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  • SharePoint Foundation 2013 installed on Windows Server 2012 not sending out email notification Updated:10-11

    I have a server where i installed SP Foundation 2013 on top of Windows Server 2012. I have configured the SMTP as well as the outgoing SMTP in Central Administration of SharePoint. When i create an alert on a document library, its did not sent any em

  • ASA and RADUIS on Windows server 2012 Updated:10-11

    hi i have ASA5505 i want to get the Authentication from Raduis Server using NPS on windows Server 2012 i test the Raduis Server over "Kerio Control VMware Virtual Appliance" its work Perfect for testing my Setting on Raduis  but with the ASA5505

  • How can i use ONE server 2012 to be DC for a domain on the WAN only.. NO LAN. and NO VPN.. Updated:10-11

    I need to run an active directory that is on a WAN (Utah). a server 2012 standard will be the DC with 60Mbps internet speed both up and downstream. approximately 100 clients/member systems will be all over the united states. NO VPN. only via internet

  • Use one profile for all user profiles in Server 2012 R2 Updated:10-11

    Hi I am setting up an Windows Server 2012 R2 Template on VMware.  I will do som changes with the local admin user, and want all user that will log in to servers made from this Template, get the user profile I have set up for the admin account. How to

  • Remote Desktop Connection Manager can only open 6 sessions at a time on Server 2012 Updated:10-11

    I am only able to open, and view thumbnails, for a maximum of 6 RDP sessions on my Server 2012 box at a time in Remote Desktop Connection Manager (RDCM). If I add more sessions I just get a variety of connection errors for the additional sessions. If

  • Error while installing SQL Server 2012 X64 SP2, Updated:10-11

    Error while installing SQL Server 2012 X64 SP2,  When I installed the SQL Server 2012 X64 SP1, I got the attached error.  What might be the issue here?  Thank you  Best JamalHello, Are you trying to install SQL Server on a compressed or encrypted dri

  • New Server 2012 install - Active Directory not working properly Updated:10-11

    We recently converted from 2003 to 2012. Our 2012 R2 server seems to be running fine. We did a DCPROMO on the OLD 2003 DC just fine but now there are all sorts of odd errors (Sharepoint can't authenticate users, Can't run Exchange 2013 on another 201

  • Failed to install windows server 2012 in virtual machine hosted in window 8.1 Updated:10-11

    I installed Hyper-V in windows 8.1, then when I tried to install windows server 2012 R2 or windows server 2008 R2 in virtual machine, I got the following error: the following is my virtual machine setting: is there anyone an help to resolve it? thank

  • How to install Windows Server 2012 as a Virtual Machine on Window 7 64 bit machine Updated:10-11

    Hi All, I need to install virtual Window Server 2012 on Window 7 machine(8gb ram,64 bit machine). Please give me the list of required softwares to install. If possible the please give download link as well.  Thanks mitSince you're on Windows 7 I'd pr

  • How to install SQLServer 2008 on MS Server 2012 Updated:10-11

    I have a brand new fresh out of the box Server that has Server 2012 installed and all the updates installed. I am trying to install SQL Server 2008 small business and it fails at installation rules right before ready to install. I have tried every wo

  • Windows 8 and Server 2012. Not detecting network is a domain. Updated:10-11

    Hi Guys, I hope I have posted this to the correct forum. I have 2 x Windows 8 PCs that do not detect that they are connected to a domain (network location awareness not working). I can join them to the domain but they still don't recognise the networ

  • Error in Installing Exchange Server 2013 (w SP1) Mailbox Role on Windows Server 2012 R2 Updated:10-11

    Hi Team, Need urgent help in resolution of following error: Environment Details: VMware ESXi 5.5 (vMotion) Migration from Exchange Server 2007 (SP3 + RU13) to Exchange Server 2013 Exchange Server: Exchange Server 2013 with SP1 (Latest Installation Me

  • WIndows Server 2012 - Server Manager Error CLR20r3 Updated:10-11

    WIndows Server 2012 - Server Manager Error CLR20r3 I have just experienced this error of ( CLR20r3) when trying to add or remove server roles. Server Manager crashes when trying to go into the Add/ Or Remove server roles What I have tried. .NET Diag

  • Server Manager Error, Windows Server 2012 Standed Updated:10-11

    Windows Server 2012 on my desktop and I've been in it then open Server Manager "ServerManager.exe - This application could not be started" error this time. In it, the option is YES and NO. YES is open to the side of .net. Please help me as soon

  • Unable to see local (LAN)_share drive and pc on server 2012 Updated:10-11

    Hello,  we have windows server 2012 and almost everything is working well.  we have installed AD and domain controllers but we do not use domain controllers.  we use mostly for RDP connection. What we are trying to do is that other users on the same

  • Unable to install sql server 2012 eval edition with the downloaded files Updated:10-11

    Error which I get when i try to launch the installer  I  have downloaded them in a single folder  Note : windows os is win 7 with sp1 MudassarTITLE: Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Service Pack 1 Setup The following error has occurred: Unable to open Windo

  • Unable to run sql server 2012 setup Updated:10-11

    Hi All,   I installed SharePoint 2013 on Application Server and Database(Sql Server 2012) on another server. But for reporting application I need to install some components of SQL on Application Server as well. When I try to run the installer it cras

  • Unable to install SQL Server 2012 Developer Updated:10-11

    I have a problem with installing SQL Server 2012 (no matter which edition I choose). Installation usually runs well, but near the end shows up an error: TITLE: Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Service Pack 1 Setup The following error has occurred: Wait on t

  • Unable to uninstall sql server 2012 from Windows 7(ultimate) 64-bit SP1 version. Updated:10-11

    I am trying to install sql sever 2012 on my m/c but it's giving me error after partial installation. Now I have successfully installed Sql Server 2008 R2 on my machine but when I am trying to uninstall 2012 sql server from my machine its giving an er

  • Unable to install SQL server 2012 on windows 7 64bit Updated:10-11

    Overall summary: Final result: Failed: see details below Exit code (Decimal): -2057043966 Exit facility code: 1380 Exit error code: 2 Exit message: There was a failure to calculate the applicability of setting ALLINSTANCES. Start time: 2015-03-17 21: