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  • How can I use LabVIEW to ground floating SCXI-1520 channels (in order not to lose scanning capabilities from the multiplexer)? Updated:10-11

    Currently I am reading quarter bridge strain with several SCXI-1520s. When in MAX I noticed my values were no longer reading after a certain gage and as I attempted to troubleshoot, found out that the multiplexer in this module will not scan past any

  • I Am Getting Inaccurate Readings When Some Channels of the SCXI-1520/SCXI-1314 Are Open Circuits Updated:10-11

     Am Getting Inaccurate Readings When Some Channels of the SCXI-1520/SCXI-1314 Are Open Circuits My hardware is :- PCI MIO 16E-1 - 1 no. SCXI-1000 chassis - 1 no. SCXI-1520 - 4 nos. SCXI-1314 - 4 nos. MAX is showing all hardware ( DAQ card + Chassis +

  • How do I deal with a cascaded system, First Stage SCXI-1520'​s and Second Stage SCXI-1143'​s? Updated:11-30

    I am aware of the following link:​D04E686256DD7005D42F6 I'm kind of stuck here.  The system is already in place.  1520's in first stage and 1143's in second.  I am supposed to configure the 1520's an

  • Scxi 1520 excitation current specs? Updated:11-30

    In p. A-3 of the scxi 1520 manual, for the excitation specs there, it says: "Max. operating current in all ranges - 29 mA" Is this for the whole SCXI 1520 or just for each channel? Because I need for each channel 5V with 1.6 mA supply. That mean

  • What is the combined effect of the SCXI-1520 Gain and NI-Max Gain? Updated:11-30

    LabVIEW 6.1 SCXI-1000 SCXI-1520 SCXI-1314 PCI-6031E Windows 2000 Greetings- I'm trying to determine how the gain that is settable on a given channel of an SCXI-1520 module is combined with the gain that NI Max assigns to a Virtual Channel. For exampl

  • Intermittent channel in SCXI-1520 Updated:11-30

    I have been using an SCXI-1520 and recently channel 0 has become intermittent in operation. It drifts off to either the plus or negative rail and stays there. This problem is noted with and without connections made to it, including the use of the Tes

  • SCXI 1520 quarter bridge setup will not output excitation voltage, but full bridge will Updated:11-30

    My SCXI system will not output an excitation voltage to the quarter bridge(verified with voltmeter). It works for a full bridge setup. When connected to a 'quarter bridge I' configuration, I can use MAX to null and shunt calibrate. The quarter bridge

  • Using SCXI-1520 in Parallel Mode. Updated:11-30

    Hi all, I am using SCXI-1000 chassis and PCI-1024E DAQ card. I want to use my SCXI-1520 in Parallel mode. Is there any other way to configure my 1520 in parallel mode other than directly connecting to DAQ board using SCXI-1180 feed through panel and

  • Reading a thermocoup​le with the SCXI 1520 Updated:11-30

    Does the SCXI 1520 have something to account for the interface connection heat, and is it needed? I've heard this is what the thermocouple modules do, and it is necessary.The SCXI-1520 uses the SCXI-1314 Module which does not have cold-junction(CJ)co

  • How do I wire my SCXI-1520 quarter bridge completion in parallel? Updated:11-30

    I have a quarter bridge set-up using the qtr completion in the system. In parallel with my strain gauge I'd like to have another resistor. I'm using the strain gauge as a dummy, and am interested in the current traveling in a parallel path through a

  • SCXI-1520 Zero Offset Changes with Variable Loads Updated:11-30

    We are using the SCXI-1520 to calibrate sensors based on strain gauge bridges.  The problem I'm having is that the offset changes when changing the bridge resistance.  For example, the output reads 0.0000 mV/V for 350 ohm bridges.  It reads 0.0112 mV

  • SCXI-1520 Calibratio​n Techniques Updated:11-30

    I have a question about calibration. There are a lot of things that you can do to better calibrate the channels, like null offset calibration, shunt calibration, multi-point calibration, etc. What is the difference between doing the offset and shunt

  • Can you simultaneous sample multiple SCXI-1520 cards in multiplexed mode? Updated:11-30

    Can you simultaneous sample multiple SCXI-1520 cards in multiplexed mode? In parallel mode, you can have all channels sampled and held, and then have each of your E or M series cards multiplex through each of the 8 channels of each card. This yields 

  • SCXI 1520 for load measurement cable lengths of 500 meters Updated:11-30

    HI , I ned to measure lod from a 1000 ohm full bridge circuit. The distance between the sensor & my SCXI 1520 is 500 meters. Please let me know how can I compensate for the lead resistances both in Excitation & while reading back the actual sensor

  • SCXI-1520 excition measurement Updated:11-30

    After setting the excition voltages of the SCXI-1520 either with MAX or the AI, I can read back the value for a given channel with AI's "Get" function or with the SCXI channel strings "ob0!sc1!md1!p_posX" &

  • Scxi 1520 exitation of 11 -30 vdc Updated:11-30

    Hello I want to know wether i can use a device in my strain (scxi 1520) gauge module which requires an exitaion of 11-30 vdc and gives an ouptput of 4-20 mA.if possible whats the configuration and if not ,if i provide an external exitation how do i u

  • SCXI 1520 measurement in microstrain Updated:11-30

    I am trying to acquire samples from several SCXI-1520 channels and save / display them as microstrain instead of strain (calibration factor of 1,000,000) while at the same time applying a different calibration factor to two other channels acquired us

  • Is there a way to get more voltage input range from an SCXI-1520? Updated:11-30

    I suspect the answer is no, but I�m going to ask anyway. I am using an SCXI-1520 strain gauge signal conditioner to monitor strain gauge bridges. Additionally, I�m using an unused input to measure voltage. The SCXI-1520 has an input range of -10 to +

  • Configuring 8 nos. of SCXI-1520 card to be acquired by DAQ boards in a PXI-1011 chassis Updated:11-30

    Hi, I have a single PXI-1011 combo chassis in which I am putting 8 no. of SCXI-1520 cards. I have following doubts in configuring all the channels of scxi modules to DAQ boards as below: 1. For parallel mode interface, what condition should be met ?

  • SCXI 1520 Starin Gauge Module Updated:11-30

    Hi....     I am using SCXI 1520 module for measuring strrain (Through Full Bridge strain Guage), I set the Input (Min ,Max)voltage to +\- 1 Volt then the value of starin comming out is 4.6mV but when I change Input Min ,Max to +\- 500mV the output of