Updated:10-11

    I am finishing up a project where a crio will be continuously recording data and the computer is running a program that will download the data once daily as well as comunicate with the program running on crio device over shared variables. Since the c

  • Is Shared Variable Engine with LV8 an OPC server ? Updated:10-11

    Hello Is the shared variable engine with LV8 an OPC server ? Does any OPC client can acces to Variable Engine OPC server an read shared variable ? Can I build an installer and deploy my application with Variable Engine OPC server on other PC without

  • Shared Variable Engine clock is consistently inconsistent Updated:10-11

    From the annals of the weird: I noticed a while back that the DSM displays a different time than my system clock when I manually change a NSV value. I didn't think much of this, but then I noticed that it is not just wrong but inconsistently wrong. H

  • Shared variable engine memory problem Updated:10-11

    Hello, I have a lot of problems with DSC 8. The server that worked very well in DSC 7, in DSC 8 is creating a lot of problems starting with memory leaks in tagsrv process. I have over 5000 shared variables and when I publish them the tagsrv is around

  • Shared Variable Engine Crashing Updated:10-11

    I'm using Labview 8.6.1 and DSC module 8.6.1.  Shared variable engine just started crashing as soon as it tries to start.  I know you guys are going to say reinstall labview, but it's in a remote location and the install disks are not there.  Is ther

  • Shared Variable Engine OPC Server & Matrikon OPC Explorer Updated:10-11

    Hello All I have a shared variable Engine OPC server running on my IPC. I am querying NI OPC Server through Matrikon OPC Client. My situation is if shared variable engine process is switched forcefully off (NI DSM) or communication between server and

  • Shared Variable Engine Buffering Enable/Disable Updated:10-11

    Hello - I am running into a problem where I am seeing a read of data that seems to be lagging the writing of the data. The reading and writing functions are utilizing the same shared variable - a control to write to it and an indictor to display it s

  • Shared Variable Engine on Windows PC w/o full install of LabVIEW Updated:10-11

    I have the NI Developer Suite (8.20) and need some conformation before I get too deep in a project.  First of all, it is my desire to become very efficient on develop compiled executables with LabVIEW 8.20 as my NI Developer Suite license allows me t

  • Shared variable engine OPC delay Updated:10-11

    Hello All, I've got a bit of a problem with the delay time of updates between a non NI OPC server and a shared variable engine OPC client. I am using the redion OPC software OPCWorx with a database of around 120 tags to monitor and log data from a sm