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Server time out e63

  • Sip server settings Nokia E63 Updated:11-30

    Hi, I want sip settings of actionvoip in my Nokia E63 i wanna make new server profile plz help me if every one know this problem... I shall b very thankful to you for that.I recommend the following steps for setting up your Nokia E63 for VoIP over Wi

  • [E63] Connection aborts on specific server. Updated:11-30

    Edit: After talking with the support for the server they asked me to provide a traceroute from the phone. Are there any signed applications capable of this? End Edit Good day everyone. I'm currently developing a website experience for a minecraft ser

  • Nokia E63 device mgr. server profile configuration... Updated:11-30

    pls tell me What is Nokia E63 device mgr. server profile configurations for my device update. parsya82Because the absent of this data indicates bigger issues, did you consider the Nokia Software Recovery Tool on a Windows computer already? If you are

  • Update E63 via update server Updated:11-30

    I want to update my E63 without a USB cable. Is there a way I can update without it? I read people can do it through Device Manager, but I can't get the sever profile so it will connect. It will either say "Operation rejected by sever" or "

  • Re: Nokia E63 device mgr. server profile configura... Updated:11-30

    I want to download mgrserver on my nokia e6. Please hw will i do it?how to create a server profile for device managerRead other 2 answers

  • How can I make MFE delete the mails from the serve... Updated:11-30

    guys,I am using mfe on my E63 with mail2web free account.I configured gmail to retrieve my hotmail mails then I configured gmail to forward my mails to my mail2web account.I did that so I dont have to have more than one mailbox on my phone and to be

  • Problem with mail setup in E63 Updated:11-30

    I'v been trying this for months and still m unable to set up email in my nokia E63.everytime i try to setup it shows 'unable to connect to server'.pls help.Is it mail for Exchange? If it is, you should have your IT's admin activated activated Mail fo

  • MFE sync problem in E63 Updated:11-30

    I have installed MFE on my new e63 but it does not sync my mails. After going through this board, I upgraded to the latest firmware and MFE. I have just 20 mails in my inbox and there are not many subfolders. It connects to the exchange server and se

  • E6 - Mail for Exchange (Mandatory Server Policy Fa... Updated:11-30

    I bought my E6 for couple of weeks, and have been having this problem when I tried to setup Mail for Exchange on my company's email account, and got this "Mandatory Server Policy Failed".   Just have Nokia Care reinstall all latest firmware, sam

  • Unable to use Nokia E63 as internet modem - "Conne... Updated:11-30

    Hi, I am having trouble getting my Nokie E63 to work as a modem to get my laptop online. I have just installed the latest Nokia OVI Suite ( and everything synced fine. However, when I try click on "Tools" and "Connect to internet&q

  • App to sync Outlook Mail from desktop to E63? Updated:11-30

    Dear community, I have spent a lot of time online researching only to realize that I can't seem to find a way to sync the email on my Outlook Desktop to my E63.  I bought this phone because it promised to sync with Outlook.  I assumed that mean ALL o

  • E63. Picture Editor not working, and Encrypt and D... Updated:11-30

    -- Picture Editor: You can Zoom, Rotate a Picture but E63 never allows to Save the edited Picture Worst Software Engeering i can say, pls help if this nokia can fix this -- Picture Viewer You cannot open pics with folder wise, Open a Pic from folder,

  • Is my E63 dead? shows "Phone start-up failed.Conta... Updated:11-30

    I did a firmwire update to 400.21.013 along with a password protected Memory card inside my E63.I forgot the password long back,but i could use it, so no problems.However, when i tried to restore the backup file which i made before the update,Vista s

  • E63 unable to connect to Netgear WGR614v7: invalid... Updated:11-30

    Just bought a Nokia E63 and keen to try connecting via my wireless router. Sees the network immediately. Easy to setup. However, as soon as I try to connect to the internet (e.g. Google) it says WLAN: Unable to connect: Invalid WPA pre-shared key. I

  • Configuring E63 for POP configuration Updated:11-30

    Hi- Just a quick question - I know this is a BETA service, but how robust is this current version for handling POP3 mailboxes - no matter how many different times I try to configure this new E63 for a POP3 internet email account I can't get it to wor

  • E63 + Nokia EMail Service = WiFi is instantly On Updated:11-30

    Hi, I installed Nokia EMail Service at my E63 phone. I'm using WiFi to connect to mail server. I expect the following behavior: each 5 minutes (as defined in Settings) this Service should activate WiFi connection, connect to server, get new mail (if

  • E63 and incoming email sync (outlook 2007) Updated:11-30

    Hi everyone, I checked the topics but I didn't get the answer so I open a new one. I just wonder if it is feasible to get the emails in outlook incoming email folder in my E63. Nokia Pc Suite let me sync some outlook folders (contacts, tasks...) but

  • E63 HTML Email View for Mail for Exchange and Lotu... Updated:11-30

    Hi, I am using E63. When I use MFE and Lotus Traveler, the html emails are also displayed like text message with no HTML/Rich text rendering. I have Nokia Email also installed, but the display is in text mode only. Can anyone help?In fact, I am conne

  • Sending e-mail from E63 Updated:11-30

    Hello I am trying to set up e-mail on an E63 to use the work e-mail server with IMAP. I can read my e-mails fine, but I cannot send any. I can compose an e-mail, but when I send it, it doesn't go anywhere. I spoke to the IT people at work and they sa

  • E63 Sync Issues Updated:11-30

    Hi All, I have been using the MFE V 2.9 on the nokia e63 and have found it to be extremely helpful in syncing with my office emails. Starting last weekend, the phone syncs and pulls only " Read mail" while the unread mail still sits on the serve