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  • Capture full httpservice url? Updated:11-30

    is there a simple way to capture the full url (parameters included) when a httpservice is sent?  I'd like to put the url in a variable for later use.You could look at the url and body properties on the corresponding HTTPRequestMessage and reconstruct

  • External portal capturing internal portal URL in Log and trace file Updated:10-11

    Hi, We are facing one issue in portal like we have two portals for internal (Intranet) and external (Internet) users. Once users logged in the application and try to get the information about mylink from the external portal link (internet) they shoul

  • Can java servlet filter capture anchors in URL Updated:11-30

    Hi I need to capture the anchor in the URL that is requested by user. For example, if some one clicks, I would like to capture all the info in the URL including "intro". Is it possible through the java serv

  • Capturing a (back) URL Updated:11-30

    How can I capture the URL of a report which calls a customization form. This will allow me to 'recall' the report after the form is submitted so that the report will then reflect the updates made via the form (the report calls the form via a link)?Hi

  • Capture entire IC Webclient URL Updated:10-11

    Gurus, Does anyone know how to capture the entire URL of a BSP in the IC Webclient. I'm tryin to capture a value in the URL. Thanks RobertThanksRead other 2 answers

  • Capturing url's visited Updated:11-30

    I would like to capture the various urls that the admins visit on my site. So if use X has logged in, i want to know what pages he went to and db this information. any suggestionsMess around with this. You will have to assign visitorname elsewhere in

  • Capture full URL with CF CGI variable Updated:11-30

    I need to capture an entire URL and send it in the body of an email, using CFMAIL. I'm looking at my CGI variables using CFDUMP, but can't seem to get the entire URL string, including the http:// or https://. Help?That part of the URL is intended for

  • Unable to Browse/Capture - URL iView - EP 7.0 Updated:11-30

    Hi All, I couldnt able to Capture/Browse the URL while creating the URL iView on EP 7. Could any one know about this problem/bug?? Please let me know.. Thanks, RaagsHi, Can you tell me how the HTTP Proxy Server and HTTP Proxy Port are mentioned. We h

  • Re: [iPlanet-JATO] onBeforeRequest(); Finding requested view from requestContext Updated:10-11

    The problem is that you don't know what the target view is until it has been forwarded to. Think about it... the request handling view bean (or command object) has the request handler that has the code that will ultimately forward to another view bea

  • Re: [iPlanet-JATO] Re: onBeforeRequest(); Finding requested view from requestContext Updated:10-11

    If you want to stop a JATO request in its tracks, you have a little black magic at your disposal: you can throw a CompleteRequestException. This indicates to the JATO infrastructure that it should immeditately stop handling the request, but not gener

  • How to increase min and max range of resulting XML report output? Updated:10-11

    Hi, I'm trying to massage search results into a digestible format using XSLT. Its relatively straigh-forward. But what I'd like is to be able to increase the character result range to capture hopefully more parts to a URL - if that's our current sear

  • Pass parameter to BI report through link in IC webclient Updated:10-11

    HI I need to call a BI report through a link in Icwebclient search view. I need to capture the input  field values entered by user in IC webclient search view by clicking a link or button in the view.How can I call a BI report with these values witho

  • Q: How to retrieve the current URL with PL/SQL Updated:10-11

    I've got a pair of dynamic page portlets on a page. The first is simply an input text box and a submit button, the second is an inventory 'report' based on what is entered in the text box. When a value is entered and the button pressed, there is java

  • XML Forms in Web Page Composer (WPC) Updated:10-11

    Hi, everybody. I need to use XML forms in WPC Containers. To solve this problem, I've used the settings in the post Now, when I drag and drop the XML in the c

  • RFC Communication Channel only allows for one Logon User Updated:11-30

    We're currently building a SOAP over HTTPS application in XI where an RFC communication channel connects to R3 with a logon user id and logon password (RFC Client Parameter). When updates are made on the R3 side using BAPI_NETWORK_MAINTAIN (for examp

  • Passing parameters through Single JCo to different systems Updated:11-30

    I have created a web dynpro application and integrated into a portal, which access R/3 using a JCo destination and retrieves the data using a BAPI. But I want to integrate the same application into another portal, which would access the different R/3

  • What is this msg means? Updated:11-30

    I bought a new iPhone the day before yesterday. And, today, as I was a strange msg when was installing a new free app. This is a msg You've already purchased this item but it hasn't been your computer. But I've never purchased it

  • New portal component not available for new iView Updated:11-30

    I've just written my first portal component using the NetWeaver Developer Studio.  It's a trivial "Hello World" application.  If I run it in the portal from the NWDS it runs successfully allowing me to capture the full URL. I tried to export the

  • Kernel Panic with Lion Updated:11-30

    I've had a lot of freezes and weird graphical glitches since upgrading to Lion. I've done everything i can to figure out what's wrong. The weird graphic glitches and a lot of the freezing i've tracked down to Chrome/Rockmelt, but the Kernel Panics ar

  • Email This Page Link Updated:11-30

    I'm using the JavaScript code below for creating an "Email This Page" link, but it doesn't work for a dynamic page that has more than one variable. For example, if the URL is it does not grab